September 7, 2021

Forever and Ever | Recap and Review

A professor/CEO and a voice actress fall in love (after reincarnated). 
Notable Actors/Actresses
Ren Jia LunZhousheng Chen 
Bai LuShi Yi 
Chinese Title
Network: iQiyi
Episodes: 30
Recap Grade: A
First Impression: 3.25/5

Prequel: One and Only

Mini Recaps

[Ep1] “With long eyebrows / beautiful striking eyes / the man was charming / and irresistible. Zhousheng Chen...” is how Shi Yi opens the recording to tell the story of the junior Prince of Nanchen's history (and his rebellion). Pain vibrates through her voice as she pours her emotion into dubbing the movie. 

I wanted to cheat off of iQiyi's subs for Shi Yi's opening lines, but wow, it's really English-fied to the point that I don’t get how the Chinese and the English connect....haha. Shi Yi is reciting Shanglin Fu, a Han dynasty poem: 长眉连娟 / 微睇绵藐 / 色授魂与 / 心愉于侧. The best translation I can do is this: long beautiful eyebrows / soft, nuanced gazes / beauty touches the soul / the heart is overturned.

It's similar to One and Only's poem where the last lines are the same: 女以色授,男以魂与,情投意合,心傾于侧The woman's beauty is offered / The man's soul is taken / Affinity between one another / The heart is overturned 

Completely by chance, Shi Yi and Zhousheng Chen meet at an airport. It seems as though the metal detector can detect fate within these two as they’re both stalled at the same security check. Upon hearing Zhousheng Chen's name, Shi Yi spontaneously asks for his contact number to be friends – regular friends. She rambles about her documentary and somehow he gets it. He gives his email because he doesn't have a phone number (he just returned from abroad). Six months later (!), they're still exchanging emails. Hong Xiao Yu, Shi Yi's friend, mocks her that she sure takes her sweet time (at least thirty minutes) in replying to a “regular friend”. Shi Yi argues that his replies call for her to be that formal and thorough. 

Zhousheng Cheng is a Professor at Berkeley (College of Chemistry) in Germany but the university is in California. But then again he’s in China... so ... he’s giving lectures here and there..?  I have no clue. He's in Xi'an for a business trip. Shi Yi pays a visit to the city, hoping to see him. While she's having lunch with Hong Xiao Yu and chatting about the interview, coincidentally, Zhousheng Chen is in the same restaurant. He's awed by her poetic line. 

Most people are shallow, seeing only skin surface and not bone deep.

Awkwardly, he asks to join their lunch but actually he's due for a lecture and he really should be going. He's urged to leave by his student (He Shan). Hong Xiao Yu quickly helps Shi Yi nab a chance at a (group) date. Zhousheng Chen promises that if two days later it doesn't rain, then he'll take them around Qinglong Temple. 

Xi'an has been pouring rain (almost) constantly for three years + the past 2 days. And then on the day of their date, the sky clears. First it was the detectors and now it's the skies. Everything is pulling them together. They visit Qinglong Temple together. Both of them are very early. Then they enjoy tea at He Shan's family tea house nearby. Zhousheng Chen can't help but shyly glimpse at Shi Yi. Hong Xiao Yu breaks the ice and asks him what his hobbies are. He enjoys watching TV. His favourite drama is Step Into The Past (a HK time travel drama where a ML finds himself in ancient times). He watched it 79 times... A weirdo! They part. Shi Yi and her friends have difficulty flagging down a taxi while Zhousheng Chen takes the bus. Then a Mercedes pulls up to Shi Yi. The driver says he is hired by He Shan. It was actually Zhousheng Chen who was using He Shan's phone. 

Tong Jia Ren invites Zhousheng Chen to her wedding. She's marrying his younger brother, Zhou Wen Chuan. However, she tells him from young, she only ever wanted to marry him (Zhousheng Chen). 

One and Only References:
  • Zhousheng Chen is still a shifu (teacher) in modern times – a professor of chemistry, a specialist in all types of reactions except romantic chemistry. 
  • Emailing – isn’t it reminiscent of the victory reports Zhousheng Chen sent Cui Shiyi in their past life? ^^
  • Hong Xiao Yu should be Hong Xiao Yu’s reincarnation... lol. I wonder who Cui Feng is. The photographer? 
  • Anything "bone" is related to Zhousheng Chen. It's Shi Yi's way of recognizing the profoundness of his beauty – it's deep in his bones. 
  • Qinglong Temple – the name of the temple that Zhousheng Chen named for the sake of Shi Yi's father (but it's not the same Qinglong Temple of that dynasty)
  • I'm thinking He Shan is probably the reincarnation of Xiao Yan. His name sounds like heshang which means monk xD. His "Shan" means "Good / Virtuous"
[Ep2] Zhousheng Chen stares blankly at the screen. He doesn’t know how to write his farewell email to Shi Yi who's leaving Xi'an in a few days. Translate: He doesn’t want to say farewell. His friend, Mei Xing, curiously asks who it's for. Zhousheng Chen's answer: “A girl of three encounters.” One would think he casually meant about three times, but no, he meant exactly three. Mei Xing calls him tacky. Humans of the 21st century treat each other to dinner. Well....Zhousheng Chen may not be exactly from this century, lol.

After six months and three face-to-face encounters, Shi Yi finally gets Zhousheng Chen's number, hallelujah. Well it's to his office; better than nothing. He dropped off a book for her at her hotel and she wanted to call him to thank him. (She missed her chance to see him at the hotel because he was busy adopting crabs as pets...)

Shi Yi waits outside Zhousheng Chen's lab for him to take her on a tour. During her wait, her manager calls her and asks Shi Yi what her type is. From afar, Shi Yi spots Zhousheng Chen. Smiling, she says the man she likes must be a professor and he must be someone who specializes in chemistry. A lie. It just has to be Zhousheng Chen. After the tour, Shi Yi joins the chemistry department for dinner. She tells his team that she recently dubbed 周生如故 (One and Only). No kidding, eh. During dinner, she misunderstands that Zhousheng Chen has a fiancée. He's not around to clarify because he's outside paying the bill. Although it was supposed to be He Shan's treat. Zhousheng Chen insisted (because it's Shi Yi's farewell dinner). 

Shi Yi was going to leave Xi'an on a bitter note (the fiancée misunderstanding) but her heart can't allow that. She walks right up to Zhousheng Chen, asking him if he believes in fortune reading. She takes his hand to read his palm lines. She can read his past, "Do you believe in reincarnation? We knew each other in our previous lives." She finishes it off with a "Just kidding!" But he believes her. Each fateful encounter has a cause and effect. On cue, her initiating to prolong this farewell (the cause) gives him courage to ask for her number (the effect). He has no paper or phone to record it but he says he can memorize it. It's so easy, I can too!
  • 1314 / 11 / 520 / 99 (1 = yi; 9 = jiu)
  • Forever and Ever / 宜宜 Yi Yi  / I Love You / 久久 Jiu Jiu 
  • Forever and Ever / Shi Yi (or Eleven) / I Love You / Forever
  • Forever and Ever / 宜宜, I Love You (from) 周周 (Zhou Zhou)
    • (this last one might be a little forced ^^)
Shi Yi is back in Shanghai. She's reading her script and comes across the love poem in One and Only (The woman's beauty is offered / The man's soul is taken / Affinity between one another / The heart is overturned). Shi Yi can relate to Cui Shiyi. Cui's heart was stolen by this man and currently Shi Yi is infatuated (by the same man) as well. 

Zhousheng Chen is back home in Zhenjiang. He's not just a regular professor with beauty down to the depth of his bones but also a wallet that's just as deep. He's the heir to Zhousheng corp. He plans to redirect funding towards domestic manufacturing. Why would China even invest in international manufacturing... However, his uncle and the board of directors are against it. Upset with the lack of support, he has a sudden urge to see Shi Yi – even if she's four hours away. He phones her to invite her for a midnight snack. When he's at her office, Shi Yi hurriedly runs out and almost trips. He catches her. 

In the car ride, the prolonged silence becomes increasingly awkward. Shi Yi fills it in by asking why he insists on picking her up. He answers simply that it's dangerous for her to be out so late alone. Silence, we meet again. One question will only earn one reply from this man. 

Shi Yi's sweet thoughts: What a weird person! Fortunately, I don’t mind.

One and Only References
  • Mei Xing is the reincarnation of Liu Zi Xing (Crown Prince). It's ironic that the last place he saw Cui Shiyi when she committed suicide is the same place he falls in love at first sight with the current Shi Yi. He's doomed again, isn't he?
  • Driver Lin is the reincarnation of Xie Chong. There will always be a cute old man watching their love blossom. 
[Ep3] Midnight snack turns out to be quite lavish. Zhousheng Chen thought Shi Yi would like this regal place. In fact, he thinks they're quite similar. Oh, really now? Shi Yi wants to be enlightened. She likes classical literature and he likes collecting 吴歌 (WuGe) embroidery. Shi Yi laughs to herself – WuGe has a lot of erotic songs and poems. She only tells him that they're not quite the same. Then crabs are served. Shi Yi digs in. Zhousheng Chen doesn't find it appetizing. 'Cause he's raising crabs? Lol. Dinner in my books was a failure but was enjoyable for these two. Zhousheng Chen smiles all the way home. The next day Mei Xing asks for a simple description to this female friend, but to Zhousheng Chen, a few sentences isn’t enough to describe her. 

Mei Xing reminds Zhousheng Chen that although he is the heir, to access the shares in his father's will, Zhousheng Chen needs to be married. Later that night, Zhousheng Chen is back in Shanghai at Shi Yi's condominium. He's staring up at her condo. And then he leaves without contacting her. Zhousheng Chen wanted to confirm his feelings: would he be annoyed at the 8 hour commute just to see her? Zhousheng Chen has found his answer: 

"The happiness cannot be compared" Says the guy who wasn't driving.

