11 April 2016

Su Ran Ran's Husband Hunting Journey Episode 29 to 35

I did not forget about this drama!

For these seven episodes Ran Ran is on her way to becoming a vampire. New love is blossoming, families are reunited and old love is being remembered. Not much at all.

Ran Ran overhears Ri Xuan and Priestess Jing Ci talk about her poison and how she'll too thirst for blood. That thought scares Ran Ran. Ri Xuan comforts her but then warns her to not venture out on her own. But guess what she does next? Walk out on her own.

She thinks she saw Qin Lang but she loses sight of him when she arrives in a wood. She finds Red Lady instead but she's pretending to be meek and that guise fools Ran Ran. While Ran Ran accompanies her, Red Lady suddenly disappears and the next time she appears, she had killed someone right in front of Ran Ran. She screams and runs away. Fortunately Qin Lang was actually nearby.

He tells her after he disappeared from their wedding he was investigating a murder case (Red Lady’s probably the culprit) and it’s led him to Yang Zhou. When 7th Bro comes looking for his sister, Qin Lang disappears. He’s probably ashamed for ruining Ran Ran’s maiden reputation (but the guy did it for Ran Ran!)

The next morning Jing Ci tired to tap into Ran Ran’s memories and find Red Lady’s presence in her mind/soul. Ri Xuan worries for Ran Ran but Jing Ci assures him of Ran Ran’s safety. Jing Ci asks him what he would do if Ran Ran does become a blood-sucking monster. Ri Xuan answers that he'll just follow her regardless of what Ran Ran becomes.

Mu Chen also arrives in Yang Zhou because the Yue Ling flower has finally(!) budded. He gives the seed to Ri Xuan and then disappears again. Ran Ran catches him before he leaves but Mu Chen won't stay. She’s sulking at how detached their relationship has become. Ri Xuan, who happens to be just around the corner, comforts Ran Ran. He follows her as she wanders about. Ran Ran knows Ri Xuan was following her to make sure she doesn't get lost and she thanks him. Ri Xuan’s “you're welcome” is expressed by pulling her in for a hug.

Ran Ran’s puzzled and tries to pull away but she's met with a stronger force pulling her back in for the hug. Oddly though, it’s comfortable to be in his arm and unconsciously, she closes her eye resting her head against his chest. Moments later, her consciousness returns and she runs away because of embarrassment. Ri Xuan calls her “Silly”.  

Then Ran Ran bumps into Qing Tian who's here to lure her into the woods under Red Lady’s commands. Okay so let me back track a little. Earlier she had asked Ri Xuan to complete her third request, which was for him to kiss her.

Ri Xuan had refused, but Qing Tian forced herself on him. Meh. But at least with that kiss, she promises to never bother him again – for a few short episodes that is. 

Red Lady easily manipulates her weak mentality and hypnotizes her to do her biddings. Her first task is to bring Ran Ran into the woods. Check.

Qing Tian had disappeared, leaving Ran Ran alone in the wood. This wood is no ordinary wood, it's entirely a hallucination controlled by Red Lady and once trapped in here it will trigger your saddest memories.

Then out of nowhere zombies appeared. Su-Nu-Shi-Fu also pops out of nothingness and saves Ran Ran from zombies. So how did a dead person save her from zombies? Well since zombies and vampires exist in this drama, what else can't happen? She reminds Ran Ran there is a way out of this wood. Since this place messes with the five senses, the solution is just to close them all.

Ran Ran is too dumb to apply the solution immediately so she wanders around aimlessly until she comes across Qin Lang. He was hallucinating about his dead brother. He thought the killer was Ri Xuan but now he knows it’s actually Red Lady. He manages to snap out of the hallucinations and together with Ran Ran they try to find a way out but they’re still wandering aimlessly in the maze (at least the place got prettier).

Ri Xuan had followed Ran Ran into the woods but he's lost too. His hallucinations are about Ran Ran. He isn’t fooled by the obviously fake Ran Ran who was overly flirtatious but he’s vulnerable for the injured Ran Ran. I guess that's his most painful memory. Similar to Ran Ran, he also has a fairy god appearing before him who warns him this Ran Ran is fake. This fairy god is Wu She.

