11 January 2015

My Sunshine [何以笙箫默] Episode 2

Onto episode two! I haven't quite gained back on what I invested but I'm still having faith in this show. The OTP better not bail on me. 

Xiao Xiao is turning on her bitch-mode in full blast as she decides to ditch the photo shoot. Lu Yuan Feng tries to force her to stay by binding her to their contract which he throws at her but accidentally touches her chest. Xiao Xiao’s furious now and rips the contracts.

Each side is threatening to bring this to court and we find out that Xiao Xiao’s lawyer is none other than He Yi Chen. Xiao Xiao doesn't provide a proper reason for her suing Treasure (the company that Zhao Mo Sheng works for) and He Yi Chen’s response to that is threats of not being her lawyer next year. She doesn’t take the threat seriously and muses on the fact that just because she's not Zhao Mo Shen, she’s not getting special treatment from him. He redirects the topic back to the lawsuit to which Xiao Xiao finally gives a decent answer: she wasn't satisfied on how they switched out her normal photographer with a newbie. He Yi Chen pinpoints a clause in the contract that the photographer must have at least five years of experience. Apparently the clause doesn't include experiences outside of China. This gives Xiao Xiao an upper hand.

He Yi Chen originally wanted one of his other lawyers in charge of this case but after he sees the sticky note his secretary left him, he suddenly changes his mind. We zoom into the sticky note and it has the contact information of the photographer in charge of Xiao Xiao’s photo-shoot: Zhao Mo Sheng. He tells his secretary he wants to set up an appointment with her so that she can prove her experience as a photographer. Is that really all you want?

Zhao Mo Sheng arrives at Yuan Xuan He Law Firm and ponders whether the “He” belongs to He Yi Chen. She goes in, still wary of who the law firm belongs to, and finds out that there was never an appointment set up. After a few clarifications, the secretary tells her that the lawyer’s in an important meeting (they always are) and will see her at the café next door.

Back at the office, we realize there was no meeting and it was time to get off work already. (On a side note, that's some cool stair!) Zhao Mo Sheng is still waiting at the café and the sky gets darker and darker until not only is it nighttime, it starts pouring.

If he wasn’t him, he’d be a stalker in my books. Sitting in his car, He Yi Chen gazes at Zhao Mo Sheng in the café from afar. How long is this silent war going to last? Well, not until a while because he calls his secretary to pick up the information from her instead.

Music volume cue! She runs past his car looking for shelter as she heads home. He stays in his car probably glued down by his wounded heart. Oh, poor you.

He Yi Chen makes another phone call and this time it’s to cancel his trip to America completely because he has no plans in going back there at all. (Sorry, I probably got the first episode on this topic wrong!) Instead of going back home, he heads back to the office to review over Zhao Mo Sheng’s documents. If I didn’t know you better, I’d say you’re such a hard worker.

After seeing her name (probably written by Zhao Mo Sheng herself), he remembers a cute  banter they had: he asked her how could she write her name so ugly; she bickered back refusing the insult only to be retorted by him again; he finishes it off saying he can’t possibly bring her out (as a girlfriend) with that kind of writing. 

He continues to examine each picture when he recalls another conversation when they were studying in university. He was lecturing Zhao Mo Sheng for using only her ears to listen and not her heart. (There’s a difference really because if you don’t use your heart, it just goes one ear and out the other) Zhao Mo Sheng says it’s not necessary to study too hard because with him here, she can rely on him forever. He Yi Chen lingers on the thought of “forever”.

Zhao Mo Sheng returns to the office to find that everyone’s having an OT because they now have no cover page since Xiao Xiao bailed on them. The team leader blames it all on Xiao Xiao and reprimands both her attempts at finding a new coverpage and finding models to substitute. It’s not just the team leader but the whole team also blames her for angering their top model. Except Lu Yuan Feng.

He comforts her that he shares the blame too (dude, you totally are to blame) and their co-workers are actually really nice people. He then asks her if she regretted leaving everything in America. Nope, she doesn’t. It was her turn to question him and she asks where good take-out food was. She decides to treat everyone which just about dissipates the hate she’s getting until the team leader reprimands her again for not taking her work seriously.

But Zhao Mo Sheng doesn’t need to buy the hearts around her, she’s got enough people connection that she invited a famous foreign male model to be on their cover page. Team leader still has pooped face and doesn't compliment or even smile at her. She’s worried about the sales because they need to balance the cost it takes to hire the foreign model and whether their female audience will love seeing a half-naked white man on their cover. Really, you’re worried about that? Sorry ladies, I may not be one of them but it’s a consensus of the general female population.

