August 20, 2021

One and Only | Recap and Review

A general who cannot marry is in love with his disciple. 
Notable Actors/Actresses
Ren Jia LunZhou Sheng Chen 
Bai LuCui Shi Yi 
Chinese Title
Network: iQiyi
Episodes: 24
Recap Grade: B/C

First Impression: 3.5/5

Sequel: Forever and Ever

Mini Recaps

[Ep1] After Cui Shi Yi's father leaves the family, Cui Shi Yi loses her voice. Meanwhile Zhou Sheng Chen, although a prince, he’s more of a general battling at the borders. He returns to the palace for the first time in a long time because of the passing of his brother, the Emperor. Zhou Sheng Chen is a threat to the current Emperor (6yo) and so he makes a vow to never marry and to never have offspring. Therefore, he will never be a threat to the throne.  

[Ep2] Liu Zi Xing is appointed to be the Crown Prince. He's the Emperor's older brother. (Cui Shi Yi is engaged to him. She is to marry the Crown Prince because Cui Family is a family that raises Empresses). 
Cui Shi Yi is to become Zhou Sheng Chen's disciple while her cousin (Cui Feng) is to be his soldier. Cui Family wants the support of Zhou Sheng Chen. He may not be in line for the throne, but he has power. Cui Shi Yi watches him from afar, commanding thousands of soldiers with the simplest motions but the aura of a grand general. Is it love at first sight for Cui Shi Yi?

He will call her "Shi Yi" as in "Eleven" (her real name doesn't mean 11) because technically, she is his eleventh disciple. Zhou Sheng Chen takes her around the manor since it's her first time here. Just these two walking across the manor had me smiling. The music, the scenery, their composure ~. he also gives her access to his library since she likes it so much.

By the way, she calls him shifu which in translation means Master or Teacher, and frankly, I like neither, so I'll stick with the pinyin
The next morning, Shi Yi seeks her shifu to give him her greetings. 
In the morning. 
And at twilight. 

Zhou Sheng Chen: You have to bow to me everyday? Must it be morning and twilight? Can't we do one less? Ha!

Nope, the maid says. 

Zhou Sheng Chen asks if there's any more (ridiculous) rules.  The maid tells him things like Cui Shi Yi cannot sit and even if shifu lets her sit, she cannot sit, unless shifu asks her three times, then she can sit. Pft. Although Zhou Sheng Chen is Prince of Nan Chen, he never abides by these palace rules. He lived freely at the borders. Therefore, we're going by his rules. 

Cui Shi Yi asks Zhou Sheng Chen to be taught because she's here to learn from him but he admits he doesn't know how to teach her. She's his first official disciple. The ten disciples before her are orphans he adopted. The maid clarifies that Cui Shi Yi can learn anything except fighting. Uhhhh, her shifu is a general? The other disciples laugh. Well then, Zhou Sheng Chen will teach her qin. 
[Ep3] Zhou Sheng Chen is amused with Shi Yi who's sleeping and smiling in her dream. He wonders what she could be dreaming of. Then she falls asleep and drops onto his lap. Zhou Sheng Chen's militarist (Xie Chong) awkwardly leaves.
Zhou Sheng Chen uses a blanket to carry Shi Yi so that he doesn't touch her. Curious disciples are watching and one of them explains it's because of 男女授受不親 (a woman and man cannot touch to keep the woman pure). 

The next morning, the maid anxiously tells Shi Yi of her disgrace. How could she fall asleep and let her shifu carry her? And so Cui Shi Yi locks herself up in the room. She won't eat and is copying her manuscript. Zhou Sheng Chen visits her. 

Shi Yi: Shifu. It is my fault.
Zhou Sheng Chen: Shifu forgives you. I love how he's entertaining her and going by her rules. He wasn't even mad

However, she can't be lenient on herself, she must remember this. Zhou Sheng Chen becomes stricter, Others are worried for you. Isn't it better to go out and open your eyes to the world than narrowing your vision by copying the same thing over and over again? Shi Yi smiles and understands. 

Palace Stuff. Whenever the Emperor is wrong, Grand Empress Dowager punishes Crown Prince. The Crown Price cannot compete nor steal nor seize nor desire. It is the only way he can survive. 
It's almost Shi Yi's birthday. It's his first time celebrating a birthday. He gives her a scroll – proof of his battles. He tells her every year will be like this. Every year he will celebrate her birthday with her, eh? Shi Yi will cherish it because it's all his achievements for the nation's citizens. She promises to herself that she will protect it with her life. 

In the library, Shi Yi writes a poem but she forgets the second line. Zhou Sheng Chen helps her fill in: 


The woman's beauty is offered / The man's soul is taken / Affinity between one another / The heart is overturned 

My understanding is the man's soul is struck by her beauty and the two fall in love. Also, heads up, I'm going to fail at translating these. If anyone out there has better translations, please correct me

As she recites the line using sign language, she realizes the meaning and hesitates to finish. Zhou Sheng Chen is visiting her to tell her he's leaving for a battle. She grabs onto his arm to stop him from leaving. Taking his hand, she writes that she wants a victory report, a letter from him that he's won the battle. He promises. In fact, there will only be victory reports from him. 

Years pass by. 

Zhou Sheng Chen is rather forgetful but there's one thing he always remembers. He only writes her victory reports. And Shi Yi can speak a little! She can attempt to say shifu in a soft whisper.

It's another battle. He's back but at the base because he's injured (from a poisonous arrow). Worried, she visits him at the base. This is the first time they've seen each other for 19 months. She's emotional and teary, but remains composed. He's slightly taken back as he scans her – Shi Yi is all grown up"The woman's beauty is offered / The man's soul is taken / Affinity between one another / The heart is overturned". Ahhh~ this is the poem that describes his expression!! 

Shi Yi guards Zhou Sheng Chen at night. She makes a mental correction. It hasn't been 19 months yet. She was counting – there's two more days. She smiles and watches him sleep. Then she practices calling "shifu" again. Once she's better at it, she promises to herself she'll give him a proper greeting (another one of his favourite bows? Lol). Sensing a chilly draft, Shi Yi quickly runs to close the gap in the tent. Zhou Sheng Chen opens his eyes. He's awake! I was just thinking how can this guy fall asleep when someone is staring at him like that. He heard her say shifu!

[Ep4] The next morning, Zhou Sheng Chen awkwardly finds Shi Yi sleeping at his bedside. Flustered? A bit. 

