12 April 2015

Divorce Lawyers Episode 9

There's a new prominent player in the court and the case takes a new turn. But according to Shi Hai Dong, this person lacks a brain. 

Luo Li is on the phone with her Dad and advises him to never let Mom know he learned how to cook from “Xiao Qing”. However, their phone call gets interrupted by a scary looking Zheng Tian Ya at her door. She runs to the phone to call the police but Zheng Tian Ya forcefully grabs it away from her. Her futile attempts at throwing a cushion at him only riles in more threats from him; if he were to get arrested for this, he promises to harass her every day after he’s released from jail. The way he says it is actually quite scary. His threats come from his care for his lover, Wu Yi, who Luo Li scammed (or so he thinks).

Luo Li bursts out laughing at his idiocy for threatening her life. She explains his idiocy: firstly, she won’t be the last lawyer Xia Fang Cao will hire if she loses/dies (i.e. will he kill that lawyer too?); most importantly, he’s got two child’s future to consider before becoming a murderer.

Tears build up in Zheng Tian Ya’s eyes and now he’s on his knees. Right at this moment, Shi Hai Dong and Mom (who coincidentally met up outside) return home. Shi Hai Dong commands Zheng Tian Ya to retreat to his place while Mom misunderstood that the guy was proposing to her daughter.
I’m glad that this wasn’t Shi Hai Dong’s plan for Zheng Tian Ya to invade in her place. Shi Hai Dong comments on the large change in attitude from ferocity to inferiority while Zheng Tian Ya responds with: what’s bending and yielding to a man anyways?

Shi Hai Dong then comes up with a plan B: let’s beg Luo Li’s mom. Huh? Zheng Tian Ya then admits he thinks the Mom looks scary. Lol. Shi Hai Dong agrees that the Mom may look sharp but her brain’s dull. LOL.  

Meanwhile Wu Yi is settling the issue at Xia Fang Cao’s place; like husband like wife. However, she’s actually recording the entire conversation as she manages to make Xia Fang Cao admit that her first pot of gold (before their “divorce”) was earned by both her and Zheng Tian Ya. Wu Yi gets up to leave but doesn’t leave without making a winning comment at Xia Fang Cao: “The end of a loveless marriage isn’t the beginning of torment but of happiness. You should be thankful for my appearance, otherwise you would never have a taste of experiencing a man’s love. ” However, her words seem to have hit Gu Wei more than more than Xia Fang Cao when she asks her: “Would you rather start over with Zheng Tian Ya or spend your future with Gu Wei.” Because as long as Xia Fang Cao is unable to let go of her husband by negotiating the case, her and Gu Wei won’t be able to formally marry while Wu Yi and Zheng Tia Ya can’t officially announce their relationship either. Regardless, Xia Fang Cao doesn’t falter and declares she’s getting to the bottom of the case. This. Hurts Gu Wei.

Back at Luo Li’s place, Mom is throwing her slippers at Luo Li to reprimand her for convincing her client to proceed with a divorce when they could be negotiating. Mom agrees to negotiate because the two clients got a child to consider and taking the case to court is really unnecessary. She’s also angry with her daughter for making people divorce whilst receiving money. But your daughter’s gotta work, no? Plus, the clients will/have divorce/d with or without your daughter. However, Mom is indignant on settling the problem for (or against) her daughter and stalks off to Shi Hai Dong’s place to discuss how to negotiate.

And now Mom walks right into Shi Hai Dong’s trap. When she comments that it’s Zheng Tian Ya at fault first for hurting Xia Fang Cao, Shi Hai Dong’s a shoe-shiner and says: “Auntie is right.” Zheng Tian Ya picks up on this and agrees that “Li Mama is absolutely right”.  (Her last name is Li – this basically means that Luo Li’s name comes from her dad and mom’s last name.) Shi Hai Dong has only one line to repeat in this entire scene, “Auntie is right,” even when she says it’s unnecessary to hire lawyers – why waste money on lawyers when that money can go to the daughter who will take care of her father in the future anyways. I think this is where Shi Hai Dong’s expertise and experience shine: even in the face of an insult, he’ll (ungrudgingly) accept it to benefit his client. While Luo Li would haVe burst in rage.

