Favourite Dramas

What type of watcher am I? Rom-com. Light. The whole drama doesn't have to revolve around romance, just the very presence of a possible romance is enough to satiate my drive to finish that drama. Actually, I really love to watch romances that are subtle. I do watch "heavier" stuff but that's usually after I hear really great reviews about it.

♦ ♦ ♦  Chinese ♦ ♦ ♦ 

Boss and Me
Ah, this drama was unexpectedly delightful. The plot was simple yet it made me giddy. I complain about overused story lines but if they're done right, I can still love them. What can I say? I'm easy to please as long as there's chemistry between the leads. So although we've been there and done that, their romance makes you want more.

Cuo Dian Yuan Yang
Hul~ I did not expect to enjoy this but wow was this fun and breezy. Albeit, the guy isn't the best looker around but being paired with Zhao Li Ying (acting as Huan Er), she makes him hot. For me, this is one of the rare dramas where the OTP are mutually in love quite soon into the drama and I'm still enjoying their every interaction.

Either I've unconsciously lowered my standards for Chinese dramas or I just really like Zhao Li Ying, I was able to thoroughly enjoy this drama despite the countless clichés (e.g. Romeo and Juliet theme, switched identities, forced marriage, abduction(s), almost-amnesic, faked death, etc). Clichés are clichés but when they're done not to annoy you but to bring more cute and fun, what can I complain about?

FYI: Cuo Dian Yuan Yang is only 25 episodes while Ep 26 onwards is Xi Dian Yuan Yang. The second series focuses on the other characters' love stories but our main OTP is still there being lovely - it's just their love stories were lackluster compared to Zhao Li Ying's so I skipped it. 

♦ ♦ ♦  Japanese ♦ ♦ 

Atashinchi No Danshi
Weakness: the family set-up. Really, it was lame but the show desperately needed to start somewhere and somehow. I'm glad this gets glossed over in the first episode. 

Strength: the fun brother hi-jinks. You can see quite a few man-lets seaming with potential.

Suprastrength: Mukai Osamu x Horikita Maki. The hours I spent Youtube-ing for more scenes of the two, I dare not reveal.

This drama's episodic nature fleshes out each brother and sprinkled with the constant anticipation for more Sho and Chisato scenes, you can find yourself zipping through the episodes. 

I shipped these two so much during the original series, so imagine how excited I was for the second series when they shipped Utsumi Kaoru overseas and paired someone else with Fukuyam Masaharu. Bleh.

Subtlety is a beautiful thing. And in terms of subtle romance, this is the best yet. This drama had the perfect balance of mystery and romance and remains to be one of my favourite Jdramas.

Hotaru no Hikari
A classic. I still have fond memories of Amemiya Hotaru and her manager. Her character may be overdone but Ayase Haruka grounded her into a girl I can relate to. This is definitely a drama I'd rewatch

Hard Nut
I can't explain why I love this as much as I do. This was definitely lacking in story progression, intricate details that link up the characters and dialogue slickness but it just hit the right spots for me. My heart clearly knew that I was happy whenever the main characters came on the screen. I loved them. Hashimoto Ai ♥ Kora Kengo 

For some reason I felt like the ending was meant to be much deeper. 

Love Shuffle
This was a heck load of odd fun-ness. Another one of those Jdramas that really hit home despite having crazy antics because they always focused on the emotions of these characters that made unbelievable decisions seem sane. 

Love That Makes You Cry

So subtle.
So beautiful.

I loved it so much I recapped every single detail.

Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge

My first exposure to this series was the anime version, and I absolutely adored it. My love for the anime, I believe, has transcended to the drama version providing me the immunity to all the weird and the wacky. None of the characters are believable but the actors and actresses deliver them with heart. It deviated from the anime but that made my watching experience refreshing; I loved how they modified the interactions between Sunako and Kyohei. All in all, they delivered the story that I loved with sincerity when it had every reason to go awry.

♦ ♦ ♦  Korean ♦ ♦ 

Dream High
Who doesn't love an awesome underdog show? Thus far, I don't think any high school musical drama have ousted this one. And another one of my personal opinion: this country bumpkin can beat kings and aliens any day.

Marriage, not Dating
Yeah, the sparks were dimming near the end but nothing can persuade me away from loving Han Groo and Yeon Woo Jin. 

I've got this issue with couples confirming their love to each other early on in the drama because it just ensures that what's to follow is annoying problems. However, I was already too invested to drop this drama.

Master's Sun
Okay, this was flailing near the end too. I really do have problems with falling in love at first sight with a drama and then developing a blind spot near the end but how can I not with Gong Hyo Jin and So Ji Sub rocking their roles? 

And how come no one does more horror-romcom? They're like the best mash-up ever. 

Stars Falling From the Sky
Severely underrated. 

Kids in dramas are usually a turn off for me but these ones weren't just cute, they're the only weakness to the cold and heartless Lawyer-nim.

Yes it's the brainless girl that melts the cold guy type of drama but hey, this was back in the heyday when dramas like these were sooo good. 

Ugly Alert
Oh this drama is so underrated that it hurts me. Yes, it's 133 episodes. Yes, it has a childhood segment that's bound to put you in tears (or at least in sorrow). But the episode length is short! You'd think it carry on in that solemn mood but Kang Sora makes everything better for for Im Joo Hwan; she's the reason he can pull through. Together, they deliver such fun and flirty yet heart-wrenching moments that filled your screen for episode after episode. Show, I blame you for making me search endlessly for family dramas as good as you. 

♦ ♦ ♦  Taiwanese ♦ ♦ 

Autumn Concerto
Thinking back, this drama was like three dramas in one: a cinematic, romantic, and solemn beginning; a cheerful, cute, and fun middle; a crazy, revenge-y, and angst-y ending; all of that, wrapped up in a very corny ending. Yet I still love this drama. Because the stupid show trapped me with its great opening and had me investing all my emotions in the middle that I had no way of backing out until the very end. What a terrible show you are. Then I had withdrawal so I ended up Youtub-ing for days of all the NG's and fan-made MV's. 

In a Good Way
Ah this scene was a total sinker. The beginning was so beautiful. I loved the guy. I loved the girl's reaction to the guy. Basically, I loved the guy. If I have to criticize this it would be the ending. However, if I hadn't had the chance to re-watch the first few episodes, I don't think I would have realized how right the ending was: what matters is the process and not the result. They loved and that's what mattered; their love has changed both of them for the better. Although I can't say I'm a whole-hearted fan of the ending, this drama will always have a special place in my heart.