Feng Qiao (shi-jie) is worried that Shi Yi is at the base. Shi Yi droops and tugs onto Zhou Sheng Chen's sleeve, pleading with him to explain for her. He totally can, but he's letting her be reprimanded. Ah, it seems like everyone cherishes Shi Yi. 

A prince from Nanxiao (Xiao Yan) is at a temple to become a monk. Feng Qiao keeps him hostage thinking he's a danger. Xiao Yan's followers protect him and a fight breaks out between his followers and Zhou Sheng Chen. Shi Yi finds a sword on the ground, "Shifu! Sword!" Zhou Sheng Chen catches it and with just one healthy arm, he single-handedly takes them down. After they're all safe, Zhou Sheng Chen explains Xiao Yan most likely means no harm. He was a well respected prince but for some reason he started secluding himself. 
Shi Yi properly greets Zhou Sheng Chen. She's speaking ~ Zhou Sheng Chen is dazed. The man's soul is taken. He forgets to reply. A disciple fills in that shifu is already elated that she can speak, the bow wasn't necessary at all. Our Zhou Sheng Chen is still silently staring at Shi Yi. 

The marriage with the Crown Prince is looming. He will be at the manor to visit Shi Yi. Zhou Sheng Chen packs his bag to give the two some space. But he didn't tell Shi Yi in advance. It's also her birthday soon. He leaves the manor without turning around. Xie Chong explains that to not turn around is to not long for what he's left behind and that way he can fearlessly face death (if need be). Despite his cold departure, he left behind a warm gift. He had her present prepared already. It's all sorts of tea. Shi Yi remembers in the past she was punished by Zhou Sheng Chen for pouring away good tea.

Palace Stuff. The Grand Empress Dowager is grounded/imprisoned by Zhao Teng. He’s a minister who is manipulating the Emperor. Crown Prince offers to help Empress Dowager, but he wants the throne. 

[Ep5] The Crown Prince is here but his real motive is to visit Zhou Sheng Chen. Although, it seems, he is smitten with Shi Yi. Once they all meet, Zhou Sheng Chen immediately notices her injury (from spilled hot tea). The Crown Prince also notices the relationship between Zhou Sheng Chen and Shi Yi ain't simple. 

Shi Yi is drunk and sleep-talks her nightmare which is about Zhou Sheng Chen being at another battle and there's no letter from him. 

Shi Yi: What if shifu dies? I don't even know where to find him. 
Zhou Sheng Chen: Shifu doesn't want you to find him. Where he dies is where he will be buried. 
Shi Yi wasn't sleeping: [...] Why won't you let me find you?
Zhou Sheng Chen: When one dies, what he leaves behind is all empty. Even if you find him, see him, all that's left is sadness. There's nothing else.
Shi Yi releases her grip on his clothes to let him leave and cries in bed (on her birthday)

Hong Xiao Yu (the one who likes Cui Feng) tells Shi Yi of Zhou Sheng Chen's past. At a young age (like 10?) he's leading an army to battles. The Emperor gave him the bare minimum soldiers. Zhou Sheng Chen survived all on his own. She and her brother admired him and applied to be in his army. 

(The age Zhou Sheng Chen left for the army is the age Shi Yi entered his manor. While she was crying at her mother leaving, he was already battling on the field.) 

[Ep6] Zhou Sheng Chen provokes Xiao Yan to show his battle skills. His first opponent is Feng Qiao but she's no match. Zhou Sheng Chen is the second opponent. He takes off his robe and flies to the stage. (Notice he gives the robe to Shi Yi). Zhou Sheng Chen wins. 

Zhou Sheng Chen takes Shi Yi to a new temple. She wants to name it Qinglong Temple. She was told that when her father abandoned her family, he went to “Qinglong Temple” but it doesn’t actually exist. After hearing her story, Zhou Sheng Chen names it Qinglong Temple. 

Xiao Yan’s background is complicated. His father killed his real father and seized his mother. He’s disgusted at himself that he has been treating this man as his father. And so he fled to the country of his heritage. Uh so he's in the same bloodline with Zhou Sheng Chen?

Crown Prince informs Zhou Sheng Chen that the Emperor is in danger. He’s kept hostage while the ministers (Zhao Teng and Liu Yuan) are running the palace. Even Minister Cui is removed from his position.

Zhou Sheng Chen believes in the Crown Prince. With the excuse of escorting Xiao Yan back to the palace, Zhou Sheng Chen marches his army towards the imperial city. However, he cannot do it personally otherwise it will alert everyone. He’s also risking his life because he could be accused of a rebellion and anyone helping him will be sentenced to death with him. Zhou Sheng Chen also has a demand for Xiao Yan: to not speak until everything is over.

Shi Yi leaves Zhou Sheng Chen’s manor to ask her uncle for help (but he’s bedridden). Zhou Sheng Chen was wistful when she left. It’s the first time since she arrived that she left (his home). Xie Chong reminds him that she’s going back to her home.

Zhou Sheng Chen smuggles in as a soldier. Feng Qiao confidently uses her fake Royal edict to enter the capital. Xiao Yan smirks in the cage prison. 

[Ep7] Crown Prince kills Zhao Teng very suddenly. Meanwhile Zhou Sheng Chen has the palace protected. He also saves the Emperor and Grand Empress Dowager. Outside the palace, a sickly Uncle Cui (Shi Yi’s uncle) calms the ministers to continue to support the Emperor. 

Peace is here but Crown Prince has grander and viler plans. He wants to kill Zhou Sheng Chen especially when no one knows he’s here in the palace. He can do it quietly and stealthily, but too bad, the Emperor is fond of Zhou Sheng Chen.  

Shi Yi is ruffled after she learns Gao Huai Yan loves Zhou Sheng Chen. Gao Hua Yan is now a monk because of the previous Empress. She could have left the palace because she didn’t actually marry the late Emperor but she stayed, hoping for a chance to see Zhou Sheng Chen. Her love for him seems deep but he barely has an impression of her. 

Zhou Sheng Chen reprimands Shi Yi for her poor manners in addressing the (current) Emperor. It was the Emperor who told her to ease up. Our Shi Yi is no longer at ease so when Zhou Sheng Chen motions to the food on the table, she obediently serves the plate to him. He stares at her and sighs that he’s telling her to eat. Zhou Sheng Chen doesn't need her to keep the rules with him, only with (royal) strangers. Emperor probes Zhou Sheng Chen if he has someone he loves. He doesn’t want his uncle to be alone without children. Shi Yi, who's right beside Zhou Sheng Chen, listens carefully. Zhou Sheng Chen corrects the Emperor – he’s got ten orphans and one disciple. This is enough. 

