30 May 2015

Murphy’s Law of Love Episode 11

So far the exes prove to be zero threat to our couple.

Guan Xiao Tong dearly misses Ji Jia Wei because he hasn’t called or texted her the entire day. Meanwhile Ji Jia Wei’s pulling all-nighters just to get back a few days earlier. Of course Guan Xiao Tong is oblivious to that and secretly worries about her boyfriend’s possible encounter with his ex. And her friends are definitely not helping her calm down. Her worries have finally manifested into hallucinations.

Imaginary Ji Jia Wei complains about all there is to Guan Xiao Tong, mostly pertaining to her cooking skills, I mean her lack of cooking skills and her height (well, her lack of height). This show really loves teasing her about her height. Ji Jia Wei whines that her short stature has led to hip problems from that head-to-shoulder move. LOL. Yeah, blame the girl for standing there. Xiao Tong should just feign shoulder pain because of his rock like head. He goes back to holding the imaginary Zhi Yu and sighs in relief at how right her height is. Isn’t Danson Tang lucky to have both girls in his arms at his whim? Her hallucinations finally end with Polo’s bark.

The next day Guan Xiao Tong meets up with her psychologist friend whom she used to work with; the woman needs help with a certain case. It turns out Kai Wen is also involved with that patient. Hm, I wonder who that patient could be. Anyways, Xiao Tong and Kai Wen enjoy a little small talk. We learn that Kai Wen’s not married. But that’s the least bit important to Xiao Tong because she’s completely over him. Since they’re simply friends now, she’s no longer shy to reveal that she never liked coffee; she only drank it because he loved it. Kai Wen was completely unaware of it but at least he notes one relevant and true thing about her: Guan Xiao Tong always considers herself last. And this problem still exists with Ji Jia Wei: she doesn’t put her feelings (e.g. jealousy) first, instead she’ll always considers Ji Jia Wei and his circumstances. That night, she considers whether to confide in Ji Jia Wei about meeting her ex but decides against it because knowing him, he would rush back for something petty like this.

Over at Ji Jia Wei’s, he’s overworking his buddies just to get home sooner. He’s also overworking himself to the point that he’s getting sick. Zhi Yu spots him ordering in food to burn that midnight oil and worries for him. However, upon seeing him she’s quick to dodge. Why are you dodging girl? Ji Jia Wei and Guan Xiao Tong shippers definitely love you for not butting your way in (yet). But somewhere in me feels bad for her. I get that he’s working this hard just to see Xiao Tong earlier but forgetting to contact her while he’s busy... seems like he’s got his logic on backwards. 

Thinking of her (and thinking it’s too late to call her) he goes to the ocean. Ji Jia Wei thinks of a brilliant solution to bring the ocean to her: record it. That would make me feel more jealous about not actually being there. Anyways, the recording gets a little sweeter as Ji Jia Wei records his voice into it: “I heard there was someone that really wanted to see the ocean.” And then he whispers something into the recording that the audience (i.e. us) cannot hear. That’s not fair. Before leaving, he’s spotted by Zhi Yu once again. Seeing her, he wants to leave. However, within that short time frame, Zhi Yu immediately knows that Jia Wei is sick. She even makes a call to Xiao Zhang to update him of this news and reminds him that Jia Wei will need this special lemon ginger tea to recuperate. She also cautions Xiao Zhang not to let Jia Wei know she called.

He almost looks like he's got a bowl cut.
Jia Wei’s home but Xiao Tong doesn’t know he’s home home. So when Jia Wei’s lies asleep on his bed, she's delightfully surprised. Naturally, she goes to wake him up only to find him feverish. She gets frantic. Isn’t she a doctor? Why’s she so panicky? I guess love conquers all especially knowledge. She prepares everything for him and even decides to wipe him down. She’s definitely ecstatic to wipe his chest. And our boy regains his (partial) consciousness right when she’s harassing him wiping his sweat but he blackouts the next second.  Xiao Tong also gets a helpful tip from Xin Xin who got it from Xiao Zhang (who got it from Zhi Yu but no one knows about that yet) about a magical drink that will definitely cure Jia Wei. Yeah, it’s the lemon ginger tea.

Feeling better, Jia Wei gets up from bed and exclaims at how late it is. He thinks he’s missed his chance at seeing his lovely girlfriend but he’ll soon be walking on clouds as he sees the breakfast she prepared for him. He’s touched alright but the next second he gets grumpy at her for leaving especially without a sticky note. Sticky note are soooo important. How dare you, Guan Xiao Tong. Anyways, she was only walking the dog. Seeing her right in front of him, he gets rather giddy but its subtle giddiness. As Guan Xiao Tong is busily fumbling in the kitchen, he gives her his favourite back hug. At some angles, he looks like he kisses her head.

Ji Jia Wei: I’m finally home.
Guan Xiao Tong: Welcome home.

During breakfast, it takes her a while to confess she met her ex-boyfriend. She first tells him how much she missed him. For once she’s being directly obvious to him but he takes the roundabout way; he proclaims he came back early just to see Polo. There really isn’t a need for Xiao Tong to bother clarifying this point. Instead, she teases him for getting so worried about “work” that he’s gotten himself a fever.

