29 May 2016

Oh Hae Young Again Episode 1 to 8 Highlight

Alternative Title: Another Miss Oh
Episodes: 18 (after 2 episode extension)

Oh Hae Young Again is tagged as a mystery romance. It has similar charms to Marriage, Not Dating, which isn’t surprising because they come from the same PD. The romance is between a woman who got dumped on the day before her wedding and a man who got dumped on the day of his wedding. You can always trust dramas to give us the heavenly matched couple.

(I'm finally ending my long Kdrama drought)

Park Do Kyung (Eric Moon)
Park Do Kyung (Eric Moon) is caught in between two women, both named Oh Hae Young: one of which screwed him over; the other one was screwed over by him. Our heroine played by Seo Hyun Jin is the one he screwed over.

[Unless otherwise stated, whenever I mention Oh Hae Young I’m referring to Seo Hyun Jin’s character who’s the underdog woman but she should really be called ‘modern superwoman’ because she’s a hero for all us normal girls.]

Oh Hae Young (Seo Hyun Jin)
Park Do Kyung sabotages Han Tae Jin’s (Lee Jae Yoon) business as an attempt to screw over Oh Hae Young’s (Park Hye Bin) marriage with him but fate has it he screwed over the wrong Oh Hae Young (Seo Hyun Jin).  As a result, Oh Hae Young is dumped by her fiancĂ© (Han Tae Jin) on the day before their marriage with the lousiest excuse ever: I can’t stand the sight of you eating anymore. My chin jutted out in disbelief (despite knowing that line was a jab at her character in Let’s Eat Season 2). I don’t know how I’ll ever eat normally again if the guy I almost married told me that…the trauma D:

Beyond the love story there’s a mysterious twist. Park Do Kyung is suddenly bestowed with the ability to envision the future. Initially the prophetic visions were random, pertaining to anyone, but gradually they all start to focus on Oh Hae Young, a girl he hadn’t known existed before the visions. When scenes of her in danger flashes in his head, he can’t help but worry over her.

Favourite Moments

Episode 2:

...you mean no one else dances like this? LOL. I am guilty of dancing to my hearts content too but maybe not to this selection of music and maaaaaybe a little less dramatic. 

And then her mom (Kim Mi Kyung) joins in. Like mother like daughter xD I never thought she would join in on the crazy. How can they have such different dancing styles and still be so incredibly in sync with each other and the music?

[I really love Kim Mi Kyung, the mom. She’s such an amazing actress. The roles she chooses have so much diversity. You might be surprised how many hit projects she’s participated in].

Hae Young breaks her arm and her nose but that’s only the beginning of her misfortunes:
This looks sad?
I'd say this is sad.

Episode 3:
Oh Hae Young ends up living right next to Park Do Kyung. Isn’t that just awesome? Dramas that have main characters living together usually rank high in my books.

Hae Young speaking so naturally to Do Kyung when she trespassed into his home and caught him half naked – most importantly, he’s half naked. How did she manage to hold such a long civilized conversation and NOT automatically react to that chest?

I really really admire how much Do Kyung values his career as a sound producer but I'd hate to work with him. I never knew sunlight had a sound… *shimmer shimmer* ???

[The other guy is Park Hoon (Heo Jung Min), Do Kyung's younger brother; he was also in Marriage, not Dating]

No safety patrols are brave enough to walk her home.
By the way, she normally looks like this:
She’s Park Soo Kyung (Ye Jin Won), Park Do Kyung’s noona and Hae Young’s superior at work. 

Do Kyung flying in (literally) like some amateur taekwondo master to fend off the creeper by pretending to be Hae Young's boyfriend. Then he pretends nothing is out of the ordinary, just chowing here. He also leaves his pair of shoes at her doorstep to prevent anymore creepers. (:

Episode 4:
Other than being a temporary prophet, Do Kyung is blessed with exceptional hearing which lets him know exactly what she’s doing on the other side just based on the sound she’s making. With that ability, it’s like they’re practically living together anyways. What door? However, I don’t think I want him to hear EVERYTHING, especially not when I’m on my toilet…

Doomsday arrives as Hae Young finally meets Park Soo Kyung in their neighbourhood. I was waiting for them to meet for so loooooong; I want some sisterly bond please! But she seems like a very, VERY scary sister-in-law, heh.

