26 May 2016

Yuan Hong ♥ Zhang Xin Yi (& Wallace Huo ♥ Ruby Lin)

Princess JieYou fans, rejoice! The OTP is tying the knots. These two are the envy of the town (or just me). They look soooo in love with each other~~!

It was just last year right around this time these two confirmed their relationship, and now they're set to be married by the end of this month! 

Love love love how Zhang Xin Yi's beauty glows effortlessly. 

I need to apologize to Yuan Hong for never understanding why he was popular in Bu Bu Jing Xin. He's the rare Chinese actor that ages so well (and he's not even that old!). 

On semi-related news, Yuan Hong's co-star in Young Sherlock, Ruby Lin, has confirmed she's in a relationship with Wallace Huo. Ren Zhong, ah, Ren Zhong, maybe in your next life you'll get her (We are in Love reference). 

This piece of news is a tad old but I wanted to make an update on Princess JieYou so why not kill two birds with one post (or four love birds). As shameful as it is, I will admit I'm STILL watching it. It's been on the back-burner for a bit. Once I "pause" something, it's hard to resume but lately I'm catching more episodes of it! A reason for why I paused was because of how slow it was going in the mid-teens of the drama. So much talking and so little action... =.= and then there's all this talk about separation. The drama got them too deeply in love with each other waaaaay too soon. 

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