However, Ji Jia Wei shyly reveals to her: I think getting this fever was worth it. (Omg, where have I heard this recently… KIMI QIAO)

The face of someone feigning sickness.
He likes the idea of having breakfast prepared for him (but I honestly think he’d be the one in charge of the cooking) and most importantly just that feeling of having another person at home makes him feel all warm inside. However, this makes him recall the absence of his mom when he was sick as a child. Knowing she stepped on his trigger, she quickly distracts him with her first (?) form of physical intimacy. She reaches for his face to feel for his temperature. She definitely got touchier after touching his chest, lol. I like how she continuously touches him like its nothing while he’s jerking at her touches. Gathering back his senses, he clarifies he’s definitely not better so he’ll need tons of care from her.

After comforting him that she’s taken a half day off just for him, she finally reveals the bombshell news: she had coffee with her ex. And being the smart psychologist she is, she immediately comforts him by making him promise that the next time he’s sick, she’ll be the one to bring him to the doctors. Someone swoons. He even has to lie on the bed.

Actually, he’s just there waiting for Guan Xiao Tong to serve him medicine. He teases her first with asking how his bed was, then whether she sneakily went under his blankets (to wipe his sweat). Having enough with this nonsense, she’s about to leave but Jia Wei pulls her back onto his bed.

No, things don’t get sexy here.

Ji Jia Wei reveals the voice recording he made for her and we hear the last bit of it: “I’m looking at the ocean right now. It feel very clam and peaceful, like I’m being comforted. It’s just like how it feels when you’re next to me.”

Getting up, Ji Jia Wei hangs his arm around her and tells her: Guan Xiao Tong, the ocean has arrived.

Literally. Now they both hallucinate imagine they’re by the ocean.

But their family isn’t complete without Polo. Xiao Tong wriggles her bracelet and obediently Polo comes running in. Xiao Tong comments that Polo likes hearing “the sound of ‘together, we walk.’” Ji Jia Wei is completely impressed. Aw, now the family is complete.

So about that lemon ginger tea. Xiao Tong does make it for him but this actually angers him. That anger, however, is directed at Zhi Yu. Huh, so this lemon ginger tea is something that only Zhi Yu knows about. He thought she said something unnecessary towards Xiao Tong and lashes out at Zhi Yu when she calls. On Zhi Yu’s end, she’s crying. Kai Wen comes to comfort her. Yeah, there isn't a doubt that he likes her. And it turns out that the case that Xiao Tong is helping her psychologist buddy with is Zhi Yu’s but Xiao Tong doesn’t know this yet. According to Xiao Tong’s diagnosis, Zhi Yu isn’t willing to face her past. Her grand solution is for Zhi Yu is to express it in a letter that she will write to herself. When Kai Wen hears of this solution, he’s relieved, like, “Why didn’t I think of that!”

When Xiao Tong finally returns home after her stay at a “friend’s” home, Dad, who’s suspicious of what kind of friend is this “friend”, tries to start an awkward conversation about love and sex. Which doesn’t go over so well. But we are guaranteed a parent interview with Dad and Mom vs. Ji Jia Wei. Somehow the main character is the last one to know of this shocking news. Poor Ji Jia Wei, he’s got no excuse out of this. I’d like to point out he’s more nervous about going than detesting the idea of seeing her parents (because I certainly got confused as his immediate refusal to see her parents).

Since this show has Dr. Love in it, obviously there needs to be some love related advice, so here are the Do’s and Don’ts of First Meeting with Parents:
  • Don’t look at your watch – because that’s disrespectful to the parents.
  • Don’t flirt in front of the parents – because that makes you look shallow.
    • But this one is okay-ed by Guan Xiao Tong because her parents would be delighted if the guy blatantly loves their daughter.
  • Don’t address Dad and Mom as Uncle and Aunty – because that makes them too old. (Unlike English, Chinese has a laundry list of titles to address older people, some come off older and others come off younger. Must be nice to get away with "Aunty" for everything...)
  • Do buy a present – but it must not to be too cheap or too expensive.
  • Do flatter at all times (Siwon calls Jia Wei a weakling when it comes to flattery which explains Ji Jia Wei’s ferocious expression above).
    • But Guan Xiao Tong’s parents hate this.

Initially Ji Jia Wei pretends to be indifferent about this senseless list but he’s diligently jotting down all the rules as he eavesdrops on the side.

♦ ♦ ♦ Preview ♦ ♦ ♦

Episode 12’s Preview spells disaster for Ji Jia Wei’s first meeting with her parents. We also dwell into Zhi Yu’s past a bit more as everyone starts realizing something’s wrong with Zhi Yu: she’s got a trauma for driving. There was also this scene where Guan Xiao Tong reveals details of her case to Jia Wei… What happened to patient confidentiality?!

♦ ♦ ♦ Comment ♦ ♦ ♦

I feel like this drama was made to round up all the corny lines. Anyways I really do miss the Murphy’s Laws. Show, did you forget your Title? It was those laws that hooked me to this drama and right when I start recapping, the laws have waned to nothing-ness. Why are you doing this to me?

And I just like to comment on this picture:

I’m suddenly reminded of the Emperor of the Night. Any of you guys Skip Beat! fans? :D Obviously my Ren is better. Ahem. But hey the resemblance was there with that trademark 45o elbow-propped gaze and that night navy coloured shirt unbuttoned right down to his chest. Here’s the real Ren. Lol.


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