10 June 2015

Murphy’s Law of Love Episode 12

Sorry, this recap came out really late but that also speaks to how much I loved this episode. Basically, Zhi Yu finally gets in the way. This might be a quicker read than usual.

Jia Wei visits Xiao Lin in the hospital and that’s where he learns of Zhi Yu’s fear of driving. Suddenly, Xiao Lin’s condition worsens and so Jia Wei calls in a random doctor that just so happens to pass by: Kai Wen. And the two men finally meet. But nothing happens. Xiao Lin’s okay.

Guan Xiao Tong’s at Jia Wei’s place. She’s still mulling over Zhi Yu’s case. Apparently it’s a really hard case to crack. Jia Wei distracts her by tempting her with cherries. She uses her hand to fetch them but…

Ji Jia Wei: Who said to use your hands?
And so she uses her mouth.

Since he hates seeing her stressed out, he takes her note on Zhi Yu and examines them. Confidentiality? Forget that. He learns that this patient has gotten into a car accident and on top of that, she has never told anyone about her traumatizing accident, including her boyfriend. Jia Wei offers a brilliant solution: Get the boyfriend to help. Brilliant! Why didn’t I think of that! <- This is Xiao Tong’s exact expression. She’s delighted with Jia Wei’s help and admits to getting a tad rusty as a psychologist. Still, she’s happy to reveal that her psychologist buddy had offered her a post in the hospital. Jia Wei slams that thought away. He spins out a bunch of (il)logical explanations but, really, he just wants to eat lunch with her everyday.

Xiao Tong smiles at his eagerness to keep her close to him. Patting his head, Xiao Tong tells him, “Since I fed you a cherry, it’s time I feed Polo now.” Jia Wei gets treated like a dog but maybe that’s a sweet little revenge from Xiao Tong’s for making her pat her own head when he was on an overseas trip two episodes back. Polo obediently beckons to Xiao Tong’s bracelet call (but am I the only one who thinks it’s a redundant to ring the bracelet AND call Polo’s name?).

Jia Wei is clearly not pleased to be treated like Polo.
Jia Wei: Come here.
Beckoning to his call, Xiao Tong walks over.
Jia Wei: I was calling Polo, not you. Ha – Ha – Ha. (Please pronounce each subsequent “Ha” an octave higher than its predecessor)
Jia Wei speaks to Polo this time: Others (i.e. Xiao Tong) ring a bracelet but I just need to say “Come here,” and two will come.

To get back at Jia Wei, Xiao Tong tries to neglect him by squeezing in the seat between him and Polo (i.e. attempting to separate Jia Wei from Polo) but sitting that close to Jia Wei actually spikes up his hormones. Coolly and suavely, he dramatically extends his hands, taps her shoulders, and swoosh, she’s lying against his arm now.

The next day means life or death to Jia Wei: he's finally meeting Xiao Tong’s parents. He’s having the jitters but he sticks to the 5 Do’s and Don’ts list from last week’s episode, so how can anything go wrong?

First he breaks the rule of addressing Mom as Auntie. Then he grabs onto Xiao Tong’s hands out of nervousness but realizes this may look like flirting so he immediately retracts his hand. Now he gives them a present. Mom worries the present may be too expensive, which he declines. Recognizing he might have broken another rule, Jia Wei brushes it up, “But the present wasn’t cheap either.” Lol. Xiao Tong gives a helping hand to clarify what matters isn’t the price but the sincerity.

After they send the parents in first, Xiao Tong confronts Jia Wei whether he’s read that ridiculous list of the 5 Do’s and Don’ts. Despite vehemently denying the truth, Jia Wei gets caught red-handed when Xiao Tong finds his cheat sheet detailing each Do’s and Don’ts.  Even after finding that note though, she doesn’t expose him and lets him dive deeper in hell: he attempts flattery. He compliments mom’s burning hot tea as the most delicious tea he’s ever drank in his lifetime. What a winner.

Their meeting continues to turn sour as Mom keeps asking the wrong question (e.g. what his parents does), triggering Jia Wei’s sad memories of his mom. Luckily, Dad saves the dreaded atmosphere by dragging Jia Wei out with him to buy beer.

