15 June 2016

With You Episode 7

Episode 7: You're all already at the age where you can have an ID!

Geng Geng is the primary suspect for the cheating incident but we all know she's innocent. So who's going to take the blame? 

Mr. Pang accuses Geng Geng for cheating but Zhang Ping takes her side; in fact, he believes in his entire class. However, someone needs to take responsibility and that falls on Zhang Ping’s shoulders. As per Mr. Pang’s orders, Zhang Ping is demoted from his homeroom teacher position. Oddly, the teacher replacing him also has the last name Zhang. Are there no other last names the drama could have used?
Technically Nian Nian is the culprit but it was all an accident. The guilt haunts Nian Nian but despite how much she wants to take responsibility she’s too scared to face Mr. Pang. It doesn’t help that class prez stops her every attempt to come clean. He goes as far as to stalking her to the girl's washroom just so she doesn't confess her wrongdoings. 
However, they can’t continue to avoid the problem especially if they want Zhang Ping back. Yu Huai proposes they all apologize to Mr. Pang and request a retake. So Yu Huai, class prez, Wen Xiao Xiao, Nian Nian, Jian Dan, and Han Xu bear the daunting task to face Mr. Pang. Just when Nian Nian was about to admit the crime, class prez takes the blame for her. Aw so brave of him. Yu Huai immediately follows up and explains he’s the one who solved the question and then the others each follow suit to share the blame.
Mr. Pang, however, is still stubborn. Nian Nian, unable to bear the guilt anymore, steps up, gives a full bow, and tearfully repents admitting she's the sole person who should take responsibility. This scene was unexpectedly funny only because I never knew Nian Nian could be such a crybaby. 
So where’s Geng Geng in all this? She’s pleading Mrs. Zhang to help them convince Mr. Pang. It turns out Mr. Pang only wanted to intimidate the class a little. He isn’t going to fire Zhang Ping either and he had intended to give them a retake. However, Nian Nian still needs to be punished, except she can’t be, according to Nian Nian herself. Her parents are elsewhere and her marks are already sent out. Mr. Pang thinks she’s messing with him but she cries on the spot, admitting she’s just fearful of her parents. Mr. Pang has a weakness: Tears!

I was so touched that all the teachers are helping Class V to prepare for the upcoming retake, even Zhang Feng and Mr. Pang are in on it! When Zhang Ping finds out Zhang Feng helped out, he’s like did he go crazy? Lol.

Then Yu Huai supplements the class during break time like a real teacher. Geng Geng particularly pays attention but its questionable whether she’s paying attention to the board or just him.

Lu Xing He thinks Geng Geng is wasting her time studying for a course she doesn’t need. Lu Xing He wisely advises her: “During the best of our times we must do the very best things for ourselves.”

His words make Geng Geng contemplate. Her thoughts are interrupted with a flick on the head from Yu Huai. Timidly, she takes cover behind the curtain. Seeing her idling there behind the dirty curtain, he rushes her to sit next to him so he can help her study. 
Smiling sweetly, Geng Geng sits beside him and mumbles to herself: Who cares about what the best is, right now is pretty good. YA.

Yu Huai has no idea what she’s mumbling about.

Exam day! As expected Geng Geng is stuck on the questions but once she starts daydreaming about our amazing Yu Huai teaching the class, she suddenly remembers all the formulas. The power of Yu Huai. Beside her, Yu Huai sends her a proud smile.

Zhang Ping finally returns to his rightful position and the class rejoices, except Nian Nian. It’s not that she doesn’t want him there but his return has finally relieved her guilty conscience for good. 

Zhang Ping takes a jab at her for actually knowing how to cry like a girl. Even the class comforts her by making jokes. Aw.

Next episode's problem: Parent teacher interview! Compared to the barely-passing Geng Geng, Yu Huai seems more worried about it than her.  


Zhang Ping! Such an amazing and lovable and endearing and cute teacher! He took the blame for his class, never once reproached them, and even cleaned out the garbage for them. He made me pout when he was on the phone with his mom after almost losing his job. He's everyone's teacher but he's also just a normal man who’s someone else’s child ): 

I really love how the class returns the affection to Zhang Ping. Under Yu Huai’s guidance they pretend they don’t understand the homework questions just to make Zhang Ping feel needed. Yu Huai and Geng Geng even stalk him into an arcade and gift him a teddy (although a part of me wishes Geng Geng kept the teddy that Yu Huai had won).
Nian Nian's exaggerated crying was unexpectedly endearing and believable. I love how she cried much more sincerely when Zhang Ping finally returned to them.
Lu Xing He’s wise words surprise me again. This guy has all the philosophy of an experienced man. However, I’m glad Geng Geng simplified his deep values to just enjoying the moment with Yu Huai. In my opinion, that’s the beauty of youth: just enjoy the moment.

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