[Ep8] Romantic tidbits: 
  • Shi Yi calls Zhou Sheng Chen by his full name. He's a little surprised but not offended. 'Cause he loves it
  • Shi Yi lies about being sick to avoid meeting Crown Prince. Zhou Sheng Chen who sees through her lies, teases to call a physician since she won't let him touch her take her pulse. Eventually, she gives in. He smiles and takes her pulse, holding her hand in both his. To her delight, he plays along that she is indeed sick. 
There’s good news: Uncle Cui cancels the marriage between Shi Yi and the Crown Prince. It’s unlikely Crown Prince can inherit the throne which means Shi Yi can never be the Empress so what's the point. And there is bad news: Uncle Cui wants Cui Feng to marry Princess Xing Hua. It’s Uncle’s dying wish; Cui Feng can’t refuse even if he loves Hong Xiao Yu. 

At the loss of her uncle, Shi Yi cries to Zhou Sheng Chen. She wants to return to Xizhou, his manor. She hugs him. Hesitantly, he holds her and pats her back. But then she learns her shifu was forced to accept her as his disciple because of some bad blood between Shi Yi's aunt and Zhou Sheng' Chen's uncle. Shi Yi runs off in tears, but he catches her. He explains he didn’t want an alliance with any family. It didn’t matter if she was “Eleven”, Twenty-one, or Thirty-one. Shi Yi finally laughs. (We also learn he’s not that much older than her; they're within ten years). 

Gao Huai Yan begs Zhou Sheng Chen to save her. The Grand Empress Dowager has a death warrant on her if she doesn’t marry Zhou Sheng Chen. He offers her another plan: he could send her to his brother to be under his care. Gao Huai Yun is aware that is the only solution. Zhou Sheng Chen won’t take her. 

Before Gao Huai Yan leaves, she’s aware Shi Yi is listening behind the curtains (Zhou Sheng Chen had permitted it). Gao Huai Yan bows and apologizes to Shi Yi through the curtains. It was because of her Gao Family, Shi Yi's father was forced to leave. 

The Emperor summons Xiao Yan (his original name is Xiao Wen). The Emperor will let him stay and give him a title since they’re the same lineage. However, Xiao Yan wants to follow Zhou Sheng Chen instead. Emperor permits that but asks Zhou Sheng Chen for someone in return. He wants Xie Chong. No! He’s so cute when he’s with Zhou Sheng Chen and Shi Yi!

[Ep9] Xie Chong decides to stay with the Emperor in spite of having a choice. From Xie Chong's perspective, Zhou Sheng Chen doesn't need him anymore while the Emperor doesn't have anyone. Xie Chong compares the Emperor with the young Zhou Sheng Chen, both are/were helpless. 

Shi Yi has to stay with Cui Family while Zhou Sheng Chen will return to Xizhou. She quickly tells him she'll reunite with him in two years before he can say anything. She thought he was going to tell her to stay in Cui family forever, but no, he was thinking of how to pick her up. Aw. Before he departs, they have a "date". Onlookers misunderstand they're husband and wife.   

Cui Wen Ji, Shi Yi's aunt, learns from Zhou Sheng Chen that his uncle was forced to reject their marriage. It was his uncle's deepest regret. The royal family didn't want a marriage alliance between two strong families. (This was the debt that Zhou Sheng Chen was repaying when he was "forced" to accept Shi Yi as his disciple). 

Princess Xing Hua and Cui Feng marry. 

Crown Prince expresses his desire to marry Shi Yi but she backs away and politely advises him to forget her. And then there is this other girl who likes Crown Prince: Consort Jin (therefore married to the Emperor). She proposes a plan to Crown Prince: she will make him the Emperor and he will make her his Empress. 

This sleazy dude expresses his desire to marry Shi Yi's mother. It's nothing romantic. This dude wants Cui Family's power, especially with Uncle Cui dead. Yeah, Mom is like Get outI like her! 

Shi Yi finally speaks to Mom. She's forgiving Mom after she learns that Mom had no choice when Dad left the manor. It was all to protect Cui Family (and Shi Yi). 

[Ep10] Zhou Sheng Chen is stressing over military stuff. Xiao Yan reminds him there's better things to stress about like whether it will rain or not. Zhou Sheng Chen is confused. Xiao Yan smugly explains that if it doesn't rain, then they can travel faster, and therefore Zhou Sheng Chen can see Shi Yi faster. Wise words from a wise man
Shi Yi is on her way to meet Zhou Sheng Chen but a warrior begs her to lead her soldiers to protect this nearby city. Without hesitation, Shi Yi commands her army (which isn't much) to protect the citizens – she's Zhou Sheng Chen's disciple, after all. When Zhou Sheng Chen receives news about Shi Yi, he immediately charges toward the city she's in. 

For the first time, Shi Yi witnesses the death of her loved ones right before her eyes and there's nothing she can do behind the gates. Oh, but look, a familiar army assails from the rear. It's Zhou Sheng Chen~ 

And there's a  monk owing the battlefield too, ha.
Shi Yi meets Zhou Sheng Chen at the gates. She's in tears as they hug each other. 

Shi Yi: Your disciple is at fault. General Gan...
Zhou Sheng Chen: You've done well. It was I who was late. Awwwwwwww

It's been a year and seven months since they've seen each other. They're almost half a year earlier than their promised time. Shi Yi has been counting. 

And then there's this general who seems interested in Shi Yi but he might just be a traitor and now he has Shi Yi hostage in order to release a war criminal.

[Ep11] Zhou Sheng Chen threatens the general (Yang Shao) that if he dares hurt a hair on Shi Yi, he'd hunt him through the depths of oceans, across the barren deserts, or even down the dark abyss of hell. Dude (Yang Shao) did say he was going to let her go after they're safe, just saying. 

Zhou Sheng Chen alone follows Yang Shao and Shi Yi. They’re headed to Nanxiao. Shi Yi, who has a sharp sword against her neck, is worried if her shifu ate. 

