16 February 2016

Su Ran Ran's Husband Hunting Journey Episode 3 and 4

Chinese Title苏染染追夫记 (Su Ran Ran Zhui Fu Ji)

More secrets unveiled but we're still left wondering what exactly happened.

Episode 3

While all the brothers are running after Su Ran Ran (towards Mom’s room), 3rd brother visits his crush first: Su Ran Ran’s Biu-Jie (who he calls Biu-Mei but for convenience sake, I will stick to calling her Biu-Jie). He brings out a present for her: a hairpin. Biu-Jie was enamored with the gift but her happiness pops like bubble when he clarifies that Ran Ran was the one who chose it. 

With the help of the 4th brother (who specializes in martial arts), the 7th brother manages to beat Su Ran Ran to Mom’s room with plenty of time to spare. Smoothly, he manages to touch up on Mom’s face (claiming to beautify her) to look like this:


Before Ran Ran barges in, the 7th brother ducks underneath the bed, hiding from everyone. The Dad is the last to trail in after the brothers and all are visually shocked by Mom’s sudden downturn in health. Ran Ran checks Mom’s pulse but its vigorous, a complete contrast to her face. Still, Ran Ran falls prey to the deceit and wails that she’ll trade anything for her mom’s health, even if it means accepting the arranged marriage.

All is going well until the 7th brother jumps in fear because of a cockroach, exposing him of his hiding place. Mom is also scared of cockroaches and so the both of them dance in fright to the rhythm of the cockroach. And the lie is busted.

All three brothers take the blame for the lie (when it really was just the 7th brother’s fault). Even Ran Ran takes the blame because she knows the brothers lied out of good intention for her to return home. The brothers are so smitten by Ran Ran’s (new-found) thoughtfulness they momentarily forget about Mom’s fury until Mom’s slap on the table quickly reminds them to kneel back down again.

Ran Ran pleads to Mom to reconsider the arranged marriage (with Qin family’s 2nd son, Qin Lang) but Mom’s words are absolute. Mom’s insistence on marrying off her daughter despite the entire family’s opposition comes more from her guilt. She feels responsible for daughter’s illness and it’s her whose willing to trade anything for her daughter’s happiness, even if it means sending her away (i.e. marrying her off). A flashback tells us why she takes the responsibility for everything:

When Mom (aka Chu Yang) was nine-months pregnant with Ran Ran, she was captured by Shi Shiu Hong Yan, the girl in red with the creepy voice (do not confuse with Lin Lang, another girl in red with the creepy smile). The amount of people she killed can build a mountain and the amount of blood she splattered can supply a river. Luckily, Mom was saved by Wu She (the guy in white with awesome skills). My guess is that Shi Shiu Hong Yan loves Wu She and Wu She loves Mom and Mom loves Dad (and Dad loves Mom). Basically, everything was an act of jealousy. 

Despite Mom’s safety, her fetus was poisoned by the red lady (whose name directly translates to: Deadly Water Blood Colour). When Mom delivers Ran Ran safely, Wu She had intended to seal the poor baby away because the poison will turn her evil, into another mad woman just like Shi Shiu Hong Yan. What a complicated poison. But Mom threatens Wu She she’ll do anything to retrieve her precious baby back. And so Ran Ran grows up with the poison in her body.

And that is the deadly secret: Su Ran Ran is the successor of Shi Shiu Hong Yan’s evil.

Somewhere else in the city, close to Su Ran Ran’s house, Lou Xuan arrives home on a horse. He plans to propose to her household despite knowing the only daughter of that family is already betrothed.

Episode 4

Ran Ran doesn’t want to marry and cries in her 5th brother’s arms. Then after merely a few seconds she cries that she’s dying of bored at home. Omg. To prevent her death from boredom, 5th brother takes her to the lake where she can enjoy the scenery and music with her Biu-Jie while 5th brother is with 3rd bro enjoying tea while watching over the two ladies.