Shi Yi is back in Zhenjiang (her hometown as well) for a holiday. There's a traffic jam because a lot of investors are heading into the city (for Zhousheng Chen's meeting). Shi Yi's Dad compliments the CEO for enriching their city. Shi Yi happily agrees with Dad. Yes, what a nice General CEO he is for protecting the city. It’s his life’s calling

Zhousheng Chen contemplates on whether to phone Shi Yi (or maybe he's mentally rehearsing the conversation). The phone call starts like this: he knows she's back in the city, he also knows her license plate, her family information like how the car belongs to her father. Not creepy. Then he gets to the main point: “I need to be engaged.” Shi Yi's heart shatters. She musters her best Congratulations. Thankfully, he clarifies: "Shi Yi, would you be willing to be engaged with me?” Just checking, Ep3 out of Ep30

He thinks they're not strangers anymore. So why not be engaged? Lol. She can reject him if she wants, given she can probably meet better men than him. Shi Yi almost automatically replies there is no better man than him. Seeing a glimmer of hope, Zhousheng Chen explains he's slow to warm, "Towards an 'object', it usually takes me a while to generate feelings" – he really is speaking like a robot. If she ever finds him unsuitable, she can cancel the engagement anytime she wants. 

Shi Yi accepts the engagement! Of course she does. And silence, we meet again. Shi Yi thought he hung up on her. Zhousheng Chen is in disbelief on the other end. Then he recovers and asks for her body measurements. Pft. It’s to customize a qipao for her. Very willingly, Shi Yi gives him her numbers 92/62/90. Oh, but he also needs her measurements down to her ankle and wrist. Uh, she'll need to measure those and update him later. From not having the basic numbers (her phone number), he now knows all her possible numbers. Efficient

Speaking about efficiency: his first phone call was to ask her for dinner and his second phone call went straight to a proposal. 

One and Only References
  • 吴歌 (Wuge) was mentioned in Ep12 where it was Zhousheng Chen who knew the songs were erotic. Cui Shiyi was a maiden too innocent to be tainted with such knowledge. 
  • Shi Yi and Dad moments – How close they are now is reflective of their past life. Cui Shiyi lost her voice because of her father's departure. 
  • Zhousheng Chen standing outside Shi Yi's place parallels to Ep13's. Huan Yu (from O&O) had commented that he also stood all night outside his sweetheart's room and then they were engaged. 
  • And voila, Zhousheng Chen and Shi Yi are engaged~  
  • Zhousheng Chen proposing first is an answer to Cui Shiyi's "promise" before she committed suicide. She had asked him to marry her first in their next life. 
[Ep4] Zhousheng Chen gets a phone! Oi. How did he survive without one? It's mainly to communicate with Shi Yi. He texts her that he’ll be there to meet her family. Shi Yi's family is welcoming of Zhousheng Chen. The only obstacle (family-wise) is Zhousheng Chen's mother. 

Zhousheng Chen and Shi Yi promise to exchange baby mementos. He gave her his Gold Fu Longevity Lock which has his birthday engraved on it. It's kinda neat because it's Zhousheng Chen's shengchen (birthday). 
Interesting bit: Only the eldest son has the surname Zhousheng. All his siblings are "Zhou". However, when Shi Yi asks him if he's the only Zhousheng in the family, his answer is unclear. 

Zhousheng Chen will have to go back to work in Xi’an. He wants to set a time so that they can call each other everyday. They agree on: 7am, 11am, and 11:30pm. Remember their names. "Chen" means 7am - 9pm. Shi Yi sounds like 11. The main context of their calls: Good morning; Good afternoon; Good night. If this guy was mine: Goodbye. Thank god he belongs to Shi Yi

One and Only References
  • Shi Yi's aunt. It’s nice to see that in this lifetime, she’s happy with her husband. Previously, Cui Wen Ji never got to marry the man she loves who was Zhousheng Chen's uncle. 
  • Zhousheng Chen's traditional Good morning/afternoon/night is probably a throwback to Shi Yi's greetings to him in Ep2. Remember how she insisted on bowing/greeting him twice a day and he was like Save me. It's funny how he's the one doing it this lifetime.
  • Lin Fei is Xie Chen's reincarnation. Lin Fei is Driver Lin's nephew. Xie Chen is Xie Chong's son. 
[Ep5] Shi Yi asks Zhousheng Chen why he didn’t call in the afternoon. He apologizes; he was busy. Then he coughs. Worried, she tells him to hang up so that he can take medication but then she spots him downstairs at her recording studio. He’s here to pick her up after work – he sacrificed a lot of sleep to get here. But he’s not the one driving. And look at him holding her purse in such an endearingly awkward fashion. 

Zhousheng Chen, our professor, treats most things like it’s research – he can even apply it to dating. When Shi Yi asks what if his research direction¹ on their relationship is wrong, he corrects her that her approach to this question is wrong. There’s no right or wrong in research. Connecting this logic to their relationship, it’s already a fact that they’re together and if something happens in the middle, they can always adjust their methods to maintain their relationship.

Shi Yi invites Zhousheng Chen to her home with pure intentions – she wants to feed him Chinese medicine. Still, he's wary because he wants to take their relationship slowly, especially after he rushed their engagement. However, he admits that he did want to see her place. Minutes later, she's shooing him away. It's because she learns he has to head back to Zhenjiang and he won't be getting much sleep if he stays any longer. But she just gave him bitter Chinese medicine to drink for his cold. He gulps it down, obviously hating the bitterness, but for her, he’ll suck it up. We learn from Driver Lin that Zhousheng Chen hated Chinese herbal tea since childhood.

Zhousheng Chen doesn’t go home immediately. He’s downstairs watching how long it takes for her to shower, which is approximately 25 minutes. Not creepy at all. So there are these numbers he can learn too, eh

Shi Yi has something she doesn’t like since childhood too: the colour red. She died in red. Another interesting tidbit: Zhousheng Chen's mother never had a proper marriage with Dad. 

Zhousheng Chen learns to drive for Shi Yi. He's slow at driving, but at least he arrives before Shi Yi's award ceremony ends. He catches Shi Yi on stage, awarding Best Documentary to 如故 (Ru-gu). Half of the prequel's title

One and Only References
  • All this long distance relationship is a parallel to Zhousheng Chen fighting at the borders. Cui Shiyi and Zhousheng Chen spent more time apart than together but that had no effect on their love. 
  • Zhousheng Chen was always the fastest on his horse and now he's a slowpoke with a luxurious car xD. Still, if he promises to arrive, he'll be there, haha
[Ep6] In the car, Shi Yi feeds Zhousheng Chen candy. His lips lightly touch her fingers. They both tense up in this enclosed space. Needing fresh air, he asks her if she prefers opening the window or turning on the AC. She chooses the former, and so Zhousheng Chen reaches over to open the window. Shi Yi is flustered at how close he is. Does he not have controls on his side? Omg, I hope he's okay driving. Opening the window isn't at all a relief to the tension that’s within their hearts.

Zhousheng Chen has a present for Shi Yi. It's a watch made of meteorite. A watch is also a very fitting present for these two whose names revolve around time. Zhousheng Chen has also confirmed that Shi Yi's shower time can last up to 38 minutes. ???

Zhousheng Chen waits outside Shi Yi's condominium in the morning to have breakfast for her. She already ate but she invites him upstairs to make breakfast for him. It's cereal. She politely tells him she can pour more for him if he likes it. Lol xD. As he's eating, she notices he's pale. She touches his forehead and confirms he has a fever. She makes him sleep (on her bed) for his fever to recover. 

  • Shi Yi doesn't like red, but she does like blue/turquoise. It's the colour she wore (as Cui Shiyi) when she first met Zhousheng Chen
  • Forehead touch – I'm a little disappointed in Show for using this forehead touch for a fever moment when it was so special in One and Only
[Ep7Some family dynamics. Is there something romantic between Uncle Zhousheng and Mom Zhou? Also Zhou Wen Chuan has an agenda to overtake the company (or maybe he's just obsessed with rivaling his brother). He clearly loves Xiao Man (designer lady) but because of his family, he has to marry Tong Jia Ren. 

Zhousheng Chen takes Shi Yi to their new house, uh mansion. It's still under renovation. Shi Yi finds a poem he wrote (the one from Ep1). Inexplicably, she wants it and it doesn't matter that he wrote it casually. 

These two have their ‘marriage home' almost ready and an engagement party planned but these two... have they even held hands? They haven't kissed yet, that's for sure. 

  • Zhousheng Chen giving her the poem mirrors his past life in how he helped her complete a similar poem. 
  • I wonder if the set used for Zhou family's home is the same as O&O. 
[Ep8] Shi Yi and Zhousheng Chen finally hold hands on their way to their engagement party. Our boy was so shy about it, but he did it! On their way, she learns more about his complexly complicated family. Zhousheng Ren is his younger "brother" by adoption. They're actually cousins. When Zhousheng Chen's father passed away, Chen was too young to oversee the family company so Uncle temporarily took the rein, adopting the last name Zhousheng and therefore his son changed his name to Zhousheng Ren too. Zhou Wen Chuan and Zhou Wen Xing are Zhousheng Chen's younger 'siblings'. (Zhou Wen Xing has a very obvious crush on Mei Xing). 

Zhousheng Chen notices Shi Yi doesn't eat much and so he made her breakfast into lotus flower designs.

Zhou Wen Xing takes Shi Yi to the library tower (also not the same one from One and Only). Zhou Wen Xing playfully recommends Shi Yi to give Zhou Sheng Chen flowers if she ever argues with him – he has a minor allergy to pollen. His reaction is like a cold, he'll cough a bit, and then his temperature will slightly rise. Hmm. Was he allergic all the previous times? Was he practicing carving lotus flowers with real flowers?

  • Zhou Wen Xing is Princess Xing Hua's reincarnation. She’s still in love with the Crown Prince (Mei Xing) who unfortunately is still in love with the Crown Princess he couldn't marry 
  • In Ep13, to express her love that she had to suppress, Cui Shiyi painted a lotus flower. It's now used in this lifetime as Zhousheng Chen's expression of love towards Shi Yi. 
[Ep9] Zhousheng Chen takes Shi Yi upstairs to see the scenery. Shi Yi has a fear of heights. Of course she would. Zhousheng Chen wraps her in his arms, giving her security. They're this close to kissing and cue the interruption: Zhou Wen Xing. 