Yang Shao whispers to Shi Yi that Zhou Sheng Chen likes her or else why would he, a royal of such a status, follow her to NanxiaoIs this really appropriate chattering when they’ve got a sword against her neck still? Yang Shao saves the roasted chicken for her but she threatens that if he doesn't give it to Zhou Sheng Chen, she'd starve herself and they'd be without a hostage. Yang Shao comments that this shifu-disciple love sure runs deep. 

Switching methods of transportation, they're now on boats. Yang Shao jokes to Zhou Sheng Chen that he'll have to follow them home to explain to his mother why he (Zhou) is marrying his sister (Shi Yi). This joke from Yang Shao is to deceive the paddlers who are taking them across the lake. The paddler pities Zhou Sheng Chen, but just a wee bit, because he can sense Shi Yi’s love for Zhou Sheng Chen. His future mother-in-law won't make it so difficult for him. Curiously, Zhou Sheng Chen asks the paddler if it's obvious she likes him. You blind? Shi Yi's gaze has never left him. 

Once in Nanxiao, Yang Shao frees Shi Yi. And so in enemy territories, Zhou Sheng Chen and Shi Yii are leisurely walking on the streets like it's a date. Huan Yu annoys Zhou Sheng Chen by calling Shi Yi his fiancée – a repeated mistake Huan Yu happily commits. Huan Yu is Zhou Sheng Chen's acquaintance. Shi Yi is inquisitive on how Zhou Sheng Chen saved Huan Yu when Huan's entire lineage was to be exterminated. Zhou Sheng Chen only explains that if she continues to converse with Huan Yu, their relationship will develop into being more than just an engaged couple. 
Shi Yi and Zhou Sheng Chen can finally sit down and eat. They're pretty busy filling up each other's bowls with food. It's night and Huan Yu takes them to their room. There's only one. Huan Yu swears. And so under one roof and one space, Shi Yi and Zhou Sheng Chen share the night together. He takes the floor, she takes the bed, but that only lasts for a bit. Shi Yi soon takes the floor because she knows Zhou Sheng Chen barely slept well these days. Lying on the floor, with her eyes closed and lips smiling, she tells him it's not the first time she took the floor. There was the night she fell asleep in his study room and he took her to bed with a fox fur blanket. Technically, she fell asleep on his lap. Shi Yi still has the blanket to this day. Zhou Sheng Chen can give her a new one if she likes it. Nah. Shi Yi only likes that specific blanket. The more obvious Shi Yi displays his love for Zhou Sheng Chen, I'm afraid he’ll distance himself from her

Xie Chong and Xiao Yan are at ease – Zhou Sheng Chen being in enemies' lair poses no threat because the ruler of Nanxiao wouldn't initiate a war for such a small reason. Xiao Yan predicts this matter will be brushed over as if Zhou Sheng Chen wasn't in Nanxiao at all.
The next day, Shi Yi gets to show off her archery skills in front of Zhou Sheng Chen. She's not bad at all, but her posture needs correction. He helps her fix it and together, they shoot the arrow. It's a bull's eye, right at the heart of the target. 
After archery day, Shi Yi suffers an injury to her back. Huan Yu has just the medication but it needs to be topically rubbed in, and obviously, it needs to be done by a man's pair of hands. Shi Yi properly adjusts her clothes while Zhou Sheng Chen waits outside. She places a cloth (with the medication) over her injury for Zhou Sheng Chen to massage it in. Even through a cloth, or maybe because it's through a cloth, the romantic tension is a little smouldering

[Ep12] Huan Yu's wife passed away but you wouldn't be able to tell given how loving he is towards her to this day. He thinks of her as if she's alive. He didn't give her a tombstone because she promised she'd always be with him. Hearing his story, Shi Yi reminds Zhou Sheng Chen he’s wrong about death: it doesn’t only leave behind sadness and nothing else. Look at Huan Yu. And so Zhou Sheng Chen makes a promise to Shi Yi that if anything happens to him, he'll make sure someone will tell her where and when he died. Sweetest promise ever. -_-

The Nanxiao King wants his son (Xiao Yan) back. Zhou Sheng Chen won’t budge. Shi Yi has a solution: she will offer her family's book that Huan Yu desires and if Huan Yu gets the book, then he's willing to offer his expertise to Nanxiao's King. Zhou Sheng Chen mutters to Shi Yi that it's half her dowry she's giving when they've only stayed for three days. A tad expensive, no? She says she's giving them a copy. Nanxiao's King also relays a word to Shi Yi's mother that his heart for her is still the same. Years ago, they had an engagement. And so Nanxiao King has just sold his son for a book – a copy of a book

Zhou Sheng Chen notices Shi Yi is back to calling him shifu (since everyone already knows he’s her shifu). Plus, they'll be back home tomorrow where she will have to call him shifu. A little peeved, Zhou Sheng Chen reminds her that today is today, and tomorrow is tomorrow. Does he not like being her shifu anymore? (: However, Shi Yi thinks it's all futile. He is her shifu. What else can she hope for?

On their last day in the city, Zhou Sheng Chen takes Shi Yi around, of course, not without our nosy Huan Yu. He is a useful cupid, though. He takes them to a performance 子夜吴歌 (ziye-wu-ge). Zhou Sheng Chen pays them to change the song. Google tells me this is a poem written from the wife's perspective who is waiting for her husband to return from war. It's a love poem. (Later on, Huan Yu's disciple explains why it's inappropriate for her. Basically there's a line indicating sex, obviously more poetically and less crude than how I said it.I hafta say it's more inappropriate for a kid to be saying it than for a woman to be hearing it.

Zhou Sheng Chen has just fended off a suitor for Shi Yi and now it's her turn. They're on a boat ride and girls flirtatiously call out to Zhou Sheng Chen. Shi Yi quickly takes the deck and protectively clutches onto Zhou Sheng Chen's arms. The paddler laughs that if she was late another second, her husband would have gone to drink with the ladies. Shi Yi tightens her grip on Zhou Sheng Chen. The paddler is wrong. The only lady Zhou Sheng Chen wants to drink with is you, Shi Yi

Shi Yi's suitor is back. He asks for her hand in marriage. Although Shi Yi no longer has an engagement, her heart already has someone and it can only be him.

[Ep13] Although Shi Yi never confirmed the person in her heart is Zhou Sheng Chen, how can he not realize it is him. 

