7 June 2016

My Amazing Boyfriend Novel Translation Chapter 13 Part 4

[Translation Progress: 85% completed]
Sorry for the delay! I'm not sure about my other translations but this one sounds particularly awkward to me at so many places. I spent forever editing but some parts still sound awkward to me. >.<  I tried.

I should be all done with the next update. As for this segment not much happens, Yun Zhen is still flirty and Xue Ling Qiao is still (seemingly) aloof. In fact XLQ only talks to YZ for this segment.

After XLQ came home he thought FDD drove TJZ out so he didn’t think much about it until FDD called to ask whether Miss Tian wanted some dim-sum. He's worried TJZ will doze off while driving so he takes his coat to head out but he hears the sound of someone parking outside. However, something wasn't right; there are two heartbeats; one belongs to TJZ, the other one is so quiet it can barely be heard.

Not only does Yun Zhen (YZ) drive her back home, he even carries her inside, after all she will be his future girlfriend.

Humming, he carries TJZ to the sofa. He was about to grab a blanket but a gust of wind blowing by his ear alerts him XLQ's fist is headed his way. YZ effortlessly tilts his head and avoids the impact. Instantly, he slips a few meters away. Like a fox, he deftly jumps up the spiral staircase and dangles himself upside down to watch his attacker.

XLQ: “Who are you?”

“This isn’t your home so who are you to care who I am.” Although he was almost ambushed, Yun Zhen isn't angry. 

With his feet, he swings himself upright. Taking a seat on the steps steps, he gazes over at XLQ. “Miss Tian already broke up with you. I’m pursuing her now. What’s that got to do with you?”

“You’re the same as me?” XLQ has no way to describe his shock right now. For all these years he has never encountered his kind but now that he’s met one it’s in this type of situation. Whether he’s a friend or a foe is still unclear.

“Yes. Nice to meet you Xue Ling Qiao. I’m Yun Zhen.”

XLQ: “…..”

“Don’t look at me like that, okay? We were acquaintances before, alright?"

XLQ: “…………”

“When you were lying in the museum…Ai-ya, I’m not particularly educated (i.e. uncultured) but my girlfriend, an American, brought me there because her father is a collector. Anyways, the moment I saw you I knew you were framed but how could you be so careless in risking the exposure of our identity?” Yun Zhen comes clean now, “I went to find a prisoner, who was sentenced for a death penalty, to take his blood to save you but I never thought you’d be loaned out already. I ended up following you to China and then created that car accident. Isn’t it perfect? I really am a genius.”

“You killed two people and almost caused Tian Jing Zhi’s death.”

Yun Zhen shrugs and speaks with indifference: “If they weren’t speeding, their injuries would have been minor. Who told them to speed……. There are exceptions to everything. By the way you don’t need to be too grateful towards me, just a little bit of worshiping/admiration is enough.”

Yun Zhen looks around, satisfied with his surrounding. “My future girlfriend’s house isn’t bad, very warm (i.e. comfortable, welcoming).”

Normally there should be animosity between the two men but looking at him, XLQ feels that although YZ seems unreliable but he's not exactly hostile. He also doesn’t seem like he’s hiding anything.

Putting the baseball bat away, XLQ has a lot of questions for YZ 

However, YZ asks the first question: “Do you have juice? I’m hungry.”

“Yes. It’s in the refrigerator.”

Immediately, YZ jumps off and lands on the lower level with ease. He treats himself at home as he strides over to the fridge and pours himself some juice.

XLQ: “Why did you want to save me?”

“Because it’s been a while since I’ve met my kind especially one that is as stupid as you to have their blood drained.” Yun Zhen puckers his lips and wrinkles his face. “So sour. You squeezed so many lemons in here. I don’t like lemon.”

“There are more of us?”

“Yes. Before there was a coalition but it collapsed. Fortunately, I didn’t join.”

“Why didn’t you join? Is it not good to have similar kinds around?”