Zhousheng Chen takes Shi Yi to visit his grandmother – the elder who he values the most. Grandma gives Shi Yi a bracelet with a pearl; it's a memento of Zhousheng Chen's late mother, his birth mother.  And now Shi Yi learns about his biological family. His father left Zhou family to marry his mother (Qin Wen Jin). When his mother passed away, Dad married the current Mom as per his family wishes so that Zhousheng Chen could properly be in Zhou family. The current Mom is Zhou Wen Chuan and Zhou Wen Xing's mother. Grandma is the mother of the current Mom but she always treated Zhousheng Chen and his mother like they were family. After hearing his story, Shi Yi realizes Zhousheng Chen has no one related to him in this family.  For you and for myself:
  • Grandma: Affectionate step-grandmother
  • Mom Zhou: Mean stepmom
  • Uncle Zhousheng: Bad uncle
  • Zhousheng Ren: Cute little cousin dude 
  • Zhou Wen Chuan: Jealous younger half-brother. He likes Xiao Man but has to marry Tong Jia Ren
  • Zhou Wen Xing: Sweet younger half-sister. She likes Mei Xing. Also, her health is so frail that she had to quit med school. 
Zhousheng Chen wants the car keys from Driver Lin but Lin would rather give it to Shi Yi. Even though he hasn't seen her drive, anyone would be better than our slowpoke Zhousheng Chen. Indeed, she's pretty skilled (or looks skilled, lol). I'm thinking back to O&O and if Shi Yi had access to education like Zhousheng Chen, she could easily beat up the guys. She was good with archery just by training on her own. Sometimes I wonder if our modern leads are really that different from O&O
They're back in the car (Driver Lin is driving). Shi Yi signals Zhousheng Chen to pull up the divider so that Driver Lin can't see them. She begins the conversation, asking about the ring exchange during their engagement. Then she asks what about after the exchange, does he need to kiss his fiancée? Our shy slowpoke never thought of that. Well, think of that now. Shi Yi tells him to come closer and to close his eyes. Flustered, he lightly licks his lips and closes his eyes. She initiates the kiss. Zhousheng Chen kisses her back. Lalala. Oopsie-daisy, the dividers accidentally scrolled down. Right, Driver Lin? Lol. Our couple fly apart, and Zhousheng Chen, as casually as he can, flips through a magazine  titled "Everyday Mindfulness", and reads it upside down. Shi Yi initiates once again ~  Then again, she was the one who did all the (indirect) confessions in their past life too

While Shi Yi is waiting for a text from Zhousheng Chen after that (not-so-secretive-)secret kiss in the car, our socially awkward guy is outside her room, timing her shower again!!! Omg, this fetish of his. This is not the time for that! He notices she's not taking her shower even after ten minutes of entering her room. Well, isn't that odd. Later that night, neither can sleep. They hover around the door, wanting to see each other, but neither are courageous enough. 

Early in the morning, Zhousheng Chen needs to run. Heh. Then he comes back for a shower and Shi Yi is just heading out. She asks him to join her "morning (辰 chen) run". He goes like it's the first time he ran today. When they're catching a break, Shi Yi admits she couldn't sleep last night but denies it had anything to do with him. He also lies that he slept through the night. More like tossed and turned the entire night. 

The best way to win a love rival (not that the guy is considered one) is to make him greet you 爷爷 and 奶奶 and that's how this dude who flirted with Shi Yi and ridiculed Zhousheng Chen has to greet them. Calling young ones "grandpa" and "grandma" (in English) might be an insult with ageism connotation but in Chinese, it's about respect. No better way to force someone to pay their respect by having them call you 爷爷 / 奶奶

  • Shi Yi is afraid of heights when she (Cui Shiyi) used to stand atop a roof to admire the snow fall. However, it's completely understandable after she committed suicide from a high tower. 
  • Mom is sorta like Empress Dowager. Will she seduce someone this lifetime too? xD 
  • The moment they're standing at the doors remind me of Ep13 where they're also separated by a door. This time it's cute – they're shy about expressing their love. The last time was kinda heartbreaking – they're forced to suppress their love
[Ep10] Zhousheng Ren doesn't let anyone sit in his car but he does let Shi Yi use it. He even eagerly joins her to meet her family. He meets Shi Yuan Yuan, Shi Yi's younger cousin. This little dude is funny and cute

The engagement party is canceled/postponed. Tong Xiao Fu (the pregnant woman) had a preterm labour and is in critical condition. She sustained the injury at the engagement showcase (the party before the party?). Zhousheng Chen is solemnly apologetic to Shi Yi. She diverts his attention by telling him to cheer her up since she's the one who should be upset. Zhousheng asks her to teach him. She laughs. I guess that worked? He has a logical reason for asking her. He can try all he wants but all may fail but, on the other hand, if she tells him exactly how then it's guaranteed to work. And so, she asks him for a truthful answer: Did he really sleep all night last night? Sighing, he confesses: Not a wink. Shi Yi smiles brightly. 

More family problems arise. Shi Yi's side realizes Zhousheng Chen's mother doesn't like Shi Yi. Zhou Sheng Chen explains to her family that it's not Shi Yi his mother dislikes – it's him. 

Shi Yi cheers up Zhousheng Chen. Puzzled, he asks her why she's making him happy when it's him who's at fault. The answer is simple: he's more upset than her. 

Grandma makes Shi Yi stay the night. Zhousheng Chen and Shi Yi are to sleep in one room together, but he sneaks out to take the couch. Shi Yi texts him, hinting for him to come back but he doesn't get it. Grumpily (and cutely) she drags him back inside. 

  • Zhousheng Ren is the young (the good one) Crown Prince from the later episodes. 
[Ep11] Shi Yi casually invites Zhousheng Chen to share the bed – they’ll just sleep back to back. Well, she breaks that rule pretty soon. It’s not what you think. She just wants to chat with this guy and break his one-question-one-answer replies. She teaches him how to continue a conversation and then it turns scientific, omg lol. Zhousheng Chen wants to close the window because it’s raining and it’s cold. Shi Yi stops him. She likes the sound, and as for the cold, “Aren’t there blankets and you?” Shi Yi smiles and snuggles in the blanket. Feeling all fuzzy and warm from within the depth of his soul, he gives his side of the blanket to her too. He says he’s not cold. Dude is hot, hot, hot. But Shi Yi wouldn’t leave him in the cold without a blanket. And Shi Yi even tells him to turn around. She wants to sleep facing him. I think Zhousheng Chen has always felt ‘cold’ and lonely growing up in Zhou family. When Shi Yi tells him he’s her warmth, she doesn’t know she’s also showering her warmth to him with her love

In the morning, Zhousheng Chen slips a coin in Shi Yi’s hand. When Shi Yi wakes up, she fibs that she picked up the coin from the blanket. Zhousheng Chen merely laughs and calls her lucky. 

He slipped a 2011 coin in the heart of her palm. 
'520' means I love you and so '20' itself means love you
11 is Shi Yi. 
Therefore 2011 = Love you Shi Yi. 
The coin also has a value of 1 and so therefore Shi Yi is his One and Only? 
The unending explanations, lol.

In front of grandma, Zhousheng Chen proposes to Shi Yi to register their marriage. Very casually. Just like that. A marriage! I guess the “2011” was a confession??  xD Zhousheng Chen doesn’t quite understand the storm he’s creating in Shi Yi’s heart. She needs time to think as she isolates herself in his room. But soon, she’s back. She hands her house keys to Driver Lin with instructions on where her ID is. A marriage it is! 

Zhousheng Chen reminds Shi Yi their wedding anniversary is May 11th. It’s to match her name. May is the 5th month so it sounds like wu which sounds 我 (wo) which means "I" and therefore May 11th is Mine (Zhousheng Chen's) and Shi Yi's anniversary. Chinese. The language where we can convey meaning with numbers. Shi Yi is like No wonder it had to be today. Zhousheng Chen laughs that he’s grateful he had this excuse, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to explain his erratic behaviour. Oops, did he just give himself away? (; Awkwardly, he exits the room to shower but he does leave behind a ring. This guy does everything, but it’s all done so awkwardly. It’s like a checkbox. Hold hands. Kiss. Sleep. Marriage. Ring. Check, check, check. Our shy boy doesn’t even come back in the room to sleep with his wife. 

Grandma cheerfully drops the news to Zhou family that Zhousheng Cheng and Shi Yi are married. Not one member is cheerful except Zhousheng Ren. Mom Zhou privately warns Shi Yi that she won’t approve of their marital status.

  • "Aren't there blankets and you?" Would this be referring to the time he carried her to bed while wrapping her in a blanket? (Ep3)
  • Zhousheng Chen has always been stranded and lonely in his family. Actually, he barely ever had a family. When he was a prince, he was sent to the outskirts of the country. He even had to relinquish his marriage for the sake of "family". Now that he's an heir to his aristocratic family, he is still alone. This time, though, he's not relinquishing his marriage. He won't forsaken Shi Yi anymore.  
[Ep12] Zhousheng Chen's family friend bestows calligraphy to the newlyweds. Shi Yi returns a present: she paints a lotus flower. Everyone marvels. Shi Yi tells Zhousheng Chen that for a long time, she always liked drawing lotuses. She's not that great at painting humans. This reminds her of Cui Shiyi (the character she's dubbing) and how they're alike. For Cui Shiyi, whenever she drew lotus flowers, she was thinking of Junior Prince of Nanchen. She never drew people because she was afraid others would know she loves him. 

Zhousheng Chen takes Shi Yi to see Junior Prince of Nanchen – the name in his ancestral book. Zhousheng is reborn in his own line? Note: Drama won't be obvious with the reincarnation  theme because it can't. Zhousheng Chen asks about the airport that day. Shi Yi flirts that he can think of it as her falling in love at first sight. She cutely complains how it wasn't the same for him. Zhousheng Chen, without an ounce of wit, answers that it really wasn't love at first sight for him. Unaware he offended his wife, he's equally unaware that he just melted her heart by saying he gradually fell in love with her. 

In both lifetimes, Shi Yi fell in love at first sight with him and Zhou Sheng Chen gradually fell in love with her. What I really like about this dialogue is the added depth to their names. 

The idioms used: 
Love at first sight 一见钟情 (yi jian zhong qing)
Familiarity breeds fondness (Gradually in love) 日久生情 (ri jiu sheng qing)

Their names in the idiom: 
Shi Yi (时宜 or 十) fell in love via 见钟情
Zhousheng Chen (周辰) fell in love via 日久情 

Time in their names and the idiom: 
钟 (zhong) in 一见钟情 means clock;  时 (shi) in 时宜 means time 
久 (jiu; long) in 日久生情 is often represented in numbers as 9 (jiu) and it would also be the number I'd associate with Zhou if I had to pick one. 

