14 January 2015

My Sunshine [何以笙箫默] Episode 4

This whole episode is dedicated to Mo Sheng and Yi Chen's university selves. Not my favourite but I really like the young Mo Sheng. 

Remember her? I mean, how could you not? She looks exactly like her older counterpart… You know, that prickly lady from the meeting with Yi Chen. Anyways, her name’s Xu Ying. Last episode we ended off with Mo Sheng signing up for the debate club. This episode we start off with whether she’s qualified to be a member and it is Xu Ying’s that questioning it. It makes perfect sense that the members disagree in my opinion because Mo Sheng has nothing to offer as a chemistry major. However, Xu Ying has a hidden agenda as she shares the same interest as Mo Sheng: Yi Chen. (Practically the whole school knows that Mo Sheng’s chasing Yi Chen) She looks for backup to go against the president who supports having Mo Sheng in the club and it’s none other than Yi Chen.
Yi Chen gives a long winded answer about not judging a person’s ability based on their majors. His final conclusion is that he has no objection. So, my guess is that’s your way of saying you support Mo Sheng. This pricks Xu Ying enough that she confronts him after the meeting of how disappointed she is in him for mixing personal feelings into the club by supporting his girlfriend to join. Yi Chen simply denies the accusations.

Xu Ying has no choice but to give in but she doesn’t give in easily. She confronts Mo Sheng for her purpose of enrolling in their club and Mo Sheng doesn’t deny it. Xu Ying gives out her best bossy attitude and describes how holy of a place their club room is with all their trophies and whatnot. Mo Sheng totally agrees and nods her head in acknowledgement: “I will not mix personal with professional matters; in this club room, I will work hard diligently as a member, and outside, I will diligently pursue Yi Chen.” LOL.

Xu Ying’s shocked but before she pursues any further, our hidden audience can’t contain their laughter anymore. Turns out the boys (members of the debate club) were hiding outside, eavesdropping the entire time. One of them is the president and comments that he himself didn’t know their club forbade relationships. He also questions whether all the club members will follow this rule of not mixing personal affairs into business matters. Xu Ying juts her chin out and agrees without hesitation. So, why exactly are you lecturing Mo Sheng then?

Her antics don’t stop there as she assigns Mo Sheng with difficult tasks such as delivering 40 lunch packs for the debate club. She also gets sick in the process. Yi Chen’s roommate (surname: Xiang) teases him about how much Mo Sheng is suffering just to win his love.

That teasing doesn’t go to waste as Yi Chen leaves her some medicine for her cough. Over the weekend, Yi Chen normally has volunteer/internship with a lawyer. However this weekend he joins the debate meeting which surprises the other members. He says it’s because he couldn’t attend this week for some reason. It just so happens that Mo Sheng is helping out at this meeting. They briefly exchange eye contact.

On another one of her errands, Mo Sheng bumps into Yi Chen. Yi Chen, however, returns to his cold self and says she shouldn’t be suffering this much for him because it won't change him. So I’m assuming that this time he’s cold because he cares that she’s suffering and he doesn’t like it? I don’t know. This guy’s acting is ambiguous.

Xiao Xiao returns to the dormitory all beaten up because she was robbed of her money, money that she needs for next month’s tuition. Mo Sheng decides to protect Xiao Xiao from now on by walking home with her after Xiao Xiao’s night shift from work. This also means that she’ll have to abstain from club activities for the time being.

It’s raining on Yi Chen’s way to work. As he strolls along, he recalls memories of Mo Sheng. You don’t appreciate something or someone until they do missing. His thoughts are interrupted as he spots her chowing down a cake at a café through a window. What’s with them and the rain, and café, and walking pass each other… Anyways, he gets a tad grumpy that she’s skipping debate meetings for this and quickens his pace to work.

Guess what, he works at the café she’s eating at. He learns that she’s not skipping debate club to play but it’s for her friend, Xiao Xiao. He seems a little happier (or the actor is trying to seem happier). The next day, she comes to the café again to wait for Xiao Xiao to get off work. Yi Chen takes this time to ask her whether she’s planning to quit the debate club to which Mo Sheng denies. Yi Chen also mentions that it looks bad on him if she quits because he supported her entry. Mo Sheng lights up at this news but worries about Xiao Xiao. Yi Chen gives a solution: he could walk Xiao Xiao home because it’s convenient for him at that time. Aw, so nice of you. But what happened to not wanting her to suffer because of you? I guess you’re suffering more that she’s not suffering for you anymore? Right? Right.

Yi Chen’s smiling more and more at her as she vents out her worries about him and Xiao Xiao alone at night. She continues to voice her worries about how it’s okay if he doesn’t love her but he also can’t love any other people. LOL. The guy lol’s too.