I completely forgot about the brooch! Jia Wei uses this to ease Dad’s worries about entrusting his precious daughter to the wrong guy (again). Jia Wei assures him that he’ll treasure her. From their first encounter, he was able to sense from her how beautiful a family can be, a notion he could never embrace. Touched by Jia Wei’s words about his daughter’s loveliness, Dad seems to approve of this future son-in-law. One down, one more to go.

After lunch is over, Xiao Tong walks Jia Wei to his car and apologizes for reminding him of his mom. Instead, he thanks her for letting him feel the warmth of a loving family. At ease now, she returns her gratitude for his sincerity he treated her and her family with. She thanks him this way:

A forehead kiss that completely topples over Jia Wei’s senses.

Later that day, Xiao Tong needs to do her radio show (she’s the honourary guest) while Jia Wei helps her send an analysis of Zhi Yu’s case to the hospital. It’s there that he spots Zhi Yu heading in for what seems like a psychological consultation. Jia Wei tries to go in after her but is stopped by Kai Wen. Apparently, the show cares about confidentiality now, thus forcing Jia Wei to leave.  However, he returns shortly after realizing that the patient Xiao Tong was analyzing is indeed Zhi Yu. Slowly, he opens that door to her consultation room and overhears Zhi Yu’s side of the story. Yeah, let’s completely disregard confidentiality now. Boo. Life sucks for her. Moving on now.

At this moment, Xiao Tong’s radio show is making a call out to her boyfriend (which was pre-planned). However, Jia Wei is still coping with the shocking truth from Zhi Yu, so he completely forgets about the pre-planned call. Meanwhile Mom and Dad were listening to the radio and when Mom realizes Jia Wei ditched Xiao Tong on her show, she’s furious and turns off the radio. I guess this “one more to go” isn’t going to go.

After the radio broadcast was over, Xiao Tong waits for Jia Wei to pick her up, still keeping her hopes up. However, he’s terribly late. Turns out he’s playing cycle polo and reflect on his past with Zhi Yu, completely forgetting about Xiao Tong. 

Xiao Tong is still hanging on that thread of hope as she’s waiting for Jia Wei. Seeing the director exit, she rushes to him and apologizes. However, he refuses to listen because time is money and not to be wasted on listening to apologies. He gets in his car and would have left if he hadn't swiped Zi Yan’s car. Or more like Zi Yan made the director hit his car. Only rich people can do that… Zi Yan smoothly gets out of his car and stands in his boss pose (like mother like son). His presence is enough to make the director grovel. Being technically in the wrong, the director attempts to apologize but Zi Yan declares that if the director wants forgiveness, he’ll have to listen to Xiao Tong’s apology first. The director submits to Zi Yan’s demands.

Murphy’s Law of Love #9: When you want to find someone, using all your resources, you still won’t find that someone. WOW. Show, did you listen to my complaint last week? I swear you were done with these laws despite your title.

Meanwhile Jia Wei finally realizes he’s neglected Xiao Tong and sets out to find her but he can’t because his phone died. For that same reason, Xiao Tong also can’t find Jia Wei no matter how many times she calls or who she calls. Xiao Tong also seems to have a new dog now: Zi Yan. He’s obediently tagging behind her.

♦ ♦ ♦ Comments ♦ ♦ ♦

Drama, you’re treating me like a five-year old child with Xiao Tong being such a dumb psychologist. And that forehead kiss gave me nothing. SETTV really need to step up their game in moving their plot and romances. I’m waning here. I feel like the drama has already hit its peak and the only way to go now is down. I wish I had watched this when it had completely finished airing so I can skip the boring parts. 

Anyways, I would have felt sadder for Zhi Yu if the drama hadn’t been force feeding me her gloomy but same story constantly for the past few episodes. I do like her refusal to be pitied but her refusal to be treated (for the reason of not being able to regain Jia Wei’s love either way) would still make Jia Wei unable to leave her. Sigh. Can someone please tell me what I can look forward to for the upcoming episodes?

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