18 May 2015

News: Park Bo Gum, Hyeri, and Go Kyung Pyo Answer Us in 1988

I probably won't continue to post news article but this piece particularly interests me because of Park Bo Gum.

Sooooo....I never finished any of the Answer Me/Reply series. Yes, even the first season. It's me and not it. I missed my chance to watch them while they were airing and then every news outlet had spoilers.

Anyways, I'm just using this news article to post a video that has nothing to do with the series. ^^"

They're so cute! He's so good at acting timid but when he looks right at the camera, he knows exactly how to tease with that smile. I didn't expect to see him so soon but I might just check out the third installment of the Answer Me because of him. I'm hoping he can work that chemistry with other girls too.