8 April 2016

Current Drama Status - April 2016

What I've been watching. 
Dramas are listed in alphabetical order.

Chinese Hero Zhao Zi Long (C)

I am not watching this.

Descendants of the Sun (K)

I’m on Episode 1 and am still on Episode 1. This amazing drama that everyone’s been singing their praises for has failed to capture my interest. I don’t know. The hype scares me, I think. I’m waiting for the final verdict before I really delve into this drama because my past tells me watching ongoing Kdramas, especially those hyped ones, can really leave one bitter. Examples: Reply lost its direction in the middle and Cheese was a drama that had more drama outside the drama than the drama itself.

Narimiya Hiroki
Jin Goo
I like all the characters in Sun, with the exception of Song Hye Kyo. I can’t give you an exact reason but every time I think of her I see an emotionless face. As for Jin Goo, I like him but I don't know why; I’ve never completed any of his projects but he gives off the impression that he’s a great actor. Maybe it’s because he reminds me of Narimiya Hiroki (37.5°C no Namida). And I loved Kim Ji Won since her days in High Kick!

Go! Goal! Fighting! (C)

This is the most recent C drama I’m most up to date with. It’s such a breeze to watch.

But what a generic title for a drama that’s starring Hu Ge. The direct translation of the Chinese title should be ‘The Whirlwind 11 Guys’ which may remind you of ‘The Whirlwind Girl’ but instead of focusing on martial arts, this drama is about soccer or your football. There are certainly comparisons to be made with these two dramas. They’re both about sport and idol romances but this doesn't have crazy moves instead it focuses more on teamwork and with 11 guys, there's quite a few romantic possibilities and don't forget, Hu Ge's got his love line too.

There's a lot of characters in this drama but Hu Ge steals the show. He’s pretty awesome at being funny. Episode 10 had me laughing a whole lot. Other characters in the drama are alright but I think they spent all the money on hiring Hu Ge such that none of the "idols" look remotely good. I swear I’m not being picky. Their acting is uhhh-alright. I do love the beginning of sport drama where they’re recruiting players and discovering each of their strengths. As for the romantic development, I like where I’m at (which is Episode 15).

Initiation Love (Jmovie)

It stars Matsuda Shota (Liar Game), Maeda Atsuko (Kasuka na Kanojo), and Kimura Fumino (Siren – she’s so pretty in this move, why’d she have those awkward bangs in Siren!) in a rom-com with a twist.

I read a lot of comments about how amazing the ending was and let’s just say I got my hopes up way too high. Don't get me wrong, it was clever but it wasn’t that amazing. I guess I don’t like the feeling of being fooled. Still, this movie entertained me thoroughly.

Kazoku no Katachi [Family’s Form] (J)

Also known as Family's Form. For those of you who know Chinese or Japanese characters, the subway handle thing they're all holding above their head is actually the top part of the word "family" () and hence the significance of the title.

With the cast it has this drama could have been better. The story, though, has a huge flaw. I absolutely could not relate to the main character's persistence on being alone for the rest of his life. It makes no sense to me. It’s like the opposite of Love That Makes You Cry.

However, I did finish this drama. There were moments it shined.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon (J)

Ahem. Did you know this existed? And did you know Kitagawa Keiko (HERO 2, Akumu-Chan) stars in this as Sailor Mars? So many have commented how decent this drama actually is which motivated me to watch the first three episodes but then that's about all I could watch. I get goosebumps every time they shout and transform. I don't think I can handle another forty episodes of it, heh. It's a nice memory though xD.

Princess JieYou (C)

I’m on Episode 17. I don’t think I want to recap this because it’s hampering my watching experience. But that’s not the only thing bogging the drama down. It’s not that it’s bad, it’s just this pattern in me. The sooner the main OTP acknowledge they love each other, the sooner I lose interest in the drama. But I do intend to finish this because I still like this drama very much.

Refresh Man (T)

I have a soft spot for Aaron Yan. 

The Stalker (C)

There's probably barely any international fan who knows of this drama's existence, which actually makes me feel proud that I may have discovered a gem all by myself. I had meant to watch this much earlier as something in the background but then Episode 4 suddenly caught my attention and I knew I had to start over again and watch it more attentively otherwise I would have no idea what the story was about.  It was the romance bit that caught my attention by the way. ^^” However, the actual plot aside from the romance is definitely the richer part of this drama. It’s set in the Republican era about and underdog team on a secret mission. 

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