Night seeps in. Zhou Sheng Chen and Ding Xian sleep in separate cabins. Zhou Si Yue is outside her room in the heavy rain. He hesitates to enter. Meanwhile Shi Yi is waiting behind the door, watching him to see if he'll knock. He doesn't. Just when he's about to leave, Shi Yi shouts to him that she's not asleep yet. She was waiting for him, afraid he'd slip on the wet path. Did she forget how capable her general is? No. Never. She knows how capable he is, but that doesn't stop a woman from worrying about the man she loves

Both Shi Yi and Zhou Sheng Chen stay up all night. She's inside her room drawing. He's outside standing for the whole night, staring in the direction of Shi Yi's room. The next morning, Huan Yu makes sure Shi Yi knows of this. Huan Yu did the same – stand outside his lover's room for the whole night in the rain. That's how they eventually married ~ When Shi Yi and Zhou Sheng Chen leave, Huan Yu finds the painting Shi Yi left behind. It's a lotus flower. The young student exclaims that there's no lotus flowers anywhere here. Huan Yu smiles. The lotus flower is blossoming within Shi Yi's heart. I feel like I can't let go of these bits because I think the drama will use them in the modern version. Maybe the painting will be an antique. And her book too

The same paddler takes Shi Yi and Zhou Sheng Chen back to the opposite shore. He congratulates them for their marriage. Zhou Sheng Chen changes the topic and asks for a story. The paddler tells them a sad one and Shi Yi doesn't like it. Zhou Sheng Chen, with his authoritative voice, tells the paddler to omit stories with a bad ending. Zhou Sheng Chen, you said so! I'm holding you accountable if this ending is bad! The paddler opts for a story of a hero: Zhou Sheng Chen. Four years ago, he signed a treaty for ten years of peace. The Dingjiang Tower is proof. Shi Yi already heard this story from the hero himself. There's a flashback of Zhou Sheng Chen telling her the story. Afterwards, he gave her a birthday present but not without teasing her that he received none when he always gives her one. Next time he wants to hear "shifu" from her. Or even "Zhou Sheng Chen". 

Zhou Sheng Chen takes Shi Yi to visit her brother. He thought it would make her happy but instead, they witness her brother suffering a dreadful marriage and loving a woman he can’t marry. All these star-crossed lovers. Is anyone going to be happy this lifetime? 

Shi Yi asks Zhou Sheng Chen: "If two people truly love each other and for reasons they cannot be together and neither can they let go of that love, what can they do?" Zhou Sheng Chen is reminded of Huan Yu's similar question: whether he regretted his vows to not wed or bear children.  Zhou Sheng Chen can only tell her that all choices that are made are worth it. Just how are the questions similar? The situation, though, is the same. Does he know what he’s confirming? Does she understand what he’s saying is the same? 

The Empress Dowager sleeps with General Qin (loyal to Xie Chong) against his wishes which I believe is called rape but then again I don't know if she actually slept with him. She has his loyalty hostage. General Qin has no choice but to work for her because all her servants know they spent the night together.

[Ep14] The visually impaired disciple tells Shi Yi that Zhou Sheng Chen adopted him because he reminded him of Shi Yi. Shi Yi is a little touched. The disciple offers to read her fortune. He accurately guesses she wants to inquire about love. However, it seems inauspicious. I KNOW. Shi Yi isn’t here to hear it. She’s with Zhou Sheng Chen and his brother. And now the brother giddily reveals the secret to Zhou Sheng Chen's medical expertise. When Shi Yi couldn't speak, he consulted multiple physicians for her condition. It's interesting how different Shi Yi and Zhou Sheng Chen display their love. Shi Yi's love for him is in her expressions and her attitude while Zhou Sheng Chen's expressions are restrained but his actions are affectionate

Zhou Sheng Chen and Shi Yi are by the lake. Along their stroll, it seems everyone hails him as a hero.

Zhou Sheng Chen: I'm not a hero. I have selfish desires too. I have things I want to do that I can’t – he softly gazes at Shi Yi – 

It's raining. They take shelter. He softly wipes her face. The others sharing the same roof laugh at him that he's only focused on her face. He should be drying her hair too. 

Yang Shao enters the same cabin and is later caught by Zhou Sheng Chen. However, Zhou Sheng Chen frees him. Yang Shao warns him to not let go of an enemy so easily next time. 

Zhou Sheng Chen and Shi Yi are still taking shelter from the rain (even when it’s no longer raining). They play a game of chess. The soldier standing guard notes how beautiful this couple is. He's reprimanded by another soldier. Zhou Sheng Cheng deliberately left a crack in the door to protect Shi Yi's reputation. The whole night is spent playing chess. There’s multiple hand drawn boards on the ground. In the morning, she fixes up his clothes. He has to look proper. After all, he is a mighty general of his people and the man she loves.

[Ep15] Xie Chong, who's dying, warns the Emperor to imprison the Empress Dowager, otherwise she will kill the Emperor once Consort Jiang gives birth to a new Crown Prince. Empress Dowager counter strikes. She reveals Xie Chong has an agenda: his wife is from Gao Family and he's here to avenge his wife against the royals. The imbecile Emperor believes it, I think. Well, whether or not he believes it, the Empress Dowager has control of the palace. General Qin is at her command. 

Zhou Sheng Chen receives the news of Xie Chong's death. He died miserably in prison. Zhou Sheng Chen is distraught and prefers to be in solitude. However, Shi Yi remains at his side, accompanying him as he mourns. Eventually he smiles because of her. 

[Ep16] Shi Yi twists her leg. Zhou Sheng Chen piggybacks Shi Yi to her room. He even washes her feet. 

The dude using the wheelchair, Xie Chen (?) is Xie Chong's son! His mother is from Gao family. 

Shi Yi is once again engaged to the Crown Prince (ex-Crown Prince, so Liu Zi Xing from now on). Mom is here to take Shi Yi back to the city to marry. Mom had received a letter from Shi Yi detailing how she wanted to stay in Xizhou. Mom questions her if she's really not marrying or is it that the man she wants to marry cannot marry. Mom knows Shi Yi's heart belongs to Zhou Sheng Chen but Mom cannot fulfill her wish. There are rumours spreading of an illicit relationship between Shi Yi and Zhou Sheng Chen and that he plans to overthrow the empire, seizing the beauty and the reign. Of all men Shi Yi can marry, it is the man she loves who she cannot marry. Shi Yi cries to Mom that staying next to him was enough. Zhou Sheng Chen hears it all!