Another Treasure employee, with her luggage and full make-up on, dashes up the stairs and the first thing she demands is the whereabouts of the male model. And here’s our perfect example of the general population of females. She’s Gu Xing Hong or Xiao Hong for short. Apparently, she ditched a meeting about a commercial deal from abroad just to see this male model. But I swear they only contacted the male model last night… Anyways, the team leader isn’t happy to see her either and goads her for being boy-crazy. She goes on to saying how she’s due to mature now after having at least 50 blind dates. Xiao Hong doesn’t back down at the insult but instead corrects her: Woman, I’ve had at least 80 blind dates. Team leader, get your facts straight puh-lease. Lol, well, I didn’t translate word for word but it’s the gist of it.  With that ridiculous comment, the team leader stomps off while the other three decide to have lunch together.

The team leader leaves them to have a lunch date with May. My, my, what a small world. May reveals that she helped the team leader arrange a meeting with her lawyer brother to talk about the lawsuit. I guess May doesn’t know his brother is the lawyer Treasure is up against. But it’s a small world indeed when our group of three bumps into the team leader again. So they all have to shop at the same supermarket and eat at the same restaurants, eh?

Our little puppy is happy to see his idol, May, again. Me thinks he’s upgraded from fanboy-ing to crushing on her. However, the attention is on Zhao Mo Sheng and May as they greet each other. Zhao Mo Sheng probably still thinks May is He Yi Chen’s girlfriend.

While that lunch date is going on, He Yi Chen and Xiao Xiao are having a tea party. He Yi Chen wants to confirm whether Xiao Xiao really wants to go through with the law suit to which she admits she wasn’t serious on suing Zhao Mo Sheng. The lawyer's got an are-you-kidding-face going on. She’s more interested on what Zhao Mo Sheng’s reaction was when she found out her lawyer was none other than He Yi Chen. She is sincerely disappointed when He Yi Chen reveals Zhao Mo Sheng doesn’t know the identity of her lawyer. Girl, I never disliked you in the first episode because I knew you were golden. I swear! Their conversation is cute because they’re like old friends teasing each other or rather it’s the girl’s that’s doing all the teasing.

The guy lies saying he never planned on personally handling this pea-sized case and our supermodel whines that there’s no fun in that. She thought he would go running to Zhao Mo Sheng once he finds out she was the photographer and comments that he’s changed. He stutters a teensy bit to attempt to change the topic. However, she continues to prod and asks why not clarify the misunderstanding between them because there clearly was one. Wait, so you knew that she had another reason? But the guy denies any existence of a misunderstanding.

I guess our bitchy supermodel can’t go up against a big time lawyer. Instead, she thinks to herself, out loud: “Oh what if Zhao mo Sheng leaves tomorrow, will our lawyer have to marry himself to his work forever? What a pity!”

He Yi Chen has enough of this and leaves for grocery shopping but all he buys is instant noodles. He passes by the stack of cans that Zhao Mo Sheng’s cart crashed into the other day. While he lingers there for a few seconds he takes out his phone (to check his schedule?) and leaves shortly after. He doesn’t realize that he’s dropped his wallet though.

Back to Zhao Mo Sheng’s side, they’ve all decided to eat lunch together. By now, they all know how the two ladies became acquainted to each other. May questions her why she left without a single word at the grocery store. Um, I thought it was you and your brother who left first? But Zhao Mo Sheng’s reply was that she probably didn’t see them. Okay, what-ever. The conversation continues between the two as the other people awkwardly sit there taking up space. May reveals that she saw his brother examining her works the other night and that’s when Zhao Mo Sheng realizes that Xiao Xiao’s lawyer is He Yi Chen. Okay, so May knew her brother’s working for the model but she asked him to help Treasure knowing that? Right. Okay. Whatever.


So that’s the end of this episode. Either I never paid attention to how they film shows but because this is my first recapping project, I felt that there wasn’t much of a budget given to this show other than signing on big names for the two main characters. The dialogues aren’t excellent. The scenes are mediocre. Screenshotting was hard because I couldn’t get everyone in the same shot when they were talking. I thought dramas shoot the same scene multiple times to get different angles? You know, at least have the reaction of people listening while the other is talking? There's barely any of that. I feel that this show was very lazy. They abused the coincidences. I don't know whether this is the fault of the drama or that's how it really is written in the novel but I hope it stops. I mean that last lunch scene was just awkward and irked me with all the forced conversations with the sole purpose of rolling the drama along. At this moment, I’d just wish the OTP would talk to each other already instead of this cold war because I'm barely hanging on here. 

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