24 May 2016

My Amazing Boyfriend (Ending, Novel, and Season 2)

I've said pretty much all I wanted to say about the ending in my original post here. This post is what I've hunted on Chinese websites about the ending, the novel ending, and a possible second season. I hope this answers some of your questions.

I also translated a portion of the extra chapters beyond the ending of the drama.

Drama Ending

There's a majority that believe Tian Jing Zhi is pregnant and I'm with the majority. Whether she herself has become immortal is debatable. With so many strings loose, fans think there has to be a second season.

I really underestimated this drama. I wasn’t paying as much attention as I should have so it was a complete surprise to me that this key moment in the last few seconds of the drama completely went over my head – or over my ears. C-nets claim there were TWO separate heartbeats in those final seconds, confirming Tian Jing Zhi is pregnant (one heartbeat for her and one for the baby). I went back to the last episode to check, turned up my speakers, and I hear ONE heartbeat. I rewind, blasted my speakers and then I think I hear two but then the stupid music comes in. I go back and check; I hear ONE. I'm going crazy. You guys decide whether I’m sane or they’re sane.


I’m inclined to think fans are biased about hearing the heartbeats because the novel has it (yes the novel has it). As most of you guys know, the drama is based on the novel by the same name (author: Shui Qian Mo - 水阡). There are two books in the series, the first one came out in 2015, and the second one came out earlier this year. I found a link for the first book and the second book but I myself have not downloaded them and I cannot vouch for the authenticity or safety of the download links. Download it at your own discretion.

Just so you know where the drama stands with the novel, I’ve translated the chapter titles of Book 2
  1. I thought you were dead meat
  2. First kiss
  3. A fire in the city gates is also a calamity for the fish in the moat (an idiom that simply says the bystander will also suffer)
  4. A man’s words are good when death is near
  5. I’ll be responsible for you (Tian Jing Zhi abuses this statement all the time; usually its men who say it after having a one night stand with the woman)
  6. When people make an oath, often their hearts are wavering.
  7. You’re stronger than you think you are
  8. Heartbreak is really a mysterious (“black”) thing
  9. I won’t leave you (alone).
  10. Farewell trip and a large-scale kidnap
  11. A genius only in retrospect (i.e. hindsight)
  12. Ba-thump (or lub-dub)
  13. [Extra Chapter] Pregnant once and then silly for three years (<-- that was a direct translation but its actually a condition called “Baby Brain. ” It's when a mother’s cognitive abilities are impaired after giving birth.)
  14. [Extra Chapter] The son of a family who owns a small store

Chapter 10 definitely happened in the drama. I think Chapter 12 is where the drama left off which means the real focus for most of us is knowing what happens in Chapter 13 and 14. & Hallelujah! I found those chapters without the need to download them here

I did translate a bit. A BIT. I was surprised I could read most of it without even needing Google Translate but I was reading at the pace of a turtle's. I did about 30% of Chapter 13. Only 30% D: but this took like FOREVER. Please do keep in mind as you read the translations I only speak Chinese fluently, reading Chinese characters is another story; I did try my best to be accurate though (I may have messed up on individual words but I'm pretty sure I nailed the general story line)

For the most part I summarized but I tried to maintain the important parts as is. You can assume things in quotations are direct translations.

Translations for (part of) Chapter 13:

Tian Jing Zhi (TJZ) finds herself in a wood and thinks Xue Monster has kidnapped her because he wants to return to her but doesn't know how. It’s been three months since he left. She turns around and finds him but he’s silently standing there watching her. Although she misses him, she wants to have a little bit of  a revenge on him for leaving her so heartlessly so she just stares back at him.

Xue Monster finally speaks: “Tian Jing Zhi. Now that you’re alone, you need to live well.”

She’s angry that those are his first words and angrily replies him, “Why would I spend my life alone? After you left, I’m hanging out with different men every day!”

In dramas if the leading lady says that the leading man will forcefully hug her, passionately kiss her and then tell her “You can’t go anywhere; you’re mine.” TJZ thinks she’s got this all figured out but she forgot she’s only the second leading lady.

Xue Ling Qiao (XLQ) smiles comfortingly at her, “Seeing you like this I’m relieved. I need to leave now. Take care.”

TJZ regrets not saying she misses him and now she doesn’t know what to say. For being in love with him for so long it’s difficult to say a goodbye just with a few words. Then she’s distracted by his expression because he’s turned white. She looks at his feet and blood is seeping out. She screams and finds herself in bed. It was all a dream. She sits in her bed for hours until she smells fried egg, which Feng Dong Dong (FDD) cooked for. The food sends her puking for hours.

FDD makes a comment, “Miss Tian, you’re puking every day, you better not be pregnant.”

“If I’m pregnant, I’ll get the baby to call you dad,” says TJZ. She doesn’t believe she could be pregnant, especially not with a child of an immortal being.

