15 January 2015

My Sunshine [何以笙箫默] Episode 5

I'm really not used to watching an airing Chinese drama. I did know that they release multiple episodes a day but this being my first time recapping, I'll never be able to catch up to their airing schedule. Haha. 

Anywho, onto the actual episode: what we learn from this episode is that good things don't last. 

I don't think anyone believed that Yi Chen would fail his presentation; so, we start off this episode with him finishing off his presentation with splendor.

After the debate, a female from the opposing team calls him out to confess. Yi Chen catches sight of Mo Sheng and signals her to come over (probably as an excuse to reject the girl) but Mo Sheng turns away. Yi Chen is left alone to politely reject the girl. Only after the girl leaves does Mo Sheng walk up to Yi Chen. She says that she didn’t come over because he hadn’t given her any special status to do so. Yi Chen can only stare at her because it’s true.  

The following day(s) at campus, rumours are spread abound that Yi Chen has a girlfriend and it’s none other than Mo Sheng. Mo Sheng’s not happy to hear about this because she thinks Yi Chen will be mad if he thinks she’s the one that started the rumour. She searches everywhere for him and finally spots him at the path (that he seems to walk 24/7). She starts clarifying herself but is interrupted by Yi Chen’s sudden confession; he’s the one that started the rumor. Why? Because if she was destined to be his girlfriend three years later (after he graduates), why doesn’t he assume that role earlier? Our usually chirpy Mo Sheng is speechless and motionless.

So, it is official, they’re dating. They go the library as their first date and whilst walking back, Mo Sheng asks why was it her? Yi Chen’s not very romantic because he says he doesn’t know why either. Perhaps he hasn’t thought it through yet. The girl isn’t saddened at that answer and smiles to him that he should never think about it thoroughly. Mo Sheng promises she’ll be a very good girlfriend and Yi Chen smiles at that and agrees that as long as she’s good (i.e. listens well), it’ll be fine. I’m not very fond of this scene; I pity the girl because she thinks this kind of relationship is blissful. But Yi Chen probably doesn’t know how to explain himself too well (in a romantic sense) that he comes across domineering.

Mo Sheng even starts going to Yi Chen’s class (probably at Yi Chen’s approval) and that’s when Xu Ying learns that they’re dating. Xu Ying ups her antics and purposely make Mo Sheng buy one less lunch box. In the end Yi Chen says that he’ll share one with Mo Sheng. It’s sweet.

However, we end on a bitter note as Xu Ying always wants to get the last say. She confronts Mo Sheng saying that she shouldn’t be too happy because the prize (Yi Chen) she got may seem great now but after he graduates he’s only a penniless guy of no worth. For the first time, Mo Sheng loses her carefree spirit, rebuking Xu Ying's so called 'worth' is only what her parents have given her and that she can never be compared to the likes of Yi Chen.

Yi Chen overhears their conversation and says she doesn’t need to do all this because of him and Mo Sheng answers that she can only see him more if she does it (in which she’s referring to throwing the garbage earlier). Yi Chen says to Mo Sheng that he only needs three or four years (for him to be able to give her a better life). Quite fast-paced aren’t we? Yi Chen reaffirms to himself: “Just three, four years…”

It’s his birthday today but Mo Sheng is headed off somewhere and she can’t tell him why. He stomps off to his dorm and his roommate immediately links his mood to Mo Sheng. He advises Yi Chen to not always be the one receiving the love. Yi Chen then leaves his dorm and we find him in the camera shop. A couple walk by and the guy is ever so loud saying that he’s buying her the most expensive camera in the store because that way she’ll treasure it more. Yi Chen is disheartened as he scans the prices of the cameras and realizes he can’t afford any of them. He worries to himself whether Mo Sheng will believe in him or leave him because he’s penniless.

She returns at night with no present in hand because she couldn’t find one she was satisfied with. Instead, Yi Chen tells her to close her eyes and he retrieves his present that way. In my opinion, this kiss was awkward. It’s like the actor wants a deeper kiss and but the actress is denying it. LOL.