Zhousheng Chen uses two books as an analogy of their love. Although they're different books, as they each flip a page (to know each other more) their pages will overlap, and be one. One of the books is Genomes. You Are My Glory has tainted me. I can't help but think about genes influencing or blending with each other. And now Drama even has a book to visualize this 👏👏. When Zhousheng Chen leaves, Shi Yi picks up the blended books. With all her mighty strength she tries to pull them apart but the books are like glued together. Ha, I like this because I was holding back on ruining the romance by commenting they could totally pull the books apart. And she just confirmed it doesn't work. But is it really that hard? Lemme go find a genome book now! (Update: It's hard)

Mom Zhou doesn't approve of the marriage with Shi Yi because Shi Yi cannot support Zhousheng Chen. If Mom Zhou doesn't find a wife with a high social status, then Zhousheng Chen cannot contend in Zhou family at all. Mom Zhou is being considerate of Zhousheng Chen who's all alone in this family. Oh wut, Mom is a nice one? But the marriage is already a fact and so Mom Zhou signs all the papers to transfer Dad Zhou's shares to Zhousheng Chen. Mei Xing is his trusty representative. (And pitiful Zhou Wen Chuan finds himself in a useless marriage now that the company belongs to his brother)

Zhousheng Chen will be abroad in Germany for two months. Driver Lin goads him that if he leaves too long, Shi Yi will be snatched away. He also mentions that if it weren't for Shi Yi, no one would want him. Zhousheng Chen laughs and agrees that someone like him is certainly a misfit for marriage. Driver Lin corrects him that yes, he's not suitable for dating, but marriage, Zhousheng Chen is perfect like no other. 

Zhousheng Chen puts on his marriage ring. Inside, there's an engraving: April 7th, which is the Chinese lunar calendar equivalent of May 11th (2019). 

  • Hong Xiao Yu finds her Cui Feng! I don't know his name yet (in this drama)
[Ep13Germany. Tong Jia Ren is drunk and a coworker sends her to Zhousheng Chen's place. When she sobers up, she tells Zhousheng Cheng she's divorced, then she asks Zhousheng Chen the reason for his speedy marriage. Ah, this girl thinks he married to make her jealous. Girl, I'm awed at your delusions. His replies crumble her hopes. First he calls her a stranger who doesn't need to know his decisions. Then he indirectly tells her that all these years he refused to marry her isn't just because he values marriage but because he values who he's marrying. He uses an idiom that normally translates to "it's nothing personal". However. he reversed it, and so now it means "it's everything personal (that I'm not marrying you".
Shi Yi arrives in Germany to visit her "husband". Mei Xing finally sees her – the woman whose appearance is engraved in his heart. Mei Xing, you stay good, alright. It's not a question. It's a demand. Shi Yi only has eyes for her dorky Zhousheng Chen, obviously. Mei Xing isn't just a big fat (good looking) light bulb hovering around our newly weds; he's here as a lawyer to have Shi Yi sign documents to transfer Zhousheng Chen's assets to her. \

Mei Xing has a courtesy name (Google: a name bestowed upon one at adulthood in addition to one's given name, stressing a moral principle). It's Mei Ru Gu. The same rugu has the Chinese title of One and Only. Shi Yi had a nice poem to explain his name: willow trees and lotus flowers wither but plums (mei) remain the same. I'm hoping that also means he's going to stay loyal. Mei Xing informs Shi Yi of Zhousheng Chen's courtesy name: Chang Feng⁴ (Forever Wind). His name is derived from a poem that alludes to his past as a general – the strong force like wind and wave that gushed through the lonely mountainsI paraphrased

Shi Yi buys Zhousheng Chen a bouquet. Because the girl wants to. I love her. She remembers he's allergic so I think she got him synthetic dried up flowers. 
Shi Yi has jetlag. She invites Zhousheng Chen to bed and asks him to coax her to sleep by reciting her poems. Eventually her eyes closes. He falls asleep too. When they wake up, she's in his arms. Shi Yi reaches out to touch his forehead, the gap between his eyebrows.

Shi Yi: No matter how flawless the skin is, it will age but you in my heart will remain beautiful. I can see the beauty within your bones

Her poetic speech reminds him of a verse in Shanglin Fu. It's also the same line he thought of when he first met her at the airport: 

Extraordinary, different from conventions, a beauty so bewitching and refined

I paraphrased a teeny bit at the end. Guys, this is hard! 

  • So far this episode is the closest we can get to the reincarnation theme. Zhousheng Chen was supposed to recite poems to lull Shi Yi to sleep. But once he thinks she's asleep, he cheats a bit by counting: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Shi Yi (11)? This is the first time he called her Shi Yi (Eleven) as in the way General Zhousheng Chen would call Cui Shiyi
  • Chang Feng is the name of Zhousheng Chen's qin ⁴
[Ep14] Hong Xiao Yu's new guy's name is Du Feng (reincarnated from Cui Feng).

Zhou Wen Chuan deliberately makes Shi Yi uneasy by returning Zhousheng Chen's ring that he found from Tong Jia Ren. Why did I pity this guy? Shi Yi has unwavering faith in Zhousheng Chen. Plus, why would Zhousheng Chen give his wedding band that has their wedding anniversary engraved in it to another woman? Zhousheng Chen explains to Shi Yi everything about Tong Jia Ren. They had an engagement but it was cancelled because her older sister married Uncle Zhousheng. As if Zhou family wasn't already complicated enough, Zhousheng Ren is the son of Tong Jia Ren's sister, which means Tang Jia Ren is Ren's maternal aunt...and his step-sister-in-law. Well ex step-sister-in-law

From a coworker, Shi Yi learns the meteorite that her watch is made of was a present from Zhousheng Chen's respected professor. It was meant to be for his future wife. In Chinese there's a popular saying 'to grab the stars from the sky' for the person you love. Zhousheng Chen did just that. Lol. I find this funny. He l.i.t.e.r.a.l.l.y did that. This boring man gave her a star – a meteorite. A real star. Zhousheng Chen's boring romantic ways are tickling me

A gang fight breaks out in Germany. So random. But was it random? Shi Yi was almost injured, and was certainly frightened from the incident. Zhousheng Chen's research is also running into problems, apparently delaying his return to China. There's too many coincidences that Zhousheng Chen wants Shi Yi to return to China for her safety. He doesn't tell her, though. He asks what he can do to make her happier. Some loving words would help. Shi Yi initiates by asking if he finds her pretty. He's silent, and so she awkwardly adds that perhaps there's someone prettier than her. Zhousheng Chen  assertively denies this one. There's no other girl as beautiful as her. Our slowpoke Zhousheng Chen, stutters in his movement as he kisses her cheek. Shi Yi anticipates another kiss on the lips, but he's more concerned about her wet hair. A slowpoke, indeed. Still, Shi Yi loves this man. 

The next morning, Shi Yi eats the breakfast Zhousheng Chen carefully prepared for her (like noodle by noodle...) and then tells her when he's back in China they'll sleep in the same room. Shi Yi chokes. Too fast, man. The girl cannot grasp your speed. Shi Yi teases him that she can't let him in her room yet because as long as they're not married (ceremony), they're not officially husband and wife. Zhousheng Chen can't hide his disappointment as he repeats twice that he doesn't mind taking the living room. Smirking, Shi Yi changes the topic to his breakfast because only she is eating. There's a three hour* difference between them – he already ate. Shi Yi is like, "Right, your family wakes up at 5am to eat." I think Zhousheng Chen is disappointed at her choice of words: "your family"

*Three hour difference. This is perhaps referring to their names. The time of chen is 7-9am. Shi Yi is 11. If we say the average time of chen is 8 then there really is a three hour difference between them

  • Just who is Zhou Wen Chuan's reincarnation? The Emperor? He was misled by a minister but in the end, he was a good guy. 
[Ep15] Du Feng is a police officer. His team is investigating Zhousheng Chen. Whaa. Is that why he's approaching Hong Xiao Yu? I think he's genuinely interested in her but in the meantime he's using her for his investigation. Not a good combo

Once Shi Yi is available to talk on the phone, Zhousheng Chen begins his report of when he woke up, what he ate, the water that seeped in. OMG. Meanwhile Shi Yi updates him that there's someone trying to pursue her (it's her coworker). Does Zhousheng Chen mind? Of course. He even remembers that guy's name. 

Shi Yi is afraid of the dark – she's actually afraid of a lot of things. She used to dream a lot and it disturbed her sleep. She constantly woke up at night. She had to get treatment for it. She's better now but she's still afraid of the dark. Well, now she has Zhousheng Chen's voice to put her to sleep while she's on a business trip. That's not all! Zhousheng Chen sent her a little protector: Zhousheng Ren. No wonder our kiddo is sticking to her ~ And that's not all!! Zhousheng Chen is here! He can't let another man have a chance or even a glimmer of hope with Shi Yi. 
After Shi Yi introduces her husband to her boss, it seems to have unlocked Zhousheng Chen's heart ~ He intimately hugs her around the waist. Both are damp from the rain. Water is dripping from his bangs. She reaches out to touch his nose-bridge, trailing her finger to the tip. As he touches her hair drenched from rain, she's touching his button, and freeing his skin from beneath ~ 

Zhousheng Chen: Don't turn up the temperature too much, we'll be sweating later. 

  • (Ep12) On the boat, there were girls flirting with Zhousheng Chen and so Cui Shiyi clutched onto her man's arm. The paddler called him her "husband". In this life, Zhousheng Chen is claiming his woman while Shi Yi can finally, righteously, call him her husband. 
  • (Ep19) Zhousheng Ren and Shi Yi sitting down to read and write reminds me that they were once teacher and student in their past life
  • (Ep11) I like the way he hugged her, resting his face on her shoulder. It's as if to remind us that he had touched her bare shoulders through a cloth in their past life. There's a continuity in the tension from their past life that has accumulated to this life, to this moment
[Ep16] Drama skips the good part and now Shi Yi and Zhousheng Chen have finished sweating. Anyway, I do like how Shi Yi touches his collarbone as he's speaking. She's very in love with this rare bone of his. On their walk, we also learn why he watched Step Into The Past (a drama) 79 times. He doesn't want to waste time watching a new drama just like how he doesn't want to waste time on any other girl except Shi Yi ~. Shi Yi is his One and Only and Zhousheng Chen is her Forever and Ever.  