Shi Yi cooks a last meal for Zhou Sheng Chen. As he begins to eat, she excuses herself. Our girl has to cry. She needs a moment to regain her composure. She comes back with alcohol. He takes the cup, assuming she poured it for him. No, our girl needs alcohol to numb the pain in heart. 
Shi Yi is drunk. Zhou Sheng Chen carries her to bed but once he leaves, Shi Yi is up and hugging him, asking him to stay. He promises he will. There's two more hours until she's set to leave. She asks him if he still remembers what she wore on the day she called him shifu. He does. 
The next day, they're wearing similar clothes from the day he accepted her as his disciple. In fact, he might be in the same clothes. She's here to bid farewell, but he has more bad news for her. There's an edict from Empress Dowager to take Shi Yi as his god-daughter. He asks her if she wants to. Shi Yi's expression is telling enough. Zhou Shen Chen will reject the edict for her. She smiles a bit but then cries. Shi Yi cautiously walks to him and reaches out her hand to his face. She wants to touch him. He lowers for her to touch. O: D: She softly touches his forehead. 

Shi Yi's voiceover: Beautiful bones. What is special about this bone that the royals fear so much and yet the citizens eulogize so much?

Zhou Sheng Chen is reminded that Shi Yi never explored Xizhou. He takes her but Shi Yi tells him about their rumours – screw that. Zhou Sheng Chen doesn't care as he holds her hand to head out. They arrive at Weiyang Palace. She wants to write something on the dusty furniture. It'll be their little secret because once he locks the doors to this palace, no one can see what she wrote. He helps her but what does she want to write? "Chen". 
Zhou Sheng Chen is startled. Shi Yi gives a poor excuse that it's currently the hour of 辰 chen (7am-9am). He begins writing, but instead of Chen, he writes Shi Yi her name, and not Eleven. 

I find their names romantic. They both refer to time. Their romance is also a matter of time ):. Shi Yi may sound like eleven but  (shi) means Time and 宜 (yimeans Suitable/Proper. As for Zhou Sheng Chen, every single word relates to time. 周 (zhoucan mean week, 生辰 (shengchenis one word to mean birthday, 生 itself is birth, 辰 itself is a time (7-9am)

[Ep17] Zhou Sheng Chen doesn’t send Shi Yi off. He’s watching from a tall tower far away. She locates him with her eyes. It's a farewell with just a gaze. But it's not a farewell! That night Shi Yi finds it hard to sleep. She gets up to visit Feng Qiao but the room she walks into is Zhou Sheng Chen's! He secretly accompanied her to protect her (and also to bring Xie Chong back home). 

Shi Yi stops Zhou Sheng Chen from lighting a candle. It's as if in the dark, she can say her heart's true desires. Firstly, she asks why he's isolating himself and hiding from her. He's afraid she'll be sadder if she sees him. Then she tells him of the letter she wrote to her mother of how she wanted to stay with him. Just one step. She was missing just this one step. It was this close. Zhou Sheng Chen comforts her that things will still be the same. Like always, she will wait for his news and he will be battling at the borders. It's only this time the battle will last a little longer. He promises they will see each other again. Shi Yi hugs him – our discipline, respectful, and shy Shi Yi hugs him. She asks him to not come to her wedding. Zhou Sheng Chen agrees. Although he didn't hug her back, he lowered his body into her embrace

Shi Yi pleads to Mom to permit the divorce between Cui Feng and Princess Xing Hua. Mom sympathizes and agrees. If Shi Yi willingly sacrifices herself for this marriage, then Mom can permit the divorce so that at least one of the siblings can be happy. 

Empress Dowager plans to poison Consort Jiang's fetus. The Emperor has a counter plan. Who will succeed? Tell me again. These two are related....right? 

[Ep18] The Empress Dowager was just about to drink the poisonous wine but the Emperor stops her.  She is his mother after all. Ah, they are related. Emperor will relinquish the throne. Sensing the wine is off, she stops the Emperor and comments how filial he is and if he is so filial, why not take the wine? The Emperor can't refuse. He's in her lair and her guards pin him down to force the wine down his throat. Uh. Related? Consort Jiang's fetus also doesn't survive. General Qin takes a step forward appearing to kill Consort Jiang as well. Afterwards, he escapes from the palace. To everyone else, Empress Dowager announces the baby is a boy. She's lying to keep her position because if there is no heir, she cannot be the Empress Dowager

Zhou Sheng Chen is stealthily working in the background. Can't Zhou Sheng Chen just take the throne and the beauty? 

[Ep19] Cui Shi Yi is summoned to court. She tells the ministers she has seen the Emperor and was told that the child isn't his. Ah, is this what Zhou Sheng Chen meant by having the late Emperor remove the Empress Dowager. What an A team our Zhou Sheng Chen and Cui Shi Yi are with minimal communication. Empress Dowager calls her a liar. Shi Yi could not have possibly seen the Emperor because when Shi Yi entered the palace, the Emperor was already killed but only the Empress Dowager knew this – exposing Shi Yi will mean exposing herself. The Empress Dowager is forced to name an heir (another Liu descendant). Zhou Sheng Chen has achieved part of his plan: maintain stability in the palace. Gosh, just take the throne!

Zhou Sheng Chen appoints Shi Yi as the young Crown Prince's mentor. He also removes Empress Dowager from her position and imprisons her. 

Hong Xiao Yu kills General Qin.
[Ep20] As promised, Zhou Sheng Chen doesn't attend Shi Yi's wedding. Currently Zhou Sheng Chen is having noodles with Xiao Yan. It snows. Zhou Sheng Chen is reminded how Shi Yi used to watch the snow at the rooftop – she couldn't watch it outside on the ground because of her status (future Empress). Oh, the flashback is the first scene in Ep1. He was giving her the victory report

The wedding rites are interrupted. There is a battle outside the gates. It's Yang Shao charging in. Yang Shao is on the bad team working with Liu Zi Xing, Consort Jin, and Daddy Jin for a coup d'état. I say Yang Shao is a good guy. Y'all, he interrupted the marriage and previously kidnapped Shi Yi for the romantic getaway with Zhou Shen Cheng. How is he not good? Daddy Jin kills Empress Dowager and keeps little Crown Prince hostage.

[Ep21The One and Only thing you need to know about this episode: Shi Yi isn't married to Liu Zi Xing! Marriage is on hold indefinitely

Zhou Sheng Chen is off to another tough battle. His brother convinces him to bid farewell to Shi Yi. When he leaves her, Zhou Sheng Chen doesn't turn around. We're reminded of Xie Chong's voice-over: "To not look back doesn't mean that he doesn't wish to return or that he won't miss you. It means that he won't be afraid of death and will risk it all on the battlefield."