As the two ladies are enjoying the scenery, Biu-Jie asks Ran Ran about her health (she wants to know what this “secret” was the parents were mentioning). Ran Ran tells her that when she was 8 she was taken to Yi Xian Gu (at Tai Yi Shan) and it was Er-Shi-Xiong who personally cared for her along with Su-Nu-Shi-Fu (she’s a priest). Her health was fine up until 3 years ago when she even lost 3 months of her memory at that time. She’s currently healthy but to detoxify her poison completely, she’ll need “Yue Ling Flower” and “Jiu Ban Ling Zhi”. She also has a single pill left to control her poison if anything were to go wrong before the two ingredients are found.  Alright, so I know it’s confusing with so many pin yin but here’s the important gist of it: Su Ran Ran lost three months of her memories three years ago because of her ‘poison issue’. To cure her, she’ll need two ingredients. One of them is being harvested by Er-Shi-Xiong, the other needs to be found by Ri Xuan.

Ran Ran accidentally falls into the lake and she’s saved by a flying dude that can walk on water. He’s the same guy who Ran Ran bumped into the other night before returning home. With that incident, Ran Ran is banned from leaving the house for her own safety.

That night Ran Ran dreams of a man in black who tells her not to forget him. When she wakes up, she has unconsciously muttered: Ri Xuan. About that screencap, I’m both jealous and pitiful of her at the amount love she’s receiving.  

The guy who saved Ran Ran is none other than Qin Lang, the man Ran Ran is betrothed to. Like Ran Ran, he’s against the marriage. He refuses to marry until he avenges his older brother’s murder. After three years of relentlessly searching for the murderer, he found him: it’s Ri Xuan. However, he needs more time to find proof. Dad will have none of his explanation, the death of the older son has already taken too much of an emotional toll on the family, he just wants his younger son to marry and be happy. Plus, like I said, the King’s words are absolute.

Outside of the city, Ye Qing Tian is leading Yue Ling Gong’s resurgence. I guess they were laying low before. She’s also searching for the missing Ri Xuan. This guy sure is popular. She decides to take matters in her own hands and searches for him at Tai Yi Shan where the “Yue Ling Flower” is (i.e. that glowing thing in the picture above). Er-Shi-Xiong catches her and chases her down, thinking she’s here to steal the flower. He injures her and she falls off the cliff, disappearing into the water.

Ran Ran is desperate to escape home and manages to sneak out. She wants to go to the city to buy her favourite buns but she gets lost in the forest. She comes across a priest that has fallen asleep (while sitting). Ran Ran gives her food and reminds her to not sleep anymore because the forest is dangerous. Priest seems to be all knowing as she says to herself they’ll meet again if Fate allows it.

Ran Ran also bumps into Lou Xuan in the forest (but she doesn’t know him). He tells her the city is the other way but Ran Ran crouches in tiredness and hunger (the girl wants her bun). Ran Ran catches Lou Xuan laughing at her but he brazenly denies it.

He’s about to swing his horse the other way to leave but Ran Ran calls out to him. Those eyes of his are so obviously teasing her! We all know she wants help to get to the city but Lou Xuan waits with a smirk for her to slowly and reluctantly enunciate each word. But he curtly refuses to take her on his horse. Why? Because his horse has a bad hip. Then he pulls out another excuse: she could be a liar. Ran Ran mutters she’s neither a chubby nor a liar.

She angrily leaves him but racing from the back is Lou Xuan who scoops her up onto his horse.

- - - Comments - - - 

I really liked the last scene. Lou Xuan clearly knows her and he’s clearly teasing her. That’s my favourite stuff right there :D. Whether you think he's a good guy or a bad guy I can't help but it shouldn't be too hard to guess. But I do love the bad vibes he's giving. 

3rd bro (left), 5th bro (right)
As I was recapping I glossed over Biu-Jie and 3rd bro's romance. I find it boring. I remember I couldn't decide whether Biu-Jie was a good or bad and that made it hard to support her. The looks she gives are so ambiguous. 3rd bro was even less interesting but that's supposed to be his character: a slow dimwit who doesn't understand romance but just blindly loves.

Now that we're introduced to all the main guy characters, I'd just like to say the best looking one is 5th bro. By comparison, he's the incontestable winner. Qin Lang is the runner up. However, Lou Xuan's charisma has me bound to him. Those eyebrow raises! 

Back to the story, everything is related to what happened three years ago during those three months Ran Ran lost her memory and that's driving the plot: to figure out Ran Ran's past. So far I like how it's not dragging. I'm satisfied with how the story starts three years later from whatever life turning event Ran Ran experienced all because I'm discovering her story along with herself. It makes me curious of what the other characters know but it's not like I'm dying of curiosity because in due time, each piece of the puzzle starts revealing itself. 


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