Mo Sheng thinks her chance is here now that she can spend time with Yi Chen while waiting for Xiao Xiao to get off work (but I though Yi Chen promised to take Xiao Xiao home instead?). However, Mo Sheng’s plan fails because Xiao Xiao quit her job. She felt bad for Mo Sheng having to wait for her every night.  

But the plan is still a go because Mo Sheng doesn’t reveal to Yi Chen that Xiao Xiao had quit. On the other hand, Yi Chen is confronted by his roommate (Xiang) why he’s going to his volunteer place when he doesn’t have to go today. Okay, so they’re both going purely for each other.

The two walk in the rain and arrive at his volunteer place. In this dim lighted office with no one in sight, they study. They get interrupted by a man claiming to be have conned by the lawyer of this office. Yi Chen calms him down with the process of his case and the man realizes that he wasn’t conned. From this scene, we see that both Yi Chen and Mo Sheng really care about fairness and treating the less abled with compassion. Before they send off the man, Mo Sheng gives her umbrella to him because it doesn’t look like the rain will stop anytime soon.

Back in the office, Yi Chen questions what Mo Sheng will do now without an umbrella. Mo Sheng says it might stop later to which Yi Chen recalls that she just said the opposite thing to the man. Mo Sheng grumbles and asks whether all lawyers talk like that and Yi Chen sighs that he was only reminding her. Or I’d say worrying about her.

She fake calls Xiao Xiao and tells Yi Chen that Xiao Xiao already returned home because she couldn’t find her way to his office. After arriving at the dormitory, Mo Sheng feels bad for lying and reveals the truth. She’s scared that Yi Chen’s mad and asks whether she will get punished lightly because she gave herself in. Yi Chen says that this tactic is for the police, not lawyers. Mo Sheng questions if telling the truth to a lawyer deserves more of a punishment. Yi Chen doesn’t answer that and turns around to leave. He tells Mo Sheng not to follow her, masking his smile in a harsh tone.

She tries to ask for forgiveness at the library by giving him those drinks. However, his reply is that drinking too much of that will make you dumb. He knows how to joke!

Mo Sheng finally returns to the debate club but Xu Ying doesn’t ever let go of a chance to reprimand Mo Sheng. Yi Chen stands up for Mo Sheng saying that he’s already reprimanded her for missing so many meetings and Mo Sheng chirps in promising she’ll never miss the meetings again. She also gets her first role as the member of the debate club: a photographer. It’s a bit stretched but they need someone to take good pictures during their debate tournament which is coming up.

Mo Sheng thanks Yi Chen for his help earlier with Xu Ying. Yi Chen clarifies that he was only acting accordingly (none of that mixing personal affair with business matters, that is). She says she’ll express her gratitude by taking gorgeous pictures of him during the debate tournament. Yi Chen’s joking more now because he wants to, at the very least, look normal. Can she do that, he asks.

They head off to the debate tournament and Mo Sheng’s handing out lunch boxes outside of the bus. She’ll be the last person to board the bus and asks if Yi Chen can save her a seat near the front because she gets car sick easily. His silence means he agrees and they sit together on the bus. The car probably takes a sharp turn as Mo Sheng knocks into him pretty hard for him to produce that reaction… However, Yi Chen’s face is pale and Mo Sheng assumes it’s because she knocked into him. If that’s the case, this guy needs to live in a bubble. His pale composition is actually because of food poisoning from the skewers he ate last night with his roommates (they all had diarrhea except him last night but it’s his turn now to feel sick).

Nothing else is going right as Yi Chen also loses his cue card. Xu Ying recalls that it was Mo Sheng that touched his bag last and immediately blames her but she’s nowhere to be found. Mo Sheng comes running in at last and Xu Ying begins another one of her scolding. Yi Chen says it’s not Mo Sheng’s fault because he still had it after Mo Sheng returned the bag to him. Xu Ying is still furious but Yi Chen shuts her up by saying he’s confident enough without his cue card. Dude, then why were you making a fuss earlier? Or are you just saying that because you want to protect Mo Sheng?

Anyways, on this unlucky note, the debate tournament begins. Everything goes well until the last four minutes for the wrap-up presented by Yi Chen.


I normally don’t like childhood/teenage parts and this one is no exception. The girl is definitely winning but this guy doesn’t know how to act! His actions are so ambiguous. Are you mad? Are you happy? Or are you not feeling anything? I think it’s the latter of the three. And then the bus part…it’s like my lips are pale and I’m fine this one second and then the next second, Oh! Pain! I’m pretty sure diarrhea onset doesn’t come suddenly like that and even if it does I’m pretty sure most people can control their facial expression. And hello, this is Yi Chen here, this guy doesn’t express his feelings easily, remember? I want to see my OTP! The first two episodes I was wondering when they’d finally talk. Now that they talk, I don’t even get to see them for an entire episode. Great. Thanks. 

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