We travel back in time to discover how Wu She and Ri Xuan met. Young Ri Xuan was influenced to run away from home but it was all a trap from enemies of his father to kill Ri Xuan. His last struggle to live comes from jumping off a cliff which he miraculously survives and ends up living in a secluded area under Wu She’s care. Another flashback confirms Wu She had indeed incarcerated on the spot.

We can’t leave out Mu Chen who’s been neglected for so many episodes, can we? His hallucinations are of his family being brutally murdered by Red Lady hence why he's so keen on killing her.

5th and 7th Bro were put into a sleeping spell and I think it was Qing Tian's doing so she could lure Ran Ran without any interruptions. Yao Bing came along and unbound that spell.

When 7th Bro left to find Jing Ci to help locate Ran Ran, the priestess is too preoccupied with sleeping so she freezes him to continue her precious nap, which leaves Yao Bing and 5th Bro to search for Ran Ran. These two don't even bother unfreezing 7th.

Yao Bing clumsily trips and twists her ankle. 5th Bro immediately goes over to help but Yao Bing is sensitive at the body contact and pushes him away telling him it's none of his business. 5th Bro insists on providing support though, asserting her business is his business. Me = smiling.

Eventually, her limping becomes unbearable for him so he insists on piggybacking her and love is in the air. These two are so cute!

They continue calling out for Ran Ran’s name and Ran Ran finally hears them. Ran Ran walks towards Yao Bing’s voice while closing all her other senses but then Red Lady interrupts and appears before Yao Bing and 5th Bro. It's cute when 5th Bro automatically stands in front of Yao Bing to protect her. I'm pretty sure her martial arts skills are better than his.

Instead of doing the dirty work, Red Lady summons Qing Tian with her bells and Qing Tian goes into attack mode. As a result 5th Bro is injured. Red Lady also reveals the not-so-secretive-secret that Qing Tian is Yao Bing’s long lost sister. This shouldn't surprise anyone but it does shock Yao Bing.

This looks like a scene right of a manga. 
Red Lady takes an interest in 5rd Bro (because he's bleeding) and snatches him away, leaving the sisters duelling it out.

Qing Tian is about to kill Yao Bing but Mu Chen appears and blocks the attack. Regaining a little bit of her consciousness, Qing Tian warns her sister to run away.

Meanwhile Jing Ci finally decides to wake up and join in on the 3D reality game. Poor 7th doesn't get in on the fun as she knocks him out. (7th Bro does eventually find his way into the woods too) Jing Ci finds Red Lady with ease and saves the unconscious 5th Bro. She reunites with Mu Chen, who’s carrying the unconscious Yao Bing. 7th Bro gets assigned the duty of bringing them back to the lodge.

5th Bro wakes up first and stares at Yao Bing sleeping next to him. He takes her hand and softly gazes at her even when 7th Bro comes in. Its official, he adores her.

They're not the only ones injured, Qin Lang suffered an injury after protecting Ran Ran and Ri Xuan got beaten up by Red Lady, which means there isn't anyone around to protect Ran Ran. In addition, Red Lady also stole the seed from Ri Xuan. Along with her mushroom, she completes the ritual to pass on the curse to Ran Ran. Now Ran Ran has inherited the Red Lady’s power and Red Lady (who was immortal) can finally die. A flood of memories of her and Ri Xuan comes rushing at her as if she's about to die.

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This is a huge chunk of recap and it’s also my least favourite arc in the drama. This part just showed how lazy the drama was to find a smarter way to recall everyone's past. It’s like ‘Hey! Let’s just put them all in one place and have them remember their own flashbacks.’ At the very least it’s over and done with. The only saving grace was the romantic development between Yao Bing and 5th Bro. They’re so cute!! Plus, Ri Xuan was getting way too repetitive with lines like ‘Don't forget me’, ‘She's the only one’. Yada yada yada. I have a soft spot for that stuff but the drama overdid it. Still, I would look forward to the beginning of their romance in the next few episodes. 

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