22 January 2015

My Sunshine [何以笙簫默] Episode 11

I have to confess that I'm actually up to date with watching this series as I'm recapping these episodes. I'm on episode 26 and mostly everyone's happy. At the very least, I'm happy. However, the series is sort of hitting it's plateau. So, I'll stop watching and continue recapping hoping when I return, I can finish this series on a high note. 

To be honest, it's a slow series but I like the main characters and these types of romances always get me, so I'm willing to invest more of my feelings into this. 

This episode isn't great but fills us in on Mo Sheng's past and gives us a reason not to hate her for making our Yi Chen miserable. 

Last episode we were left with Juan Jie getting the door. In a blink of an eye Juan Jie is sentenced in jail for three years because she stabbed her husband after opening that door (probably to protect her son). Mo Sheng promises Juan Jie to take care of her son while she’s in jail. However, Mo Sheng doesn’t have the right to take custody of Xiao Jia (the son) because she’s neither the parent nor a relative.  (The father is hopeless because he demanded $10 every day to allow Mo Sheng to take care of his own son. The deal’s pathetic but $10? Show, I don’t think you’ve made the right conversions…)

The $10 everyday thing has taken a toll on Mo Sheng’s financial state so she writes a letter to the student she donated her (or her dad’s money) to. It’s Ying Hui. He’s currently the CEO of INSO (an online search engine). It takes a while, but he finally gets the letter and contacts Mo Sheng back. She shares with him why she needs the money (a total of $500…) plus a few details about herself. Hearing this, Ying Hui learns that Mo Sheng is very generous, saving those in need: first, she donated her money to him because they’re from the same university (but we know it’s more than that) which saved his company; second, her need for the money is to protect Xiao Jia.

Yin Hui is back at his office discussing Mo Sheng’s case with his lawyer. He doesn’t want to give her money because she’ll only come back asking for more when she’s low on cash again. Wow, dude, really? You don’t have $500 to spare each time? So Ying Hui is this kind of person: careful, meticulous, and almost cold. Reminds of me Yi Chen, but Yi Chen’s was much nicer (you know, in episode 4 with the lame guy barging in) or maybe I’m just biased. The lawyer says the case is tough and jokingly mentions they’d have more of a chance to win the custody if she got married to someone who is qualified to be a guardian, such as Ying Hui himself. Oddly enough, Ying Hui isn’t against this idea. According to him, he wants a wife so that he can present a ‘family’ image to help his company expand further in the market (and detract any unnecessary pursuers).

(Ying Hui, I beg you to stop speaking English. I’m not very good at reading Chinese characters, and sometimes I don’t understand a single word you’re saying and thus I have no way of knowing what on earth you’re saying. Then other times, I do understand but I wished I could unhear it. On the other hand, kudos to someone that can speak English! All hail the lawyer!)

Ying Hui suggests this idea (of their marriage to take custody of Xiao Jia) to Mo Sheng but she hesitates and doesn’t give her answer. However, she changes her mind after Xiao Jia was bullied at the orphanage. (Xiao Jia ends up at the orphanage because his father was finally arrested for domestic violence) Hence, their fake marriage commences. Their contract indicates the legality of their marriage but both parties agree that it’s only superficial.  Ying Hui gets his ‘family’ image (plus he may be getting interested in Mo Sheng) and Mo Sheng gets custody for Xiao Jia.

Three years passed and Xiao Jia’s all grown up! Him and his mother, Juan Jie are heading back to China. Mo Sheng should have no reason to stay with Ying Hui anymore but Ying Hui asks her for a favour: his parents are furious, as Ying Hui puts it, that he married without notifying them and hopes that she’d pretend to be his wife a little longer at California.

He fully takes advantage of Mo Sheng’s generosity because she agrees to go (to compensate for what he’s done for her). They live together in California. During one evening when he came back home to find Mo Sheng eating instant noodles, he decides to take a bite of it but Mo Sheng’s innate reflexes says no as she jerks away unintentionally. Awkward. Anyways, Ying Hui, do you have money in your case or something? The topic changes to her interview for a photographer position. She was unsuccessful. Ying Hui offers to help but Mo Sheng declines. This makes him remember a conversation with his ex about her, although loving him, is too prideful to continue being with him. Basically, she wants someone rich and Ying Hui wasn’t.

One day, Mo Sheng daydreams and ends up typing 'He Yi Chen' into INSO’s search engine. Nice. Search your ex-boyfriend on your husband’s invention. Ying Hui comes across this and they end up sharing their past. Ying Hui teases her that Mo Sheng’s ex isn’t as lucky as him. Mo Sheng misunderstands, thinking that Ying Hui’s ex was better than her. However, Ying Hui meant that he’s luckier than Yi Chen because Mo Sheng now belongs to him. Ying Hui doesn’t clarify though.

Days pass on and Ying Hui realizes how much she is still in love with Yi Chen. As he covers her up on the sofa, he spots a bunch of paper with the same three words scribbled all over: He Yi Chen. She puts an emphasis on writing his name correctly because in the past, Yi Chen has reminded her the correct way to write “He”.

After a party, Ying Hui comes back home drunk and makes a move on Mo Sheng. Mo Sheng shoves him away and Ying Hui remorse his actions. He makes his apologies (“Sawwi”) but is stumped when Mo Sheng accepts it because he was only thinking of her as his ex, right? He thinks her question is a trap, which I think is dumb but anyways, if he says yes, then he won’t be able to make advances on her in a long while, but if he says no, then he’s admitting he was attempting to rape her. Our smart CEO doesn’t answer.

Finally, after a year, she decides to return to Shanghai. Ying Hui lets her because he thinks no guy is dumb enough to wait for a girl to return for seven years. Think again.

Back to the present Ying Hui, he’s hired someone to follow Mo Sheng in Shanghai. He realizes he might be losing Mo Sheng after browsing the pictures and immediately books a flight to Shanghai. Can't just you stay in the States?

On the other hand, the present Mo Sheng is in a dilemma because her boss decided to do a special on Elite Men and Yi Chen’s one of them.


A necessary episode that I’m glad stuck to one episode length. I’m also glad they didn’t put much effort into hiring a likable second lead because it’d be futile when he’s 10+ episodes late. On the other hand, when I was describing him, he’s very much like He Yi Chen… just he’ll never get the girl (neither will he get my love). Both are careful, meticulous, and cold. It’s amazing how a drama can make us love male characters who belong to the egoistic and chauvinistic species.

Both males are also so close yet so far to Mo Sheng. Ying Hui sees her everyday but doesn’t have her heart. Yet Yi Chen is miles away but her heart lies with him. Destiny can be nasty sometimes. 

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