After enjoying the night scenery (with their ears), they eat together and Do Kyung compliments her: “You look pretty when you eat.” Awwww. It’s the perfect thing to say to her and he sounded so genuine (remember this guy doesn’t lie well). Uncomfortable in the abrupt romantic mood, he explains he was only undoing the wrong her ex-fiancĂ© committed. Hae Young, straightforward as ever, asks why he’s explaining and Do Kyung answers just as straightforward as her: “Because it seemed like you fell for me.” On a rare occasion, Hae Young turns shy and the only thing she can do is slurp up more noodles (with a tad too much enthusiasm). He’s like, no need to eat like that just because I complimented you. Heh, heh, heh. Then Hae Young glares at him, “it’s because I’m embarrassed.” She slams her empty bowl and leaves (while Do Kyung barely even ate his, lol).  I love how she’s so straightforward with him that it makes him straightforward with her too. xD

Episode 5:
This hug was executed to perfection. There’ll never be a logical answer as to why she threw herself at him but it’s a brilliant move nonetheless, one that makes them both aware of their feelings for each other, plus her little victory kick at the end was adorable. If only…

…her bra paddings didn’t fly out with her. LOL.

My favourite part about this scene though wasn’t the actual hugging or the embarrassing bra padding fiasco but it was Do Kyung having a serious laughing fit for the first time ever. Then poor Hae Young has to hear him laughing the entire night. LOL. Is anyone laughing with him like I am? He’s still laughing about it in the morning but at least he offers her a ride to the bus stop (and now she’s forced to hear him laughing throughout the entire car ride). At least she enjoys seeing him laugh.  

The leg-hip-grappling-hug makes another appearance when Hae Young wants to show off in front of the other Hae Young. I love how he listens to her absurd requests of twirling, haha.

FYI, that hug was inspired by Yoon Ahn Na (Heo Young Ji) who's Park Hoon's eccentric girlfriend. (This actress was a KARA member. I kind of pity her but seeing her efforts for this role makes me relieved)

Episode 6:
Do Kyung goes out of his way to celebrate Hae Young's 32nd birthday! He makes sure to get a cake and a present too~~

The best time to have a serious chat with God is when you’re doing some serious business on the toilet. 

According to Hae Young, that is. 

At least his accidental audio recording of her self-talking isn’t all pointlessly embarrassing. He shows he cares for her as he removes the furniture behind his door (i.e removing the barrier to his heart xD) after hearing her complain in the audio recording. He also gifts her an “old” lamp so she doesn’t walk into things when she needs to pee at night.

Episode 7:
Before the break of dawn, Hae Young's entire family is making lunchboxes for one particular person. No words need to be spoken for mom to understand whose it for.

Meanwhile Do Kyung is struggling with his pride – cool guys don’t bring lunchboxes to work. After one last contemplation, he screws that pride and takes the lunch with him. However, it’s another mission for him to share it with his coworkers xD.

Yeon Woo Jin cameos! He even gets his Marriage, Not Dating soundtrack. But what happened to his hair?

[FYI, there are tons of Marriage, Not Dating references, e.g. one of the scripts for a movie Do Kyung’s mom rejected was “Divorce, Not Marriage” and that title probably also links to his other drama, “Divorce Lawyers”. Personally, even the setup for Do Kyung’s visions reminds me of Marriage, Not Dating because that drama was brilliant at making previews for their episode. To me Do Kyung’s visions are more like spoilers and previews, it’s just his visions can be inserted at any given moment in the drama.]

Meditating on the toilet can give you ultimate tranquility.

The punishment of wearing boxers in front of this woman is that you’ll get gloriously flashed by her.

Episode 8:
I just want these two together for the fun and the hilarious. By the way, that shabby looking figure on the right is Park Soo Kyung.

This family, lol.

Having seen so many Kdrama rom-coms I really feel like I've seen all the possible scenarios, now things just feel over-exaggerated. However, for this drama I'm just in love with all the characters, especially Seo Hyun Jin's Oh Hae Young. Other ladies in this drama are also exceptional. 

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