After a lunch with Hong Xiao Yu and Du Feng, Shi Yi is inebriated. In her drunken speech, she tells Zhousheng Chen she knows he hates business. Patting her chest, she promises that she can handle everything else while he can just do what he loves. She declares, "I am the person you can depend on, the person closest to you." Zhousheng Chen knows he can trust these words ~ Then it's raining. He's trying to wait out the rain because he doesn't want Shi Yi (who's sleeping on his lap) to be cold but it's getting dark. A kind man lends an umbrella (and his hand) to shield Shi Yi from being rained on as Zhousheng Chen carries her home. 

Zhousheng Chen puts Shi Yi to sleep. Still drunk, she starts wondering that if she dies first, he'll have to suffer a bit this lifetime but she'll be sure to repay him the next life. How? Be his wife again! Again and again. Forever and Ever. He's silent. Shi Yi complains that she knows he doesn't believe in after-life or reincarnations. But then Zhousheng Chen accepts her proposals. He's willing to accept her silly declarations. I think that's asking a lot from our straight-laced geek who doesn't know he was a General in his past life.

Shi Yi sleep-talks; she wants a pomegranate. And so the next day Zhousheng Chen drives across the city to buy her the fruit, looking smoking hot on a baby pink motorbike plus helmet combo. He even seeds it for her. Shi Yi gobbles down the fruit without knowing the amount of effort he poured into this bowl of sweetness. Zhousheng Chen is simply happy that she's happy. When she says it tastes sweet, he smiles even sweeter. 

Zhousheng Ren is lonely. His favourite brother (Zhousheng Chen) is back but he's with his wife. Our Ren can't interrupt the sweethearts and so he visits Yuan Yuan with his resting pouty face. 

Zhou Wen Xing waits for Mei Xing in the rain. He tells her to stay put and stay dry (as much as she can). He's worried about her health. Before they enter the building, he dries her from the tips of her hair to the bottom ends of her legs. 

My episode conclusion: Water shalt not touch our damsels. Rain can kill

  • (Ep5) Shi Yi's drunken talk about dying parallels with Cui Shiyi asking shifu what if he dies. Unlike Zhousheng Chen who told Cui Shiyi to not look for his body after his death, Shi Yi tells him to wait for her forever and ever.
  • (Ep22) Shi Yi's love for pomegranate remains the same. Zhousheng Chen's way of loving her  also remains the same – deeply and silently. 
  • Zhousheng Ren took Yuan Yuan to the tea factory which may be a nod to all the tea scenes in O&O (e.g. the time when Cui Shiyi was punished by Zhousheng Chen for throwing out perfectly good tea)⁶
[Ep17] Back in Shanghai, at the grocery store, Zhousheng Chen buys Shi Yi's favourite cereal "Honey Stars". The Chinese name has 奇 (strange). I think drama is really driving home the message that our slowpoke is a weirdo (a special weirdo). At night, Zhousheng Chen takes the joke seriously and sleeps on the couch. Shi Yi had to initiate to pull him back into her room. She turns out to be quite an active sleeper regardless if she's drunk. It might have been better if Zhousheng Chen stuck with the living room

It's raining again! There's no umbrella this time. Well, Zhousheng Chen becomes her umbrella. Still, by the time they're in the car, they're both wet. He's got clothes in the car for her to change into. He waits outside in the rain. After she's done, she wants him to change too. He's reluctant until she convinces him that if he catches a cold, she will too. Initially, she nervously looks away but then she starts teasing him to strip slower for her to admire. Zhousheng Chen's hands freezes at his pants. Shi Yi jokes that she can admire at home too and looks away. 

As Zhousheng Chen is driving, he asks her: "Do you like kids?" She does. They both do. And so we get a bed scene! No we don't. Zhousheng Chen is busy staring at his laptop. What happened to kids? In a silky gown, Shi Yi asks "Didn't you say you like kids?" He did, which is why he's considering a western wedding ceremony so that they can have a flower girl and a pageboy. Omg. Not embarrassed at all, Shi Yi excuses herself. Zhousheng Chen's expression says it all: Did I say something wrong? No. You do you

Our slowpoke reflects. He gets it! Within the night. Hallelujah. He joins Shi Yi in the bed and lays himself face up. 

Zhousheng Chen: I am ready. 

Next morning. Yuan Yuan and Shi Yi's grandparents are here. Zhousheng Chen opens the door in pjs, practically exposing that he and Shi Yi slept together. He awkwardly leaves the condo in his crocs (his says "S.Y 520" = Shi Yi I love you. Meanwhile Shi Yi's has "ZSC 520").

[Ep18] Zhousheng Chen is invited to dinner with Shi Yi's parents. There's not much Mom can say when Shi Yi says her only choice is Zhousheng Chen. The men are outside playing Go, listening to every word. The girls don't know they can hear everything in this soundproof-less room. It's Zhousheng Chen's and Dad's little secret. 

As our couple is walking, a dog barks at Shi Yi. Zhousheng Chen is scared – not for himself but for her. He's scared the dog will bite her but Shi Yi is used to it. Cats and dogs snarl at her all the time. A fortune teller had once said that perhaps she wasn't meant to be born. Zhousheng Chen's eyebrows knit together. Shi Yi laughs that she's kidding. 

Driver Lin is back! I miss him! And that's all I get to say 'cause it's like a ten second scene

Zhou Wen Chuan proposes to Xiao Man. She accepts. 

The security guard and a gardening lady gossip about Shi Yi's husband living at her home. The gardening lady gives her two cents: fake guys who pretend to be good are worse than playboys. Playboys may lie to pretty girls, but the fake ones aren't only after their looks (body), but also their money. Lol xD. 

[Ep19] Shi Yi is hospitalized but Zhousheng Chen is in Zhenjiang and so he drives as fast as he can back to Shanghai (and I am wondering how fast that is). Mei Xing is also worried and follows. And thus there are three guys  (+ coworker) who all love her and are at the hospital with her. But she loves  only her husband. Shi Yi showers Zhousheng Chen with some love: she pecks him on the cheek and snuggles with him on the tiny couch when she has a bed of her own.

Poor Mei Xing is not only brokenhearted, but he probably has a few broken ribs too. On the way home, his car is stopped by thieves. Thankfully, Driver Lin (and Lin Fei) appear to save him. Is this deliberate? Who is behind this? When Zhou Wen Xing finds out, she confronts her brother, Zhou Wen Chuan.

Grandma cries to Mom Zhou. The former apologizes for breaking up Mom Zhou and Uncle Zhousheng.

[Ep20] Shi Yi is at Zhou Family for dinner. Tong Jia Ren is there too. The family doesn't know she divorced. 

Shi Yi and Zhou Wen Xing enjoy a boat ride at night but Shi Yi accidentally falls off the boat. The servant paddling the boat doesn't know how to swim (rly now) and so Zhou Wen Xing with her frail body dives in to save her sister-in-law. Shi Yi is unconscious and lost in her dream. She dreams of Cui Shiyi. Then she remembers the movie she's dubbing and cries that it's such a pity the couple left their love poem incomplete. After a night of fright, Zhousheng Chen finally sees Shi Yi stir in her sleep. She wakes up. 

Water shalt not touch our damsels....  
[Ep21] Zhousheng Chen confronts Zhou Wen Chuan if he had anything to do with Shi Yi drowning. On the other hand, Mei Xing thinks this time was truly an accident. 

Grandma has developed Alzheimer's Disease. She thinks Tong Jia Ren is pregnant and forgets Shi Yi. 

Mom Zhou is suddenly nice to Shi Yi. But she's nice with a motive. Mom Zhou uses her kindness to disapprove of Shi Yi's marriage with Zhousheng Chen. In a kind tone, she tells Shi Yi, she's not suitable for Zhou family; she can't handle them. It is for her own good that they dissolve their marriage. The talk ends abruptly when Zhou Wen Xing asks for a lotus painting from Shi Yi. Zhousheng Chen draws it instead. His painting is similar to Shi Yi's except his lotus is the first of the summer, yet to blossom to its fullest. Zhou Wen Xing muses that his flower must be waiting for Shi Yi's lotus ~ Zhousheng Chen adds a poem to his painting. It's a message to Mom Zhou and Shi Yi that his heart will not be tainted by the shackles of his upbringing. He will choose and protect what he loves. 

Then at night, Shi Yi seduces her husband ~ until it's interrupted by the maid (Lian Sui) who loves to interrupt. When Zhousheng Chen is called away, Shi Yi's stomach starts hurting. 

  • (Ep24) Zhousheng Chen's last words to Shi Yi were in a poem: "Chen in this one life lived up to the world but failed Shi Yi". In this episode he uses a poem to say the exact opposite. In this lifetime, he will never fail Shi Yi for the world. 
[Ep22] Zhou Wen Xing is sick to the point that she's bedridden. Shi Yi is also very sick – she has appendicitis. She soon recovers. 

Du Feng and Hong Xiao Yu are dating. Uh...we're not investigating anymore? Confused. 

Zhousheng Ren misses Zhousheng Chen and Shi Yi and so he brings the party to Shi Yi's place in Shanghai. Party includes Yuan Yuan (of course), Grandma, Lian Sui, and Lin Fei. They all want to sleep over at their place, especially Zhousheng Ren. Although Grandma doesn't remember Shi Yi, every time Grandma sees her, she loves her again. 

Shi Yi and Zhousheng Chen sleep in the study room. He takes the floor and she takes the couch. However, Shi Yi much rather snuggle with him on the floor. She whispers, "I love you." Zhousheng Chen is momentarily silent until he tells her their wedding will be held in November (11, just in case y'all don't get it by now). That's not the answer Shi Yi wanted. But that is Zhousheng Chen's answer. This man is reborn for a purpose – to marry her like she had asked as Cui Shiyi

Everyone pities Shi Yi for marrying below her class. It's not just the security guard and the gardening lady who think lowly of Zhousheng Chen, but also his coworkers. They spare him meat, thinking he's something like a bum. 