After some time, its winter break and it’s time to visit home. Luckily, our love birds aren’t separated because they live in the same town. Mo Sheng then asks Yi Chen for his home number so that she can contact him but Yi Chen lies, saying he doesn’t have a home phone. Mo Sheng confronts his lie and Yi Chen doesn’t deny it saying that she should understand now that he doesn’t want her to know.

She gets angry and next thing we know it, the argument lasts until they’ve already returned to their respective homes. Dad’s ever so lovely and deduces why Yi Chen refuses to give his home number. He’s poor but prideful thus he’s not giving her his home number (because he doesn’t want his family to know yet, not until he’s become successful, that is). Ultimately, that proves how much he cherishes Mo Sheng.

Mo Sheng cheers up immediately and decides to coincidentally bump into him. It works and she also bumps into Yi Mei, his sister. (Sorry folks, I called her May before) Mo Sheng introduces herself as Yi Chen’s girlfriend. Yi Chen then pulls her away into an alley and Mo Sheng tells Yi Chen they should return to campus together. Yi Chen returns to Yi Mei and she asks him what happened to not getting a girlfriend during university. Yi Chen lies and says that Mo Sheng just claims to be his girlfriend without his permission.

They meet again at the train station and Yi Mei tags along because she now goes to school near their university. Yi Chen teases Mo Sheng for running straight to them and neglecting her luggage. Mo Sheng asks to Yi Mei how come Yi Chen’s always so mean. She continues to question lightheartedly whether they not from the same parents because Yi Mei’s so gentle.Yi Mei is relieved to hear that Yi Chen hasn’t disclosed the fact that they’re not real siblings because that only means Mo Sheng isn’t someone Yi Chen is too fond of.

After returning to campus, Yi Mei is like this gigantic lightbulb: she tags along everywhere the couple goes. However, Mo Sheng doesn’t mind and cherishes this new friend. Even Yi Mei is touched but because their interests overlap, she can’t bring herself to fully appreciate Mo Sheng.

Although Mo Sheng doesn’t mind, Yi Chen sends his sister off. Yi Chen can’t hold back his sexual desires anymore and pulls Mo Sheng to a secluded area and wall kiss her. It’s awkward, really. LOL. It’s like the actor is taking advantage of the actress and swinging his head back and forth. Sorry to those that found it cute. Anyways, their make-out session was caught on by Yi Mei who returned to retrieve what she forgot. She’s shocked to she sees her brother making out and finally decides to do something about it. The next day, she calls out Mo Sheng to eat lunch together. On the other hand, Yi Chen gets called out by Mo Sheng’s father.

It’s coming guys, they’re silent separation. Yi Mei doesn’t dilly dally and immediately reveals that she’s not Yi Chen’s real sister because he was adopted into her family after his parents were in a car accident. Their names just happened to be similar. And lastly, the bomb: she’s in love with Yi Chen too. She declares that Mo Sheng isn’t a match for her because Yi Chen has never disclosed anything from his family to her because she’s just not that important. On the other hand, her and Yi Chen have been close ever since they were small.

Mo Sheng waits for Yi Chen to return home but he rejects her coldly: I don’t want to see you anymore. He says that he’ll treat it as if he never met Zhao Mo Sheng (addressing her with her full name).

Why hello there! We finally return to their present selves but each are looking afar, recalling sad memories.

The next morning, Yi Chen goes to work and instructs his secretary to invite the girl, who will return something to him today, into this office. He then cancels all his meetings today all to wait for Mo Sheng. However, Mo Sheng once again hands the picture to the secretary and leaves without a word. This time though, Yi Chen runs after her.


We’re finally back to the present! I’d just like to say one thing: I like how (so far) there’s no despicabe characters. I may not be fond of Yi Mei but she chose to declare war to Mo Sheng over stealing and manipulating behind her back. I’m proud of you, Yi Mei! 

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