23 April 2016

Muuusic ~

I have nothing drama-related to post this week. I do have a backlog of reviews I was planning to do but given that I write like a turtle, they're nowhere near publishable. I'm also behind on watching dramas. So instead of publishing something terrible and leaving my blog dead for a week I shall share my music! I sort of like – okay fine, I really like songs that aren't as popular. I'm all about finding those hidden gems.

Mike Posner - Not That Simple

I LOVE THIS SONG. It's so pretty! ♪ Not that simple ♪ Although the lyrics are sad, there's something hopeful about this song. He's singing about his own failures (how he went from famous to forgotten) and he's so brute honest about it, I hurt for him. It is so hard to admit failure and the fact that he's broadcasting it for everyone to judge, it's admirable. Gives you some hope, doesn't it? I'm glad his other song "I Took a Pill in Ibiza" is getting him his deserved fame. Although I like that song too (not the remix) the lyrics are much more depressing. I prefer my songs happy or at the very least motivating.

Christina Perri - I Don't Wanna Break

So I really like this song but I don't really get what it means. It feels like she loves him but she shouldn't love him but she'll still love him. Oh well! It's the-feel-good walking music though, like really good, especially when the chorus starts:  ♪ I just don't wanna love you, don't wanna lose you, don't wanna lose me, don't wanna lose you. If it gets harder then I don't wanna break all alone, I wanna break in your (arm) ♪  The lyrics are kind of smart for not saying "arm" explicitly until the very last second of the song.

Nina Nesbitt - Way in the World

I discovered this song quite timely; it really spoke to me during my down time: ♪ Do you ever, do you ever, wonder, wonder where your dreams go? Do you feel like you're falling under, under it all  I'm not lost, I'm just finding my way in the world ♪ And then the lyrics change from "I'm not lost" to "We're not lost", a very sweet touch. I'm not liking her recent stuff though but if she's getting some overdue recognition from that I hope she gets more of it and then make more of this stuff. By the way, I would totally recommend this song to Ren and Oto (from Love That Makes You Cry). ^^" 

If there's a song you think I would like please tell me! My music desperately needs updating and I don't have the luxury to surf YouTube for hours. 

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