  • (Ep11) Cui Shiyi would never take the more comfortable bed if her shifu was sleeping on the floor. It's the same for Shi Yi who'd take the floor with him (and the tight couch in the episode where she was hospitalized).  
[Ep23] Hong Xiao Yu and Du Feng are in marriage talks. Shi Yi thinks it's early. But who is the girl who engaged first and kissed second? Shi Yi contends that she was at least e-pen-pals with Zhousheng Chen for six months. More like destined ever since their past life

Zhou Wen Chuan visits Zhou Wen Xing in the hospital who is very sick and is in line for a heart transplant. He brought food with him. Tagging along is Xiao Man who is pregnant. Fast. Does Mom Zhou know he is divorced and remarried and is going to be a dad soon? Overnight, Zhou Wen Xing's condition worsens because of an argument with Zhou Wen Chuan. He also fabricated lab results to delay Zhou Wen Xing's surgery to take the attention away from him and his embezzlement. Dude, you're going to be a dad soon....

Currently, Zhou Wen Xing is in critical condition. She may not make it. Zhousheng Chen's heart is breaking for his sister. And she's not even his 'full' sister! Sadness cares not for place or time and overtakes Zhousheng Chen in the bathtub. Zhousheng Chen wants a hug. Without a moment's hesitation, Shi Yi steps in (with her clothes on) to give him the warmth he yearns. 

Mei Xing and Shi Yi are outside Zhou Wen Xing's room (Zhou Sheng Chen is visiting). Mei Xing assures Shi Yi that once Zhou Wen Xing wakes up, he'll take her away from Shanghai, away from this bloody complicated family. But first he has to help Zhousheng Chen. Mei Xing emptily laughs that he doesn't know what he could have owed Zhousheng Chen in their past life for him (Mei) to be this loyal without reservation. Well........about that

  • The Crown Prince (who Mei Xing reincarnated from), in my opinion, is bad but not that bad. Yes, he was also responsible for Zhousheng Chen's death but he wasn't the mastermind. He had regretted it. If he wasn't the Crown Prince, I think he could have been a good guy and it's that goodness within him that he's reborn and is willing to repay everything in this lifetime. Very sad character.
[Ep24] Zhou Wen Xing has a recording for Shi Yi. In the message, Zhou Wen Xing first apologizes to Shi Yi that a recording will have to suffice because she knows that her last moments will be reserved for Mei Xing. She wants to remember his bones so that she can find him in her next life. Secondly, she apologizes over and over again for the unfortunate series of accidents that were in fact intentional. The culprit should be obvious (Zhou Wen Chuan). The water drowning was intentional as well but the intent was of a different nature. On her own accord, Zhou Wen Xing pushed Shi Yi into the lake. Saving Shi Yi was part of her plan too. She wanted Zhousheng Chen to fear losing the two people most important to him. Zhou Wen Xing wanted him to leave Zhou Family. Zhou Wen Xing apologizes for being selfish because this was her solution to protect both her brothers. She had sacrificed Shi Yi and herself and now she's dying for it.... Shi Yi watches through the window separating her from Zhou Wen Xing as she hears the end of the recording. Shi Yi repeats, "I don't blame you." Zhou Wen Xing's vital signs drop. She dies. 

In the recording, Zhou Wen Xing also tells Shi Yi of a secret in Zhou Family but she won't tell Shi Yi  of the details because she believes it's a curse just like it is for herself and Zhou Wen Chuan. I hate it when people do that. "I have a secret but I won't tell you"

Uncle Zhousheng is very sad over Zhou Wen Xing's death. 

Xiao Man miscarries. 

Hong Xiao Yu finds out Du Feng is a police officer. And they were planning to marry? Does he not have police uniforms or academy pictures at home? 
Mei Xing is alone. He takes each step with a heavy heart. Oh poor you. My heart hurts for this guy the most. Two lifetimes of tragedy and the second one is worse. He had just realized the person he cherishes the most was the one next to him all along. Did they kiss? Did they??

Zhou Wen Chuan is grounded and kneels in their family's temple to repent. Uncle Zhousheng is in tears as he lectures Zhou Wen Chuan who then calls him "Dad". He's like, Don't you regret that you never heard this from Zhou Wen Xing? 

  • Poor Zhou Wen Xing (Princess Xing Hua) will need a third life to get this man to love her. First life he didn't even look at her. Second life, he just started falling in love with her and she... T_T
[Ep25] Zhousheng Chen grieves. He's crying with a fist to his mouth, trying to stifle the sound to not worry Shi Yi. But Shi Yi knows. Shi Yi gives him space to grieve and then when he wakes up in the evening, she aptly adjusts to his brighter mood. 

Shi Yi buys a pet for Zhousheng Chen. Hong Xiao Yu is with her and this girl is actually touching a hairy spider almost the size of her hand!!!!!!!. The new additions to the crab family are called "To Hold Each Other's Hands" – this is the reason she bought the pets. 

Du Feng and Hong Xiao Yu make up. 

Shi Yi and Zhousheng Chen visit Grandma. She still doesn't remember Shi Yi and compliments her beauty, asking her to consider her oldest grandson. Zhousheng Chen entertains both ladies and asks Shi Yi for her number, reminiscent of their airport meeting. Touched, Shi Yi repeats his line that she doesn't have a phone yet. Zhousheng Chen has a smart, romantic reply. Shock. He will give her his home number, his WeChat number, and every single number he has to wait for her to contact him. Grandma is merry. 

Then at night Zhousheng Ren barges into Zhousheng Chen's room. He says he's afraid of the dark. Kind Shi Yi retires the room to the brothers. Grumpy Zhousheng Chen bans Ren from visiting his place (in Shanghai), limiting it to one per vacation. Ren admits he lied about being afraid. It's his heart that's heavy and suffocating. He wants to cry. Zhousheng Chen tells him to cry. Aiyah! I thought we were over the sadness. Ren baby, don't cry! 

Shi Yi sleeps in the living room. She sees Grandma opening her window. Worried, she checks on Grandma. Grandma is actually speaking to Zhou Wen Xing.... T_T. And then she learns the "secret" that Zhou Wen Xing and Zhou Wen Chuan are Uncle Zhousheng's children. That's not all she learns: Zhousheng Chen knew of this secret too. It seems to be an open secret that everyone knew but no one spoke of.

[Ep26] Zhousheng Chen is with Shi Yi, visiting her parents. Zhousheng Chen and Dad take sides on who's prettier. Zhousheng Chen is team Shi Yi and Dad is team Mom. Wait 'till the men are alone and then they'll be truthful, ha, but then again I do believe Zhousheng Chen – this boring, truthful guy. And look at him carrying Shi Yi's purse in that awkward way. Later in her room, Zhousheng Chen asks Shi Yi why her "Little name" is Eleven (shiyi). Because she's your Shiyi! Because her grandmother found it simple. 

The house and this guqin place are all under Shi Yi's name. It's part of Zhousheng Chen's Dad's will to leave something for his daughter-in-law, something he regretfully could not have done for his own wife (Zhousheng Chen's birth mother). 

Shi Yi is now at Grandma's place. Surprise, surprise, Grandma remembers Shi Yi and is now inventing her own stuff now like Where is my grand-grand son! Zhousheng Chen awkwardly laughs that he's doing homework. Grandma pities grand-grandson who is only three. Then she whispers to Zhousheng Chen if he wants one more. Ha. Well. That depends on Shi Yi. A little startled, but mostly touched, Shi Yi says Of course

So many generations in this episode. Zhousheng Chen's dad, Zhousheng Chen's son..

[Ep27] Zhou Wen Chuan is still grounded. When Xiao Man visits him, he proposes they flee in the middle of Grandma's birthday celebration. That's the perfect opportunity. However, Xiao Man refuses him. She can't leave her family and friends. She can't choose him when he's committed so many sins. 

Grandma forgets her grand-grandson's name. Shi Yi doesn't know either, but Zhousheng Chen has it all thought out. It's Zhou Mu Shi. Zhousheng Chen admires (muShi Yi. Shi Yi wonders wouldn't his mother blame him for changing his surname from Zhousheng to Zhou. Zhousheng Chen assures Shi Yi  that this is well within his jurisdiction. Shi Yi ya, your mother doesn't blame you either ~ 

Shi Yi and Zhousheng Chen have another talk about children. She wants twins and so does Zhousheng Chen. He thinks that tonight is rather suitable. Whaddya think Shi Yi? Her smile disappears as she lays flat on the bed. 

Shi Yi: I'm ready.  
Zhousheng Chen rips off his sweater, lies down: Then I'll start. 

On the wall of Zhousheng Chen's library, Shi Yi writes Shanglin Fu. She doesn't finish. Zhousheng Chen thought she forgot the lines: 色授魂与  心愉于侧. She says she's both tired and nervous because if she messes up, it's sorta permanent on the wall. It wouldn't be feasible to switch out a wall. What about a new wallpaper? 

Zhousheng Chen informs Mom Zhou that Zhou Wen Chuan is under investigation and the police have summoned Mei Xing to testify. Daddy Mei (a lawyer) is willing to represent Zhou Wen Chuan but on one condition: Mom has to convince Zhou Wen Chuan to plead guilty. Mom Zhou asks for time to think. Mom Zhou is a pitiful character. She couldn't marry the person she loves. Her children can't call their father Dad. Her daughter died. Her son is going to be  imprisoned. Even her grandson couldn't survive (Xiao Man's miscarriage)

After a whole night of thinking, Mom summons Zhou Wen Chuan to her place. He admits to everything he's accused of. He needed money to pay his debts for his failed business ventures. He thought that by marrying Tong Jia Ren, he'd earn the support of Mom Zhou, but Mom Zhou remained fair. In his words: She kept Zhou family and sacrificed him. Zhou Wen Chuan will surrender. Mom Zhou cries. I can't quite tell if this guy is truly repenting or he thinks that life is just unfair to him.