“Yes, it’s not good. I just want to eat, drink, and play and befriend a lot of beautiful women. I didn’t want to be like them and turn human society into their private slaughterhouse.” :/

“What do you mean?” XLQ knits his eyebrows together. However, he did understand that there exists more of his kind but they live a different lifestyle.

YZ rolls his eyes and refuses to elaborate: “Don’t ask anymore; the past is the past.” 

Pointing to TJZ who’s still lying on the sofa, YZ impatiently asks: “Did you two really break up? If you did, then I’m going to pursue her.”

XLQ nods his head. “She’s my ex. If she agrees, I have no opinion.” Tsk tsk.

From that day forward, YZ would visit TJZ for no good reason and then other times he would disappear without a trace to have fun.

Even though YZ had lived for so long he didn’t have to bear many hardships, he’s simple-minded, and he doesn’t take things to heart. Everyday he’s playing to his heart’s content like a child. After meeting with him a few times, TJZ has taken a liking to his personality except when he pops up from her window, sticking his tongue out like some ghost trying to scare her.
I needed a somewhat relative picture to break up all my text
However, there is one thing bothering her heart. Initially, she was thrilled XLQ had returned because she thought there would be a chance for them to reunite but now it seems like he only returned to take responsibility of their baby.

They’re already in the 21st century, she’s not some ancient damsel or something. Since they already broke up, she doesn’t need him to claim responsibility. (says the girl who had her first kiss at the age of 28)

Squatting in her garden, she’s plucking away at petals. Plucking one petal at a time, she repeats: “give birth...not give birth…give birth…not give birth…” Like a fool, she stares at the last petal still left on the flower, “…not give birth…”

After watching the petals for a long time, she suddenly yells at the flower (or what’s left of the flower): “Why isn’t it ‘not give birth’? Explain to me!”

Naturally, flowers don’t speak and not to mention she was also plucking it bald. 

TJZ is in a tangled mess. Once the thought of her raising a child and being a single mother crosses her mind she feels like her whole world has darkened.

“You’re scared?”

She turns around and finds YZ squatting like a monkey behind her.

“Fear what?” TJZ continues, “Why don’t you knock before entering someone else’s home?”

YZ goes “Oh” and then with an annoyed expression, he runs out the door and starts fresh by knocking the door again.

TJZ smiles from ear to ear, almost too enthusiastically, and says, “Yun Zhen, long time no see ah. How are you?”

YZ: “………”

“I can’t give a half-hearted performance, after all I am an actress.” TJZ sits down. With a straight face just like XLQ’s, she beckons him to sit down by waving her hand as if she’s calling a dog, “Yun Zhen, come here and sit. What were you saying before? Someone afraid of something?”

YZ think she’s more of a mental case than he is. He sits down next to her and says, “Are you afraid of going through labour? I’ve heard the treacherous cries of women during delivery when I was at the hospital.”

“I’m not afraid of going through labour.”

“Then what are you afraid of?”

Vexed, TJZ is embarrassed to admit she's still in love with XLQ but he can't be with her anymore; they're in two different worlds taking different paths.

TJZ doesn't realize she spoke the last words of her thought, “…different paths ah…”

YZ mishears: “Rabbit*? You don’t like children born in the year rabbit?” YZ is relieved. “Then when you’re with me later on we’ll give birth to one that won’t be a rabbit.”

*T/N: The way TJZ chose to say "different paths" sounds the same as "born in the year of rabbit" (Chinese zodiac sign)

TJZ is speechless. XLQ had mentioned a condition called ‘baby brain**’ that lasts for three years but for YZ, who has never been pregnant, how could he be stupid for three hundred years? Why do I need to be together with him? This world has so many men! Why must my 9th boyfriend also be from the realm of monsters? //

**T/N: ‘Baby brain’ = ‘一孕傻三年 but the direct translation is ‘Once pregnant, silly for three years’. The condition isn’t (yet) scientifically proven but I’m assuming it’s a common saying in Chinese to explain a certain population of pregnant women’s lack of cognitive ability after giving birth. 

Extra Picture: just cause.
When are they going to be like this again?

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