Cui Feng is kidnapped by Daddy Jin to threaten Zhou Sheng Chen's army to retreat. Hong Xiao Yu is in tears. 

[Ep22] Cui Feng makes a honourable speech to sacrifice himself. The incredibly smart general next to Cui Feng punches him to make him zip it, but Cui Feng already said everything he wanted to say anyway....... Hong Xiao Yu shoots her arrow at Cui Feng and the general behind him. If she doesn't hit the general then at least Cui Feng can die a fast one with her arrow, I guess. But then Zhou Sheng Chen's arrow strikes hers. No one has to die~ He exchanges Consort Jin for Cui Feng. All good – except they release the girl before the enemy releases Cui Feng! But then a few seconds later Cui Feng walks out on his own. Huh. O-k...that works too...I guess

Zhou Sheng Chen is reminded of Shi Yi whenever he sees this particular type of pomegranate. He had seen her eat one and because she liked it so much, he went searching for more. The merchants went overboard and sent him baskets of pomegranates in slew. They misunderstand Zhou Sheng Chen was craving for the sweet fruit – he was just craving for that sweet smile of Shi Yi’s. 

Zhou Sheng Chen has won the battle and is set to go home. He bought more pomegranates for Shi Yi. However, before seeing her, there is a celebratory dinner he has to attend. That's actually where the real battle is. Liu Zi Xing accuses Zhou Sheng Chen of rebellion when it was Liu's soldiers who attacked Zhou first. Then they're blitzed by Daddy Jin's army. 

Hong Xiao Yu dies to protect Feng Qiao.

Zhou Sheng Chen is threatened to surrender otherwise everyone will die (including little Crown Prince). Feng Qiao begs Zhou Sheng Chen to leave but Zhou Sheng Chen surrenders himself in exchange for the Crown Prince. 

Shi Yi is oblivious to everything, but she's slowly catching on that something malicious is brewing around her while applying everything Zhou Sheng Chen had taught her. Shi Yi misses Zhou Sheng Chen. Where are his letters? He had promised that if anything happened to him, he'd let her know. 
Zhou Sheng Chen is here, imprisoned, thinking of Shi Yi too. T_T

[Ep23] Yang Shao runs into the cell, devastated that Zhou Sheng Chen is imprisoned. He bows, calling him "Your Majesty". It's not just Yang Shao who's reeling in shock. Other ministers beg for Zhou Sheng Chen to be released even if it means their death. Angry Daddy Jin orders Zhou Sheng Chen to be executed in order to silence the ministers' cries. Zhou Sheng Chen dies a torturous death. They scraped the flesh off his bones. Am typing this without reading what I wrote. Daddy Jin slaughters the rest of the ministers. Liu Zi Xing is rattled by the bloody massacre. 

The same night, Shi Yi has a nightmare, it's as if she can feel every knife that thrashes into Zhou Sheng Chen's body. 

All of Zhou Sheng Chen's disciples want revenge. However, Xiao Yan advises them to retreat. Only in retreating can they strengthen to conquer their enemy. 

Yang Shao betrays Daddy Jin to free Zhou Tian Xing (Zhou Sheng Chen's brother). 

Liu Zi Xing is the new Emperor. 

Shi Yi is confined to palace walls, isolated from all news. She doesn't know the truth but it's as if her heart knows – she lost her voice again. Through Liu Zi Xing's strict security, Mom finds a way to speak to her daughter to tell her that Zhou Sheng Chen "rebelled" and was tortured to death – the flesh and bone thing.... Mom is prohibited to say anything else. There are eyes and ears monitoring their conversation. Shi Yi cries with every cell of her body. She wants to cry out loud but her voice is gone. The man she loves is gone. 
[Ep24] Mom leaves behind a note for Shi Yi. It's written by Zhou Sheng Chen in his blood; delivered to Mom by Yang Shao. Zhou Sheng Chen fulfilled his promise. He found a way to let her know where and how he died....

Chen in this 'one life' (lifetime)
Lived up to the world 
But failed Shi Yi (eleven)

A very pretty and a very sad poem. It's beautiful in how it includes both their names 生辰 (shengchen) and 十一 (shiyi; eleven). I rather read it by picking out two words from each line,  一生 不負 十一 "In my lifetime, to never fail on Shi Yi"  

Shi Yi refuses to believe Zhou Sheng Chen could rebel. When Liu Zi Xing visited her, under her covers, Shi Yi was holding a knife. He takes it from her. When he's alone, he doesn't understand why she can't understand him. Says the man who killed the man she loves, the sister she cherishes, and kidnapped her brother. Dude, I'd understand you too. Drunk in his room, he says that he deliberately scraped Zhou Sheng Chen down to his bones for the world to witness. 

Shi Yi silently mourns for Zhou Sheng Chen. Staring at the letter he wrote, she ponders on his choice, abstaining from a marriage, from a family, for what? To be killed by the people he protected? 
Shi Yi is to complete the marriage with Liu Zi Xing. Mom visits her and discreetly tells her to escape. Shi Yi bows, silently asking for Mom to forgive her. Yang Shao and Zhou Tian Xing are part of the team. Yang Shao vows he'll fight for her freedom. However, Shi Yi returns to the palace. She's not escaping with them. She knows her mother (and everyone else) will sacrifice for her and she cannot allow that. She heads up to the tower. Which tower is this? The one she first saw Zhou Sheng Chen in or the tower Zhou Sheng Chen promised to never take her to see the snowfall?  She removes all her accessories, letting them drop one by one on the snow covered ground. She will die as her shifu's disciple. Yang Shao senses her intentions. He doesn't stop her; he bows to send her off. 

Shi Yi closes her eyes, wishing that one day her General's name will be vindicated.  
It's snowing as Shi Yi stands on the edge. 

Shi Yi in red (she's speaking!): Zhou Sheng Chen, I'm coming to marry you. If we have a next life, and you marry me first, how nice would that be? Since you're not saying anything, I'll take that as a yes. 'Marriage' can have a gender in Chinese. When men are the subject, it's 娶 qu. When women are the subject it's 嫁 jia. When two people do it together it's 結婚.

Other characters: Yang Shao kills Daddy Jin. Liu Zi Xing dies from illness (and heartbreak). The Emperor is the kiddo. Xiao Yan is off to be a real monk. Boo. Feng Qiao sends him off.

