11 June 2015

Current Drama Status

It's been very slow these two weeks on my blog without We are in Love. ): Last week's cancellation was inevitable though. Since I've got some time on my hand, I wrote up a random post about the dramas I've been keeping an eye on (including The Cage of Love, The Journey of Flower, Let's Eat Season 2, Mask, Murphy's Law of Love, Orange Marmalade, Producer, and Warm and Cozy).

While writing this post I realize there isn't a drama I'm particularly fervent about. Is it just me? I like them but don’t love them (yet). Where are you Kimi and Xu Lu! 

♦ ♦ ♦ Currently Watching ♦ ♦ ♦

The Cage of Love (C)

I’m watching this, just at a very slow pace. It’s not entirely the drama’s fault. I’ve got too much on my plate, you see. I’m thinking of dropping the recap for this. Recapping has made this drama a little hard for me to watch. I want to enjoy Jiang Yu and Cai Hong’s romance without having to scrutinize on the plot. I mean I can verbally yell at the drama all I want but writing it out in text makes the criticism too concrete in my brain while my heart lags behind in catching up to the logic. So yes, there are some annoying flaws in the drama but it’s not enough to deter me from enjoying the interactions the characters have with each other. I still find this drama, as a whole, very promising but if I have to recap it I’d be forced to face the flaws head on. So I might just be dropping another one of my recaps... Maaaan. 

The Journey of Flower (C)

I’m glad I have trained myself not to be too hyped about dramas I anticipate. I watched the first episode and, my god, I don’t know how I finished it. Let’s not term these dramas as wuxia anymore but CGI. But Zhao Li Ying!!!!!! She was really good in it. She’s plays Hua Qian Gu (which is also the Chinese title of the drama; her last name is Flower hence the English title), her birth killed her mother, her blood withers flowers, and her scent attracts demons but she remains optimistic. Of course. Wallace Huo’s character is Bai Zi Hua. He’s some guy that flies on a glowing sword in the sky and is supposed to be expressionless because I have yet to see an expression cross his face. Apparently, her touching him makes his knees go weak. Literally. He loses some of his power to her touch. Essentially, he’s this great, powerful guy whose only weakness is this girl. Everything sounds interesting in the book but I hope they don’t dance too much with the CGI. Make it simple! I'd like more characterization and less swooshing and swishing please. The Four has left a very bad aftertaste for me so please be good.

Mask (K)

Crossing my fingers hoping it won’t go stale on me. So many evil characters. So much evil talk. Please don’t neglect the lovely OTP moments. And where have you been, Joo Ji Hoon? He does so much for this drama. He’s unexpectedly funny and his uneven eyes deliver so much emotions.

Murphy’s Law of Love (TW)

I’m hanging in there. All I can say is I regret watching this too early.

Producer (K)

I’ll be brutally honest to this drama. I’m not attached to this one bit yet I’m keeping up with it (rolls eye at myself). I’m only watching because of Gong Hyo Jin and then there’s Kim Soo Hyun and IU, otherwise I would have dropped this ages ago. However, I’m liking Kim Soo Hyun more than Gong Hyo Jin here. The drama is making her very annoying; she talks/rambles too much. IU, I like her and all, but being bitchy does not entail being sleepy. There’s so much more she can do with that role! Anyways Kim Soo Hyun, I’m loving him. He’s reprising my favourite role of his: Sam Dong ya~! It’s not a carbon copy but I love him being na├»ve (or more directly speaking, dim-witted); his eyes are totally fit for those roles. As for the plot... what plot? Its slice of life, I get it. I don’t want to particularly look down on this genre, but there’s four leads, each with a ton load of star power, and you put them in slice of life? Slice of life is something I enjoy when dramaland overdoses themselves with the dramatic but I’ve been dosed very much below the threshold so I’m yearning for something really good. Producers doesn’t cut it.

♦ ♦ ♦ Currently Not Watching ♦ ♦ ♦

Let’s Eat Season 2 (K)

I dropped this at Episode 9. What happened to this drama? It lost its mystery/eerie element. The mukbang moments have deteriorated to nothingness. Eating junk food does not count. The know-hows of living alone have disappeared. The romance, eh. It’s a-been-there-done-that sort of romance. The only thing I regret about dropping this drama is missing out on Baek Soo Ji.

Orange Marmalade (K)

I treated Episode 3 as my happy ending to this drama. I LOLed when I saw it went Joseon. I don’t remember completing the manga but I’m pretty sure they’re no longer related at this point. They rushed things too much from Episode 1 to 3. It had so much potential in the first two episodes. After the third episode rolled in, it left me wondering ‘What are you going to do for the next 9 episodes?’ Angst? I’m out. So unfortunate. Yeo Jin Goo was brewing manliness.

Warm and Cozy (K)

I don’t regret dropping this after the third episode.

P.S. Jdramas, where have you been? I tried watching I’m Home but it’s not very interesting to me. I have yet to complete a Kimura Takuya drama. I thought this would be it but I don’t like being kept in the dark for too long. Ishitachi no Renai Jijo seems to interest me more but I don’t get the random…sensual scenes. It’s currently on hold. I’m also seeking for an objective answer on Algernon ni Hanataba o: Will I like this drama if I’m just neutral about Yamapi?

Or is there another awesome Jdrama that has completely dropped off my radar?

P.P.S. If I wronged your drama, please convince me otherwise. 

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