FDD also complains that other people eat a lot over a breakup but for Tian Jing Zhi, she just sleeps a lot. Her sleeping issue has hindered her enough to pause all her jobs. He suggests to do a checkup but TJZ refuses. Their conversation also entails a lot of going back and forth with decision making for TJZ, making FDD suspect she’s actually pregnant. (Apparently pregnant women have poor decision making)

TJZ has another vivid dream and this time there’s a foreign looking boy with western features at her doorstep. He’s dressed like a Korean idol and smiling at her cutely. She asks him who she’s looking for and he replies it’s her. The boy continues to speak, “Tian Jing Zhi, your looks are very average.”

TJZ glares down at the kid.

He asks, “Are you mad? That’s not healthy for the baby.”

This confuses her but he throws her another question, “Where is Xue Ling Qiao?”

TJZ is suddenly suspicious of the boy because everyone knows her boyfriend is XLQ so the question should have been ‘Is XLQ here’ rather than ‘where is XLQ’. Automatically she goes in to grab a stick but when she comes back out the boy has disappeared.

From behind a voice asks, “What are you doing?” Without looking she swats her stick towards the voice but the hand that stops the impact belongs to the man who had left her for three months: Xue Ling Qiao.

XLQ asks, “Why are you randomly hitting people?”

TJZ looks at XLQ and realizes everything’s just a dream again. She hits her head and solemnly reveals, “Xue Monster, I might be sick.”

“….” XLQ doesn’t know how to respond.

She tells him of her constant sleepiness and consistent dreams of him. “Did you drill yourself in my brain. Why am I always dreaming about you?” (btw she thinks she's in a dream right now)

XLQ stares at her and thinks she’s really gone silly. He laughs, “Maybe.”

TJZ muses, “I don’t think I can tell between reality and fantasy anymore.”

“How about I pinch you?”

TJZ refuses. “It won’t work. Pinches hurt in reality and they hurt in dreams too.”

“Then do you like being in your dreams?”

TJZ thoughtfully replies as she thinks back on her dreams, trying to keep her tears from falling, “I do except for the last moment when you die…. I miss you but you won’t return to me. I ruined everything; everything’s my fault so just dreaming about you is better than nothing.”

“….” As XLQ watches her tears fall, his heart starts to ache. “I never blamed you.”

“I know. You’re a good person. I always act arrogant around you and you’re always telling me farewell. You don’t care about me one bit. I know the love isn’t mutual.”

“It isn’t like that. It’s not you, it’s just I can’t be with you.”

His words aren’t anything new to her because she’s heard it in multiple episodes of her dreams but this time he sounds so tender she doesn’t mind if she slept to death as long as she could dream of him like this again.

She explains to him why she was holding a stick: “There was a boy telling me weird things.” She brushes her stomach but its flat. “If I really was pregnant that would be great.”

“…..” XLQ stares at her tummy too and says, “You really can’t tell the difference between reality and dreams anymore, can you?”

“Of course I can tell! Once I see you, I know its definitely a dream. Once you start bleeding, then I’ll wake up in fear.”

XLQ thinks she’s officially gone crazy. He starts leaving to cook for her because he hears her stomach calling.

TJZ takes advantage of this being a dream and confesses his cooking is so bad she could die from his food poisoning.

XLQ demands, “Well, are you going to eat it?”

TJZ: “Yes!”

XLQ is in the kitchen making fruit juice because her fridge only has fruits. He asks her what fruit mix she’ll want but she’s okay with anything as long as there’s lemon because lately she’s craving for anything sour.

He also asks her what she likes to eat nowadays and she says she can only drink fruit juice and yogurt, anything else, she’ll puke.

XLQ thinks to himself she really is pregnant.

The reason XLQ has returned is because in his dugout, he heard two heartbeats: one from Tian Jing Zhi and one from the fetus within her.

So there you go. TJZ is pregnant! XLQ’s appearance isn’t a dream at all, he really is back. But then who’s that foreign looking boy? When I first read it I thought it was a dream and the boy was her future baby… I guess not?

Anyways, all those vivid dreams are a common phenomenon with pregnant women. The changes in their hormone level may contribute but there’s no doubt that pregnant women are sleepy women and sleeping more implies dreaming more. Plus, for some reason, they’re more inclined to remember their dreams down to every detail like the colour of blood.  

Another point: is TJZ immortal? She can only ingest liquid… so… but how did she become immortal (if she is)??

[Translating was not fun for me. If anyone wants to continue on by all means, do the honours. If not I'll TRY to trudge on through (if there is a demand). No promises, though.]

2nd Season?

Yes, you saw that question mark. I don’t know what sources people are using to confirm there is a second season. Anyone mind sharing? What I’ve managed to hunt down is that C-nets are still asking for a second season. They say if the drama exceeds 2 billion views a second season will be made. Currently it’s at 1.7 billion and the views aren’t slowing down. Perhaps that's good news but whether “they” keep their words, I’ve got no idea.

What I haven’t checked are individual updates from the actors whether or not there's a second season. I’m saying this hoping someone else does the dirty work, heh.

Season 2 is confirmed! 

However, the drama has already covered almost all the chapters. What else is there left to tell? I’m not confident a second season will pull off well if the author of the original book isn’t involved. So fingers crossed she’ll come out with more material!

If you still haven't gotten enough of My Amazing Boyfriend, check out the FB page, My Amazing Boyfriend Fan Club.

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