Shi Hai Dong finally speaks other words as he reveals the reason for their failure to reach a settlement: Luo Li. Now Mom feels obligated to fix everything. He continues praising the Mom: “Luo is na├»ve, too young, if she was a tenth – no, make that a twentieth – like Mom, this case would have already settled peacefully.” By making her feel like she’s superior and compelled to guide her daughter on the right path, Mom is now fully committed to resolve this case. The next morning she heads to Xia Fang Cao’s house. This show is taking turns I never thought possible: getting the Mom, a former actress, to resolve a divorce case that two divorce lawyers cannot settle.

When Xia Fang Cao discovers the person ringing her doorbell is Luo Li’s mother, she warmly welcomes this stranger inside her home. Personally, I would feel afraid of being scammed.

Meanwhile, Luo Li drops a visit to Shi Hai Dong and warns him to not get her Mom involved in their work. Too late, Luo Li. However, Shi Hai Dong never reveals her mother’s whereabouts for this morning and instead distracts her with his paparazzi photo. I guess this is karma for her sneaking a photo of him from earlier. Lol. A lawyer at work, a lawyer at home – Shi Hai Dong snaps a photo of her entering the pharmacy and this is the evidence to her purchasing another pregnancy tester (since the one she bought remains with Shi Hai Dong).

At his threat of exposing everything to Mom, Luo Li friendly approaches Shi Hai Dong and addresses him “Lao Shi.” However, Shi Hai Dong’s immune to these tactics and within milliseconds, Luo Li threatens she’ll take him to hell if her Mom finds out, while still whispering sweetly near his ear. Ha. Shi Hai Dong then waits for the elevator like nothing happened. I sust noticed the second elevator must forever be in maintenance.

Back to Mom trying to convince the stubborn Xia Fang Cao. Her refusal to negotiate remains strong: “I can forgive anyone except Zheng Tian Ya”. But Mom says otherwise: “You don’t have to forgive anyone, but Zheng Tian Ya, you must.” Ou. I like that. That’s because this person is the father to their daughter. Mom may be too emotional but she can have logic too. She outlines the future for Xiao Fang Cao if she were to refuse to step back: Zheng Tian Ya may lose Wu Yi and end up old without anyone to care for him. Although he may deserve that, the one with the shorter end of the stick is their daughter, his only relative, because she’ll be obligated to care for her sick and fragile father.

A mother sure knows a mother best because now Xia Fang Cao is willing to negotiate but on one condition: Wu Yi must publically apologize to her.

Mom now updates Shi Hai Dong about the new condition and Zheng Tian Ya’s heart hurts for Wu Yi’s pride. However Wu Yi has is fully committed as long as she gets a guarantee that they’ll get their rightful money out of this. Zheng Tian Ya is even more in love with Wu Yi. I’d say she’d be a scarier woman than Xia Fang Cao when you want (but hopefully not) divorce her.

I would have skipped recapping this section if I didn’t like how Mom just comfortably sat in Shi Hai Dong’s seat in his office. Not anyone can do that. She was even happy to accept Shi Hai Dong’s invitation to visit his office once in a while after she commented how great the view is. Mom, I don’t want to admit it but your lack of persistency in your stance makes you two-faced. But I still like you, for now.

However, not all is swell because Luo Li comes in to notify them she’s nullified the negotiation talk with Xia Fang Cao. Back to square one?


To be honest, I’ve been stuck on episode 30 for the past week, which is probably why I’m very slow in recapping this. I seem to have lost quite a bit of interest but the earlier episodes of this series really do shine that when I replay it in attempting to recap it, I always end up finishing them with delight.

Mom right now is a darling in getting involved with everything because with her here Luo Li’s got something to fear otherwise poor Shi Hai Dong won’t have an advantage. Although I do believe Shi Hai Dong is capable at fending off Luo Li but he’s got a leveled head and I think he’s just too plain nice sometimes to hold a grudge against Luo Li. I can’t say the same for Luo Li, though. Heh.

However, I do realize that I’m not entirely rooting for the romantic chemistry between the OTP rather I like recapping the dialogue and new twists in this drama. This is more of a workout for my brain than for my superficial satisfaction. I did not mean to hint to this other show I’m recapping/reviewing. Ahem. ThereFOUR, I’m not guaranteeing that I will complete this project. 

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