29 March 2016

Su Ran Ran's Husband Hunting Journey Episode 24 to 28

Someone dies and someone revives. Things are forgotten and things are revealed. Relationships are amended and then they're broken. 

When Ran Ran wakes up, she has forgotten everything again. She does, however, remember she was kidnapped and 9th-Shi-Xiong was there. She asks for 9th-Shi-Xiong but no one has the heart to tell her the truth that he died for her so instead 5th Bro lies to her saying he left for three years. That's actually the last we ever hear about 9th-Shi-Xiong. Other than 9th-Shi-Xiong’s presence, Ran Ran remembers nothing else, including the fact that she is Yue Ying, Ri Xuan’s lover.

 Lou Xuan stops by at Ran Ran’s place and casually says he's just visiting a sick person. She warns him not to be too flirty with her.

When Lou Xuan picks up her earring for her, she gets a chance to look at him up close and for some reason his eyes remind her of Ri Xuan. Realizing she's staring too closely at him, she runs off, leaving a very confused Lou Xuan.  

Then Ran Ran reconfirms to her entire family she will marry Qin Lang. Her logic is this: he saved her so she's grateful and will settle on marrying him. But the one who always saved her was Ri Xuan; Qin Lang just scoops up all the credits at the end when Ran Ran is already away from danger.

Lou Xuan is still hurting from the injury, at least Mu Chen is there to care for him. He tells Lou Xuan about a new breakthrough in treating Ran Ran's poison but he needs to go find Shi-Nu-Shi-Fu. Instead of personally going, Lou Xuan sends Biu-Jie to go. He also exposes his alter ego to her. The reason why he has two names is because Ran Ran misunderstood his name the first time around and he went with it. Lou Xuan permits her to tell 3rd Bro since he would want her to have a companion on this long journey.

And so together Biu-Jie and 3rd Bro head to Tai Yi Shan to find Su-Nu-Shi-Fu. Why Mu Chen couldn't have done it himself when he lives at Tai Yi Shan and is Shi-Nu-Shi-Fu’s disciple beats me. Before she leaves, she asks Ran Ran who she loves and the first person that came to her mind was Ri Xuan. But she claims it's hopeless because he loves Yue Ying. Yup, here we go again.

Qing Tian’s flashback shows us Ri Xuan had fulfilled her wish of making her the leader by succeeding in locking up Laughing Lady in the dungeon. When Ri Xuan visits her, he desperately asks her for the mushroom but she won't provide it. And so the crazy laughing lady remains locked up there.

But she won’t be locked up for long. Ling Lang’s real motive all along was to locate Laughing Lady, her master, and she manages to follow Qing Tian into the dungeon. Ling Lang even willingly sacrifices her life to Laughing Lady by letting her suck her blood which gives her enough energy to escape. When Ri Xuan discovers she had escaped, he's heading to Yuan Zhou because Laughing Lady is going there to capture Ran Ran.  

Before heading to Yang Zhou, Red Lady makes a pit stop at Tai Yi Shan and visits Su-Nu-Shi-Fu. She had tried to convince Laughing Lady that Wu She had lived on to protect her and died because of her. Laughing Lady believes none of it and kills her. I guess Biu-Jie’s trip to visit Su-Nu-Shi-Fu will be ridden with obstacles.

Qin Lang knows Ran Ran doesn't love him. The night before their wedding, he's gotten himself so drunk he sneaks into Ran Ran’s room and embraces her. To break his heart even more Ran Ran had thought the intruder was Ri Xuan but after she realizes it wasn't, she pushed out of his embrace. He tells her he's not afraid of anything except when she apologizes to him. Ran Ran: I'm sorry. Nice, lol. He tells he wants her to be happy but he had wished her happiness could have come from him. He leaves even more heartbroken than before. Ran Ran apologizes to him in her head. Multiple levels of heartbreak.

The next day is there big wedding day but Qin Lang never shows up. Ah, another guy who decides to be selfless. Poor dad though, he was really looking forward to having Ran Ran as his daughter.

She doesn't stay free for long though because when she decides to go out and search for Qin Lang, she gets “captured” by a Jing Ci Dao-Zhang (a priestess). She had appeared in Episode 4 when Ran Ran had spared her some food. And captured isn't the right word with how safe Ran Ran is in her care. Jing Ci tells her she wants Ran Ran to be her disciple because it's fate. 

Apparently she's very powerful and despite 5th Bro and 7th Bro doing their usual stuff of stalking, they're no match for the Jing Ci even though she’s asleep most of the time. The lady tells Ran Ran she knows Mu Chen. She recalls that he had given her three cents in exchange for the Yue Ling flower. It wasn’t that the flower costed three cents, it was more of his act of good will that persuaded Priestess Jing Ci. But still. That important flower was only worth three cents… Ran Ran also gives her money (way more than three cents) and off they travel some more. Priestess Jing Ci tells her they're headed to Yang Zhou because fate will bring everyone there. If I ever write a story I'm going to put a priestess in there just so I always have a way to explain the unexplainable.

On the way to Yang Zhou, Ran Ran finally manages to escape from Jing Ci and her brothers are there to ensure her safety.

Her freedom is once again short-lived. Priestess Jing Ci finds her again when she’s being fed by her brothers. This time Priestess Jing Ci is with Yao Bing and Qing Tian. Alright, so why are they all here? It all started with Mu Chen, through some telepathy, discovers Ran Ran will be at Yuan Zhou so he informs Yao Bing to meet there as they go their separate ways. Meanwhile Qing Tian was with Yao Bing because she needs a friend to talk to after having her heart broken (like always). But she does have an ulterior motive, she wants to see Ri Xuan, and the quickest way to find him is to find Ran Ran. When Priestess Jing Ci and Qing Tian see each other, they immediately sense the discomfort.

Meanwhile onlookers flirt with Qing Tian so Yao Bing hollers them away. 7th Bro makes a comment that girls should just stay home and not be out and about which infuriates Yao Bing. 7th Bro attempts to retaliate but 5th Bro tells him sophisticated people shouldn't be bothered with such petty arguments.  


I’m so glad to see Yao Bing and Ran Ran appear on my screen together. The scenes are just so much brighter with both of these bubbly characters together. I’ve been meaning to say this for a really long time but I never had the chance to because she appears so little in the drama but I find Yao Bing reeeeeally pretty. I want her dimples! And by the way she’ll get her romance too, which happens to be really cute.

When Qin Lang went to visit Ran Ran in her room in the middle of the night it hit me how superficial I am. Ha. When he does it I found it creepy but when Ri Xuan ventures into her room every night I found it romantic. It’s a thin borderline. If the girl loves the guy back, everything’s okay but if the girl doesn’t love the guy, he’s in stalker territory. 

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