Curiously, Shi Yi reads the invitation that Zhousheng Chen has been secretly writing: 

浮生若夢 為歡幾何 獨有時宜 為我所求

This is the translation from hui3r' novel translation: "This floating life is but a dream. How often can life's pleasures be enjoyed? Shi Yi, alone, is all that I ask." 
Less poetic and more English: Life is uncertain, the amount of pleasures one can derive from are countless, but Shi Yi alone is more than I  can ask forOne more thing: this poem incorporates both their names as well: 生 and 時宜

Shi Yi is so in love, she showers him with more love. He's confused at her when she blissfully smiles as she moistens his hand with hand lotion. Gotta love these hands that are handwriting these beautiful lines  ~

  • (Ep24) Cui Shiyi committed suicide, betraying her family and her mother of her filial duties. flash2351 (see comments below) made a nice connection that in this life she dropped her Cui surname perhaps because she failed as a daughter.² In this episode, when Shi Yi asks Zhousheng Chen whether his mother would mind the change in their son's last name, it's as if it's a gentle reminder that Mom Cui wouldn't blame her either. 
  • (Ep3) In this life, can they finally complete the poem they left incomplete in their past life? Once the poem is complete, will their love finally be complete?
[Ep28] At Grandma's birthday, Zhou Wen Chuan asks Mom Zhou if he can see Grandma one last time before he surrenders. It's approved. And then this dude takes Shi Yi hostage. Wut. Then he beats up Zhousheng Chen who then faints. Then Shi Yi sprints forward to protect Zhousheng Chen. The result: Zhou Wen Chuan and Shi Yi fly off from the second floor. Encore! No. I don't mean that. Why so dramatic, Show? 

By the way, it's very brave of Shi Yi to jump at Zhou Wen Chuan. This girl is also afraid of heights. She's scared of heights because of Zhousheng Chen. She will conquer her fear because of Zhousheng Chen.

Zhou Wen Chuan died from the fall. 

Zhousheng Chen wakes up, all bruised. Shi Yi is still unconscious. He can barely walk and he's begging at the Zhou Temple for Shi Yi's well-being. When Zhousheng Chen returns to the hospital, Shi Yi's parents want her transferred to Shanghai. They can't let Shi Yi be with Zhousheng Chen anymore. A simple birthday party turned deadly. How can they trust him?

  • (Ep18) All of Mom Zhou's sufferings seem to be from her days as Empress Dowager. For her selfish desires, the Empress Dowager sacrificed the monarch family, killed her son, and her unborn grandchild. In this life, she chose Zhou Family and lost all her children, every single one of them, even the unborn grandchild.
[Ep29] Hong Xiao Yu adds a few nice words for Zhousheng Chen to Shi Yi's parents who won't let him visit Shi Yi. Simultaneously, Hong Xiao Yu also respects the parents' decision in keeping their daughter safe from Zhou family. 

Zhousheng Chen spends countless nights at the hospital, sleeping in the corridors on hard chairs. He's recovering from grave injuries as well. Finally, the parents give in. He's allowed to see Shi Yi (when he is her husband). His slow and careful steps towards Shi Yi is enough to show how much he yearned to see her and yet hurts to see her. Taking her hand, he tells her he never left her side. Oof. This is true. However, Mom Shi asks Zhousheng Chen to divorce Shi Yi. Zhousheng Chen is resolute: he won't let go of her. She is his wife. Dad asks What if she's always like this? Zhousheng Chen is prepared to wait for her his entire life even if she doesn't wake up. He has already planned his life around Shi Yi down to every minute. He also asks Mom Shi if she will consider transferring Shi Yi to home care after her condition stabilizes. Shi Yi doesn't like hospitals. Oh that's why in Ep19 he didn't take her to the hospital. Mom begrudgingly sends him home. Dad kindly translates: Go home and rest so that you can rotate with us in taking care of Shi YiT_T 

The next night, Zhousheng Chen cares for Shi Yi with Mom's permission. He dresses up in a suit just for Shi Yi, it's her favourite look on him. He's finally grooming himself D:. He also feeds their two crabs: "To Hold Each Other's Hand" 

Mei Xing represents Zhousheng Chen as he tells Zhou family his plans. Zhousheng Chen's interest remains in his research. He'll take over Zhou Corp for ten years for this project and once that is complete, he will hand over everything to Zhousheng Ren. Mom Zhou approves of that but she also relinquishes her role as the head of Zhou family. However, Mei Xing isn't done speaking. If Mom Zhou wants to stay, no one can ever tell her to leave – these are Zhousheng Chen's wishes. He recognizes that Mom Zhou truly cares for this family.  

Zhousheng Chen finds Shi Yi's journal. It was meant for him to read. In one entry, she even writes that if he doesn't finish reading it, he can't marry her. The journal is a mix of her thoughts and Cui Shiyi's life. 

  • Last life, Cui Feng (currently Du Feng) was Cui Shiyi's brother. This life, Hong Xiao Yu is practically like a sister to Shi Yi. They switched places to guard Shi Yi
[Ep30] Shi Yi is still unconscious. Zhousheng Chen has taken her to Xi'an, the place that rains nonstop. One day it stops raining. Shi Yi is awake! Xi'an, for our couple, is a place of miracles. The sky will clear up for these two. She cries. Her first words are "Zhousheng Chen". She didn't forget him like the doctor had warned. Shi Yi would never forget Zhousheng Chen. She had a long dream that she was his disciple. She sobs when she mentions that the Crown Prince wanted to abrade his beautiful bones. Zhousheng Chen assures her that he would never leave her. He is always here for her. He read her journal and believes her story that they could be reincarnated? Our geek believes her!. He even completed their poem on the library wall. 

When Shi Yi can walk, Zhousheng Chen takes her to the Ancient City Walls of Xi'an – she wants to see the snow. Then Shi Yi learns that he was often misunderstood for being suicidal. Reassuringly, he tells her never thought of it. He believed she would wake up. More like he can't not believe it. The hope of her waking up was his motivation to live. Teary, Shi Yi assures him that his wife is back. Zhousheng Chen whispers in her ear, "I will always love you." Shi Yi reciprocates the confession. 

O&O midway-insertion
  • (Ep20) Cui Shiyi could never admire the snowfall in public because of her status as the future Crown Princess (therefore future Empress). She could have gone to the Crown Prince's tower, but that was the last place she ever wanted to be and so she took to the roof where no one could see her. Zhousheng Chen would accompany her there. 
    • In this present life to have Shi Yi and Zhousheng Chen watch the snow together on the city wall is a sign of them escaping their previous fate. (Cui) Shiyi and Zhousheng Chen are no longer bound by their status and responsibilities.  
  • (Ep24) On this similar wall that Cui Shiyi asked Zhousheng Chen to marry her in their next life, I was expecting Zhousheng Chen to propose with "Marry me" but instead he said "I will always love you". Thinking back to Ep22, I think Show may have been deliberate in this setup. When he's supposed to say "Marry me" he said "I love you". When he's supposed to say "I love you" (Ep22), he talks about their wedding. Zhousheng Chen is always off beat but he's never short of sincerity. 
Their wedding is planned on May 11th. Before that, Shi Yi is wondering when they can have their Zhou Mu Shi. She wants to have a child but Zhousheng Chen is worried about her health. Any chance that can take her away from him, he doesn't want it, including her going into labour. Shi Yi convinces him: it's unlikely they'll die together, one of them will have to leave first and having a child will keep the other one company. As a (forever) child, I am offended. Are children replacements? Well. Biologically, I guess so.... Zhousheng Chen can't argue against her. Shi Yi knows she won and drags him into the room 'cause they're ready!! (I know you guys love this line ;D)

Shi Yi sends out Zhousheng Chen's handwritten wedding invitations. This is the second set he wrote. The first set was trashed because it's inauspicious to be interrupted in the middle of writing them. It seems that for this couple, the second time is always the charm. It's time for dress fitting. She gets to choose 10. Omg, lol. Isn't that too many? Nope. She wears them once during the wedding and can keep them forever. A waste

The night before the wedding, Shi Yi is sleeping with her bridesmaids (note how she opts to drink OJ instead of alcohol³) but she misses her husband and texts him. He's dying to see her too. Just one night and these two miss each other dearly. Zhousheng Chen tippy-toes out of his room to not disturb the sleeping Mei Xing (who is still holding Zhou Wen Xing's hangover cure T_T He's never going to use it, eh). Zhousheng Chen piggybacks Shi Yi to a secret place. On the way, there are red lanterns lighting their path. Each has verses written on them and all of the verses complete Shanglin Fu. Shi Yi  blissfully complains that he never tells her what he did for her. Zhoucheng Chen is a guy who speaks with his actions (e.g. pomegranate, meteorite watch) but at the very least he tells (and shows) her the completed poem on the library wall. 

They fall asleep in the library. Shi Yi wakes up at 5:30am naturally. Her biological clock is adjusting to his. He already has breakfast prepared for her. Shi Yi has a pickup line ready for him: "Waking up to the sight of a beauty, it's a foretelling sign of auspiciousness. A suitable marriage (it is)." She uses her name 宜 (Yi) to say "suitable" giving this line a dual meaning: it is a marriage that is suitable and a marriage with Shi Yi.

On the day of the wedding, Driver Lin is teary to witness Zhousheng Chen (finally) finding his happiness. 

Zhousheng Ren is seated next to the guy who flirted with Shi Yi all the way back in Ep9. Ren gets a bit of sweet revenge and reminds the guy that he's Zhousheng Chen's little brother so what should he be calling him then? Lol.

The maid who loves to interrupt (Lian Sui) is finally on the other end. She and Lin Fei are guarding the doors to prevent anyone from playing any tricks on the 'newlyweds' on their special night. 

And then there is Mei Xing. Oof. He's as happy as he can be for his buddy. I think he's also trying to stay sober. Remember how drunk he was the last time for Zhousheng Chen's marriage? He doesn't want to use Zhou Wen Xing's hangover medication T_T

Shi Yi wants all the wedding rites done properly, for example, using xicheng to unveil her, and stroking her hair. These two actions mean "gratifying everything one could wish" and "to live together until the white hairs of old age." Lastly, they need to exchange wine.

Shi Yi: Zhousheng Chen, I love you
Zhousheng Chen: I love you, Shi Yi. 
Shi Yi says it first like usual; Zhousheng Chen handles the rest from there like always

They kiss. No they don't. She stops him. She has something to tell him: she's pregnant (3 months). 

