11 March 2016

Su Ran Ran's Husband Hunting Journey Episode 13 to 15

I swear I’m not being lazy but it’s much clearer if I summarize these episodes together because there’s one common theme: Sacrifice.

Er-Shi-Xiong (aka Mu Chen) is recovering from protecting the Yue Ling Flower and Shi-Nu-Shi-Fu warns him he might die if he continues practicing that form of martial art (Qi Jue – where he sits all day) but he’s indignant on saving Ran Ran. He still needs to guard that flower for five more months until the seed forms and it’s the seed that will save Ran Ran’s life.

When Qing Tian hears from Shi-Jie (aka Yao Bing) about Mu Chen’s injury, she attempts to steal the flower again but the moment she’s within the flower’s vicinity some magical force is sucking her energy. Apparently Er-Shi-Xiong made sure to generate an energy-field protecting the flower even without his presence. Yeah, okay.

Qing Tian is injured from the invisible force but she is saved once again by Yao Bing. The two have become quite friendly with each other, they’re like sisters now. Qing Tian tells her about her life: her teacher’s brutality and her family’s abandonment. Her teacher would force her to kill but she can’t hate her. She pities her teacher for wanting something she can’t have and having to live in loneliness forever (it’s not me being vague, it’s the show). Her inability to hate her teacher has a lot to do with her family abandoning her. When her mother, father and sister left her all alone, she only had her teacher. Yao Bing is surprised she has a sister. Hearing her story, Yao Bing tries to comfort her. Yao Bing also indulges on her story and about people she cherishes. However, whenever Yao Bing mentions her love for Ran Ran, Qing Tian seems to be just a tad bit jealous.

On Ran Ran’s side, the mood isn’t any better and its worse when Qin Lang comes to visit her. He tries to ask her out on a date (e.g. lantern playing) but she claims she isn’t into anything girly. Poor Qing Lang doesn’t see the rejection.

Later that day, Ran Ran asks her Biu-Jie about love. Biu-Jie describes loving someone as being reminded of them wherever and whenever. Whilst Biu-Jie continues talking, Ran Ran is getting all sorts of flashback of Ri Xuan. Tears fall down her eyes. (Yes that’s a large droplet of tear falling down her chin)

That same day, Qin Lang’s dad stops by to rush the marriage. He explains to Ran Ran why Qin Lang held reservations against the marriage: he wants to avenge his brother first and the target they’re looking for is Ri Xuan from Yue Ling Gong. This shocks Ran Ran. Oh great, another reason for Ran Ran to suppress her love for him even more.  

At night Ri Xuan visits Ran Ran again but this time she’s awake. He knows he’s not supposed to come anymore but he can’t control himself Ri Xuan tells the sleeping Ran Ran once again: “I won’t give up so you can’t forget me.” But Ran Ran’s not asleep. She’s demands to know whether the man she’s been dreaming about every night for the past three years is him. Ri Xuan doesn’t answer. Upset, Ran Ran calls him a bloodthirsty killer. She also tells him to never appear before her again.

Ri Xuan: Okay. :( As if being told that once wasn't already enough, now he has to hear it from the girl he loves.

I don’t know why she’s doing this to herself when she’s going to cry so much afterwards.

The next morning, Ran Ran has made a decision: she will marry Qin Lang. Her brothers (and herself) are saddened by the decision.

All nine brothers want to cheer up Ran Ran but she only opens the door to 9th-Shi-Xiong. They’re really good buddies (actually this guy likes Ran Ran) and I think it’s because of that, 7th Bro particularly hates 9th-Shi-Xiong. These two petty men are hilarious together. They fight over the smallest things.

Anyways, Ran Ran sulks to 9th-Shi-Xiong, revealing to him there’s someone she loves but she can’t be with him. Obviously heartbroken, 9th-Shi-Xiong painstakingly asks her how much money it will take to make that guy she loves marry her. I think it’s his stupidity purity that allows Ran Ran open up about herself because she knows he’ll never understand.

Meanwhile everyone’s disappointed at the news of Ran Ran’s marriage, there’s one man that’s elated: it’s Qin Lang. He visits her at her manor and gives her a hairpin which Ran Ran had refused at first. She smiles politely as she lets him put it in her hair.

And how can Ran Ran possibly have a meeting alone with Qin Lang without being stalked by her brothers (plus an extra admirer: 9th-Shi-Xiong). Seeing Ran Ran smile because of Qin Lang, 7th Bro is slowly starting to accept his future brother-in-law. Meanwhile 9th-Shi-Xiong is still in denial. He asks 5th Bro to beat up Qin Lang in exchange for money. Lol.

- - - Comments - - -

Ran Ran is loved by every man and woman in the drama, except Qing Tian. But I’m not racking my head for a logical reason as to why everyone loves her because I find her naturally likeable and I think it has a lot to do with the actress rather than the drama. So far the drama is doing really well in hiding the reason why Ri Xuan loves her like there’s no tomorrow. And I think that’s what’s fuelling me to watch this drama: to find out what exactly happened three years ago.

But for now, we’re in the stage of sacrifices: Ran Ran is sacrificing her freedom to forget Ri Xuan; Mu Chen sacrificing his life to save Ran Ran. Ri Xuan’s sacrifice… is coming up. 

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