30 May 2016

My Amazing Boyfriend Novel Translation Chapter 13 Part 2

I translated up to 47% of the chapter now. Yes, I actually calculated it. 

Also in this post: 
  • Kim Tae Hwan's interview screencaps regarding season 2 (which is confirmed).
  • Wu Qian and Xu Ke's movie (Cat-Man)
    • Xu Ke in Ice Fantasy
  • Fu Jia (non-)news

Chapter 13 Part 2:

Xue Ling Qiao is at a complete loss with Tian Jing Zhi’s current predicament. It’s obvious she’s pregnant but it doesn’t follow the normal human pattern. It’s been four months and her stomach is completely flat as if she’s not pregnant at all. In addition, her physicality has also changed; she can only digest liquid food just like him. XLQ doesn’t know what will become of TJZ’s future, whether she’ll return to normal, or how many months it will take her to conceive. While XLQ is freaking out, TJZ has already fallen asleep.

TJZ slept for two days and when she woke up she was ecstatic she dreamed of XLQ. She’s so happy she runs down the stairs to tell Feng Dong Dong who she dreamed of but when she’s downstairs she sees another figure sitting on the couch watching an idol drama starring Zhang Xuan Xuan. She’s playing the character of a foolish but sweet heroine who basically only has two lines: “sorry” and “thank you”. The male lead thinks she’s truly spectacular.

Without turning his head, the person on the couch tells TJZ to drink her fruit juice that’s already been made for her.

TJZ looks at him for a moment. Suddenly, she kneels down holding her head. Unable to tolerate it anymore, she yells: “*Da Ge* (big brother), even though I’m delighted to see you, this dream is way too long! I’m hungry; hurry up and bleed so that I can wake up and eat!

In his heart, XLQ is cursing at her stupidity. He really wants to put her under the shower head so she can cool down but he has to consider the baby within her. Besides, that baby in her is to his credit too. Ha.

Feng Dong Dong is outside hanging the wet laundry when he hears TJZ hollering so he rushes in. He’s surprised to see TJZ on all fours.

When TJZ sees him, she bounces back up and whines: “*Er Ge* (second older brother), why are you here? Why would I dream about you? Is my brain some sort of garbage dump? Why did you come here? You’re reducing the quality of my dream, y’know? I don’t want to live anymore; even Feng Dong Dong can walk into my dreams now.”

*T/N: “Da Ge” can be used to address some guy if you’re exasperated with him. So when FDD appears she address him as “Er” Ge to differentiate between the first and second guy she’s exasperated with

Feng Dong Dong goes up to pat her face and tell her she’s not dreaming.

TJZ covers her face and starts to cry, “This is definitely a dream. Why can’t I wake up? Feng Dong Dong wouldn’t dare slap me.”

TJZ continues to cry, cry and cry. Once the waterworks started, she’s unable to stop them but she’s also hungry. So leaning against the coffee table, she’s drinking her fruit juice while crying. As she’s crying and crying she forgets to drink. Crying herself hungry, she then continues to drink again.

Dumbstruck, FDD stares at TJZ and wonders why she’s so bizarre, “Da Qiao Ge (XLQ), what are we going to do? We must take her to see a psychologist.”

“It’s okay, I looked it up: changes in eating pattern, easy crying, vomiting, and lethargy shouldn’t be a problem,” XLQ pretends to be calm, “many pregnant women are like that.”

“Pre- … pregnant…” shocked, FDD asks, “Whose?”

“Mine, of course.”

Watching the crying TJZ, XLQ thinks to himself, ‘Who else except me could the baby belong to? It can’t be those men she hands out with in the tabloids, they’re just her cousins.’ i.e. he’s been keeping a close eye on her for these past three months.

FDD tries to make sense of the situation: XLQ and Miss Tian broke up for three months which means she should be four months pregnant but she looks nothing like that right now.

XLQ can’t explain the situation either. Along with FDD, they both stare at the TJZ who’s crying as if it’s the end of the world.

Two days later, TJZ finally accepts the fact that XLQ has returned. However, being reminded of all the embarrassing things she confessed to XLQ in her dreams, for a moment she really wanted to die. 

No woman is willing to be humiliated in front of their ex-boyfriend and that applies to Miss Tian even if her face is thick (i.e. she’s shameless). Besides, she’s a goddess loved by many, she should be able to maintain her poise in front of her ex just like she did with Xiao Yan.

Deliberately, she sits in the living room with complete makeup on, elegantly sipping her tea, she asks, “How long are you planning to stay?”

“Not sure yet.” Treating himself at home he says, “My room is still here anyways, just let me borrow it.”

TJZ nods, keeping clam, she copies his composure and says: “It’s nothing (or don’t be so polite about “borrowing”). Even though we broke up, we’re still friends. Just live here.”

XLQ asks her: “Why are you putting on makeup at home?”

“Ah? Makeup? Why would I put make up at home.” She laughs, (- insert her "Hē Hē" laughter here-), “it’s completely natural.”


XLQ doesn’t bother arguing and continues to watch his drama. Didn’t Zhang Xuan Xuan win the Best New Actress award? Why is so bad in this drama, she’s almost at TJZ’s level.

On TJZ’s end, it’s become silent. Surely enough, when XLQ turns to her, she’s has fallen asleep once again.

Accepting his (dreaded) fate, he carries her to her room, and tenderly wipes off her makeup. He much prefers the pure TJZ. Compared to all the beautiful and graceful women he has seen, there has not been one face like hers that can make his heart throb whether she’s crying, laughing, or scorning; he just can’t forget her.

Kim Tae Hwan’s Interview

Here’s the interview snippet I found of Kim Tae Hwan talking about the second season:

Interviewer: "How will it develop between you two (Xue Ling Qiao and Tian Jing Zhi)?"
 "Tian Jing Zhi is pregnant  can I say that?" (*eyes someone in the corner*)
[He's spoiling the real ending of the first season]
"For season two, there is (or I will have) a son."
 "A son, Tian Jing Zhi, and me. This story will also be very amusing"
 "Because of me, the baby will have super powers."
"The continuation of this story will be very interesting." 

 He also had a fan meet on May 28:

This guy is so popular right now. He's dubbed as the "Nation's New Husband." These national titles are so cringe-y. I don't want to say he doesn't deserve it ... but his role didn't call for much. I do like his dimples though. 

Xu Ke / Ye Chen

While I was trying to find the original interview (which I haven’t yet) I came across a piece of news on Xu Ke (the actor behind Ye Chen).
This is a picture of him and Wu Qian in Seoul, Korea filming for a new comedy movie, “Cat-Man”. The Chinese title is so much more interesting “I Love Cat-Alien.” Unfortunately, he’s not the main character, Se Hun from Exo is. The movie is planning to air in the spring of 2017. 

Why does Xu Ke look prettier than Wu Qian here D: 

He's also in Ice Fantasy that's supposed to come out this summer. I want to check it out but 62 episodes scare me. The drama also stars Feng Shao Feng (Prince of Lan Ling), Victoria (from f(x)), Ma Tian Yu (Young Sherlock), and Kim Hee Sun (Angry Mom).

Fu Jia / Xiao Yan

I gotta be fair and give Fu Jia (actor behind Xiao Yan) some spotlight too. Sadly, I don’t know what he's up to but he is praised for his good boy role; he nailed it.  I read a news article on fans being disappointed there wasn’t a deep kiss between him and Kim Tae Hwan which just made realize how Fu Jia’s role isn’t just Wu Qian’s ex, he’s her rival too. He’s basically stealing all her other ex’s, lol.

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