Ten years later. Xie Chen reminisces about the past as he imagines Shi Yi and Zhou Sheng Chen entering Qinglong Temple. 

The drama brings us to all the places and objects to remind us that Shi Yi and Zhou Sheng Chen lived (and loved). Although all that's left after death is "emptiness", these are precious memories for those who remember. The last scene is the love poem Shi Yi and Zhou Sheng Chen wrote together: 女以色授,男以魂与,情投意合,心傾于侧  The woman's beauty is offered / The man's soul is taken / Affinity between one another / The heart is overturned 

The end. 


[First Impression (Ep1-6)] Please be good! I'm sick of myself for dropping Ren Jia Lun's dramas. I'm almost too ashamed to have him on my Favourite Actor list. But not ashamed enough. 

I'm happy to report that I am enchanted by the first four episodes ~ It has a serene romantic undertone. Nothing flashy. Everything feels very soft – the scenery, the music, the dialogues. Ah, the dialogues ~ They're poetic. The pacing is on the slower side but the romantic tension is affluent. I wasn't expecting there to be humour at all but I laughed a lot at the bowing in Ep2. 

Now for the rest of the episodes – I've actually watched 8 – it's more about the politics. There's a lot of background story between multiple characters that has my head spinning. If you are confused, you are not alone. The drama will fill in the gaps later on. I don't mind politics if it's good politicking. So far there's more telling than there is showing and unfortunately, this makes the politics boring. For example, they're supposed to catch this rebellious general, but in the blink of an eye, the general is already caught. All the action happened outside the drama. I guess there's only so many scenes 24 episodes can capture, right? However, I am intrigued by how the Crown Prince will dethrone the Emperor. 

Our story is based on a novel 一生一世美人骨 (One Life, One Incarnation Beautiful Bones) written by Mo Bao Fei Bao. It details a love story spanning two life times. Our drama has taken the initiative to separate itself into two parts (i.e. two different dramas) – which is super annoying because I'll have to do two first impressions and two reviews of the same drama! – the first will be the past life, which will have to end in a heartbreak, otherwise we wouldn't have a part two modern sequel. 
[Actors/Actresses] Bai Lu! She's nailing it. Among the dramas I've watched her in, this is the first time I fail to see her persona. As Cui Shi Yi, I cannot see any trace of Bai Lu. Amazing.

I also want to praise the dubbing. I don't mean to offend the actors (or their fans) but the voice actors used for Shi Yi and Zhou Sheng Chen really match the characters and enhance the characterization more than if the drama had stuck to the actors' original voices. An excellent choice by the drama. 

As a Ren Jia Lun fan, I am so happy I get to see him as Zhou Sheng Chen. He adds a soft, tender touch to his poised general role. He feels like a combination of his character from Under the Power and Glory of Tang Dynasty. Like how cool is that? :D 

[Names(Copied and pasted from Ep16) I find Zhou Sheng Chen and Shi Yi's names romantic. They both refer to time. Their romance is also a matter of time ):. Shi Yi may sound like eleven but  (shi) means Time and 宜 (yimeans Suitable/Proper. As for Zhou Sheng Chen, every single word relates to time. 周 (zhoucan mean Week, 生辰 (shengchenis one word means Birthday, 生 itself is Birth, 辰 itself is a Time (7-9am)


[Behind the Scenes] (I finally watched some BTS after the drama ended. I was avoiding them because I am somewhat familiar with Ren Jia Lun and Bai Lu's personas from other dramas. They'd totally ruin my image of Zhou Sheng Chen and Shi Yi xD)

[Ending] Not one couple is happy together. Not one. Zhou Sheng Chen dies for the country. Shi Yi dies for him. 

The drama begins with Zhou Sheng Chen reuniting with Shi Yi atop a roof on a snowy night and ends their romance with Shi Yi "reuniting with Zhou Sheng Chen" atop a tower on a snowy day. They will be reunited. 

[Review & Rating]
... One and Only is a unique drama in terms of how it’s only half – or less than half – the novel it’s based on. I’m not going to be sorry for spoiling you that this prequel is a tragedy through and through. An advice to this tragedy if you may. I am such a crybaby and to protect my fragile heart, I told myself to not take the agony too seriously because there is a sequel. There is a pro and con in that. The pro: I saved a few tissue boxes. The con: the angst was less impacting. If I can redo my watching experience, I’d (try to) protect my heart less to relish the tragedy. Why not, especially, when there is a sequel to cure all the heartbreak. 

You may have noticed – if not, now you will – I don’t have a rating for One and Only at this moment. I find it impossible to see this as a stand-alone drama. To me, it’s an incomplete story and therefore I cannot rate it. Unless Forever and Ever royally fails this prequel – touch wood – I’m most likely combining my ratings for the two dramas.  

Now then, the actual drama: 

The romance. One and Only captures the beauty of unspoken romance. The love between Shi Yi and Zhou Sheng Chen is in their glances and their actions that exude love without the need to directly express love. Along with the gentle romance, the drama surrounds our couple with beautiful cinematography. The tranquil stroll they took in Ep2 was telling of the drama’s pace. Some may say it’s slow but I think there’s poignancy in every step.  

The politics. The political storyline is weak. It felt empty because of the lacking background information but I’ll give it credit for serving its purpose in separating Zhou Sheng Chen and Shi Yi. I do like the palace parts whenever it involves the Empress Dowager. Not at all a nice character, but an entertainingly wicked one. On the other hand, Liu Zi Xing is this boringly tragic or tragically boring man who failed to earn an ounce of my sympathy. 

The acting
Our leading actors are beyond exceptional. 
  • Ren Jia Lun delivers! So much emotional depth in his eyes ~ Guys, I am grateful and I will count my blessings and then silently scream in the corner of my room and then leave it there. You guys can gloat. I am going to avoid further jinxing him on this World Wide Web. Wait, fine, let me say one thing: what a majestically tragic hero. 
  • Bai Lu: What a stunning performance by a stunning lady. In the beginning, she enchants me with her tender smiles and innocent gazes. In the end, she mesmerizes me with her agonizing silent cries. 
  • And then when they're together, just them standing is elegant. 
  • An honorary mention for the actor Zhou Lu La as Xiao Yan (too bad the actor isn’t in the sequel!). 
One and Only had a lot of expectations, and I think our drama lived up to them and more. 

Rating3/5 ;(average rating with Forever and Ever) 

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