  • Shi Yi and Cui Shiyi's first spoken words are the same: "Zhousheng Chen." 
  • This dream is aptly inserted. It's almost as if Cui Shiyi jumped from the tower back into Shi Yi's life, returning to Zhousheng Chen
  • Although Cui Shiyi committed suicide, Zhousheng Chen will not. Shi Yi is still here in this life. He wouldn't ditch her first like he did in the past. 
  • (Ep3) Poem is completed! Finally! It was set up all the way from Ep3 of O&O and completed in Ep30 of F&E. 
  • (Ep3) Cui Shiyi also fell asleep in his library and Zhousheng Chen had to carry her back to her room with a fur blanket because a man cannot touch a woman without ruining her chastity. In this episode, he's piggybacking her to the library when she's his wife and pregnant with his child. 

The end. 


[First Impression (Ep1-6)] Those who wanted the shortcut to the sweet sequel, I hate to break it to ya but you're going to have to go through the angst. Ha. Ha. Ha. 😈 That's my recommendation at least. 

For those who didn't watch a single episode of One and Only, I wouldn't know if it makes sense to you at all how our CP fell in love. Heck, it was random for me too but it was acceptable because I watched the prequel. In their previous life, they let fate control their destiny. They were cruelly ripped apart. This time around, everything, literally everything, from metal detectors to the weather are pulling their destinies together, including the main characters themselves. 

Their personalities are almost flipped. They're both still reserved, but Zhousheng Chen is much shier compared to his previous life. Or was he always this shy? I gotta say though, I love One and Only's Zhousheng Chen >>>> Forever and Ever's. He can be such a creep and weirdo here; the cute nerdiness does not make it up, ha. Shi Yi is definitely more confident in these initial episodes. She's the one who asked for his number on a whim. It doesn't seem as though she retained her memories. It's more like she has these feelings ingrained in heart. 

Another advantage to watching One and Only is that it's fun catching all the references in the sequel. I love the parallels and I love the reversals. I tried to make it easy in the recap for those who are skipping the angst but it's very different reading vs. being able to recall. Plus, it’s highly likely I didn't catch everything. Frankly, without the references to the prequel, I may be bored with this sequel. It's paced similarly slow as One and Only, but unlike the prequel, there aren't beautiful costumes and scenery to savour. 

My favourite reincarnation is Driver Lin as Xie Chong. I love that he's still a military strategist for the naive Zhousheng Chen, it's just he's a strategist in the battle of love :D 

[Actors/Actresses] Interesting changes: Ren Jia Lun uses his real voice. I think Bai Lu also uses her real voice but occasionally, I'll hear her voice actress during the One and Only references. The change is sometimes so subtle that I don't realize there's two voices for her. It also makes sense to interchange her voice because Shi Yi is a voice actress. 

[Title] 周生如故 and 一生一世 plays on the characters' names as well. (For reference: Shi Yi's = 时宜 or 十一;  Zhousheng Chen = 生辰)

周生 = Zhousheng 
如故 (rugu) also sounds like 入骨 (rugu) which means "within bones". 

一生一世 = Forever and ever 
一生一世 = Yi sheng yi shi  (combines characters and homonyms of Shi Yi and Zhousheng Chen's name)

[Poems] Here are different translations of the poems to give you a fuller context. 


The woman's beauty is offered 
The man's soul is taken
Affinity between one another
The heart is overturned 

The woman offers her beauty,
The man reciprocates with his soul.
Together in perfect unison and harmony,
Joyously, the heart is overturned

长眉连娟 , 微睇绵藐 , 色授魂与 , 心愉于侧 (Ep1)

iQiyi subs
With long eyebrows 
Beautiful striking eyes 
The man was charming
And irresistible

Long beautiful eyebrows
Soft, nuanced gazes
Beauty touches the soul 
The heart is overturned.

浮生若夢 為歡幾何 獨有時宜 為我所求 (Ep27)

This floating life is but a dream. 
How often can life's pleasures be enjoyed? 
Shi Yi, alone, 
Is all that I ask.

How many joys can one have in this fleeting life? 
Being with Shi Yi is my only desire.

[Behind the Scenes

[Ending] Happy. 
Shi Yi and Zhousheng Chen marry with Zhou Mu Shi on the way

1. Ep5 A correction: "Hypothesis” changed to “Research Direction” (thank you flash2351)
2. Ep27 flash2351: "I also love the symbolism behind removing Shi Yi's surname because in her dying scene, she asks to be disowned from the Cui family (so that they won't have an unfilial daughter). And so in her reincarnation, she's just Shi Yi, not Cui Shi Yi anymore..."
3. Ep30 flash2351: Shi Yi drinking OJ when the other girls are drinking alcohol is a hint that she's pregnant 
4. Ep13 Janix: Chang Feng is Zhousheng Chen's qin's name
5. [Review] Westerner's comment (starts with "I am surprised to be posting") explains Zhousheng Chen's gradual acceptance that he is the reincarnation of the General and when Shi Yi woke up in Ep30 is when both of them truly found each other. 
6. Ep16 Hola (in the comments): Zhousheng Ren showing Yuan Yuan the tea factor is a nod to the tea scenes in O&O (e.g. the time Cui Shiyi was punished for throwing out perfectly good tea)

[Review & Rating] ...
A long review because I feel conflicted. Here’s a peek into this essay: I will sing praises to the details and the grand love story but interjected are complaints about the shortcomings that I can’t ignore. 

Background info of your reviewer. I watched One and Only but haven't read the novel. I also confess to being Ren Jia Lun biased and will admit that he is a little lacking in modern dramas. Is it the hair? Probably not. Maybe). 

The love story (O&O and F&E). Shi Yi’s love transcends time. From her past life to her present life, her love has only been accumulating for this one man. His appearance doesn’t matter, for it is only superficial, Shi Yi is in love with the beauty of his bones, the exquisite essence of the man who is Zhousheng Chen. 

One and Only serves as a foundation as an immersive tragic love story. It’s about Shi Yi’s everlasting love that’s deeper than one lifetime can hold, and Zhousheng Chen’s unjustified and agonizing death. The world owed them a lifetime of love. Forever and Ever dives into this premise, and in Ep1, we already have metal detectors setting off, clouds that haven't stopped pouring, clearing up (twice!) all for Zhousheng Chen and Shi Yi to unite. Nothing was random. Everything was designed by fate. 

Forever and Ever by itself has a weaker love story than O&O. I prefer experiencing the romantic buildup and the falling in love arc that was in the prequel. Whereas F&E is a straightforward plot of our couple being in love and withstanding against every external force (= Zhou Family...).  

Taking the dramas together, the grand love story should be riveting yet subtle, flowing between time. The emotions and the pain in O&O is supposed to transfer into F&E to make their encounter magical. Well, do emotions carry-over from one drama to another? That depends on you. I expect a spectrum of reviews on this. If you can see the profound connection between the dramas, you would love this (I really like the comment by Westerner⁵). If you can only see the surface of this drama, then you may not love the romance. For myself, here is where I am conflicted. I don't think it is the onus of the viewers to catch these (deep!) connections when the story divides itself like that. I was expecting to be swept off my feet by the romance and not to be running after the romantic details. Essentially, I love the idea behind this sweeping romance but I don't love the execution of this story (in two parts). But this is what it is. I gotta pick up the crumbs and re-make bread backwards. It won't be the whole story that I wanted it to be, but I appreciate that I got to see the beautiful fragments of this timeless romance as holistic as I can. 

The ML: I hope you like nerds. Our ML is always awkward, mostly boring and sometimes creepy. Our FL is madly in love with him irregardless and just thinking about him makes her smile. I prefer Zhousheng Chen as a General (in O&O) but his weird nerdy, dorky personality grew on me. He is romantic in his own ways. He got her a real star (Ep14), which girls, it's just piece of a rock...which reminds me that diamonds are these other pieces of rocks, which means Zhousheng Chen gave Shiyi a rock (a star) with the meaning of a diamond ring in the form of a watch, and a watch is more meaningful to these two than a ring, and I would think a meteorite is rarer than a diamond. Y'all, this man’s logic ain’t simple...!

The supporting character who shone. Mei Xing (actor: Chi Sha). I can’t say a lot about him without spoiling the drama. I will try but no guarantees. Mei Xing is the “reincarnation” of the Crown Prince, Liu Zi Xing. His one and only purpose in Forever and Ever is to guard Zhousheng Chen. I believe it was his genuine regret and underlying virtue that gave him a second chance at life for redemption. Boy stayed loyal, so loyal and for that I think fate will be kind to him. 

The detrimental flaws. The dysfunctional family and the lack of a substantial plot wears down the drama in the second half. 

Others may disagree, but O&O suffers the same flaws. The royal family in O&O is flimsy; there were a lot of details left blank. The modern Zhou family in F&E is annoyingly complicated; there were a lot of details I didn’t want to know but had to know. Both dramas lacked the emotional depth for the family component when they are pivotal to the story development but O&O was exquisite in creating this beautifully romantic (and very tragic) ambiance with enchanting and dream-like characters in beautiful robes with a majestic period setting that overwhelms the lacking story. F&E sadly, is left barren and exposed of its flaws.

Getting through the family arc is a struggle but it helped that I was able to draw parallels for most of the Zhou reincarnates. For example, every detail of Mom Zhou is a meaningful reminder of her past life as the Empress Dowager. Driver/Uncle Lin and Zhousheng Chen's lifelong companionship is a blessing to the both of them – that tear from Driver Lin at the end was bittersweet when I thought of his past life. It's a pity that I can't see their two lives overlaid in one drama.

As for the lack of a plot / plot-development, there's nothing that can save this flaw. All of F&E can be simply described as a lovely couple ft. family drama that spans 30-episodes. 

The rating: O&O and F&E are combined. In my One and Only review, I was reluctant to rate it because of the lacking backstory that made the drama incomplete. I thought Forever and Ever could fill in the gaps and boost the rating, but it turns out I like One and Only more. Still, neither are complete without the other. To me, One and Only is the cause (因) and Forever and Ever is the effect (果). Watching both dramas combined is the full experience. So unfortunate it wasn’t one drama! The current rating is the average for the two: points are rewarded for the grand yet subtle love story and deducted for mostly everything else.

Verdict: There are flaws, detrimental ones, but if you are enamoured by this profound and poetic love story and the slow romantic pace appeals to you, I think you will enjoy this romance irregardless of its flaws. I did. 


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