8 March 2015

Reminiscing Drama OSTs

Anyone tried trekking YouTube for great OSTs and get overwhelmed with dramas you loved but forgot? It surprised me how reminiscent these songs made me feel. Practically all of these OSTs are great as standalone but the ones that really shone were those that made my forgotten emotions attached to that drama surge once again.

So, let's enjoy these timeless OSTs (in no particular order):

"Perhaps Love" by Howl & J

I can't quite remember my first Kdrama but this was among the first ones I loved. Yoon Eun Hye was at her best (in 2006-2007); afterwards...well, let's just say I haven't been following her much. The first few notes of "Perhaps Love" already made me smile and my heart tingle, which is probably why I chose this over Stay's "I'm a Fool". The latter carries the show's angst (which really had its dreadful moments) while "Perhaps Love" is the tune to which the cold-hearted crown prince can't help but fall in love with the cheery but clueless Chae Kyung.  

Full House

"I Think I" by Byul (Haha's wife?)

It was particularly hard to narrow down to one OST for this drama but the first few notes instantly made me miss this drama; it made me feel like this indeed was a fairy-tale romance. Otherwise, I really couldn't choose between "Geu Deh Ji Geum" by Lyn (for the sweet), "Fate" by Why (for the sad), or "Sha La La" by Song Hye Kyo (for the bliss).  It surprised me how pleasingly delightful the Full House's OSTs were as an ensemble rather than having one OST outshining the rest by miles. 

Secret Garden

"That Woman" by Baek Jin Young

This isn't the type of song I like having in my playlist  makes me too sad  but Baek Jin Young's voice is so heart-wrenchingly good that the scenes it accompanies become so much more heart-wrenching. I will never understand why Joo Won loved Ra Im so obsessively. Their switcharoo totally turned me off and I would have never returned if my mom wasn't watching it in the living room leaving me no choice but to catch glimpses of it. However, by the end of it I was completely absorbed and my eyes were puffy the next day. This is probably an unpopular opinion, but Ha Ji Won was one of the reasons why I stopped watching. I still never loved her throughout the drama. During the switcharoo, although I never want to see Hyun Bin act girly ever again, he pinned down Ra Im's character while Ha Ji Won was just plain bad acting manly. Yeah sure, we can argue she did act manly, but that wasn't Joo Won she was acting. Regardless, I'm glad I finished it because I get to appreciate Hyun Bin and his awesomeness (even if he's playing the same haughty, rich guy every single time. Unfortunately, I don't think his magic is saving Hyde, Jekyll and Me. It was doomed for failure the moment the gorilla appeared). 

My Name is Kim Sam Soon

"She Is" by Clazziquai

A pure classic. Beautifully nostalgic. Unlike other OSTs starting off with instrumentals, Alex's intro was poignant and enchanting. 
(And yep, Hyun Bin's been a mean chaebol for a good decade.)

It Started with a Kiss

"Ting Jian" (Heard) by Fan Ya Xian

There are angsty OSTs I don't mind being in my playlist (albeit not many) and this one sounds beautiful to boot. ISWAK is known for its silly moments, and I mean very silly to point of absurdity, but when Ariel Lin/Xiang Qin's heartbroken, you will cry with her. (N.B. "Prank" by Wang Lan Yin was a runner-up)

1 Litre of Tears

"Only Human" by K

Could not. I just could not finish this drama. I was so emotionally wrought with each episode it became difficult to watch her disease worsen with each. Even though I didn't finish, watching this MV still brings tears to my eyes. Dammit. 

My Girlfriend is a Gumiho 

"Fox Rain" by Lee Sun Hee

♫ Du bi ru bi ru raffa, ♪ Du bi ru bi ru raffa ♫
I actually loved this OST more than the drama itself. So magical and so mystical. Lovely. (Maybe I need an edition where an OST outshines its drama.)

Sungkyunkwan Scandal

"Found" by JYJ

So, I've committed a few crimes as you will come to know; one of them is dropping this show midway through. Ha ha ha ha (dry laughter). But! You have no idea how much I loved it in the beginning! I guess the two Parks' never sold their chemistry that Yoo Ah In and Song Joong Ki wedged their way into a receiving the Best Couple award too (or maybe they just deserved it, lol). Nonetheless, this OST really captured the fervent emotions I had for this drama at the very beginning. Much like My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, I loved the OST more than the drama itself (psst if my memory doesn't fail me, I think I dropped that drama too...!). 

The Master's Sun

"Touch Love" by Yoon Mi Rae

Oh, how I love this OST. Who knew Yoon Mi Rae could sing such a beautifully melancholic song. I personally prefer listening to the song with Seo Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin's voices in there. It really speaks how well the OST complemented the drama because otherwise I really hate hearing talking in my music. (N.B. I quite adore "All  About You" by Melody Day too) 


"Burn Out" by Block B

Let's indulge ourselves with a bit more of Seo Ji Sub, shall we? For the select few that have graced upon this exquisite drama, you can't possibly not be pumped by this OST the moment it starts.  

Dream High

"Love High" by Kim Soo Hyun, Joo, Suzy, Taecyeon, and WooYoung

Underdog song! Ah, Dream High OSTs are definitely best when the stars actually perform them. Love the violin but not so much of Taecyeon's rap. *Ducks at the flying saucers*. If you're in Dream High mood, definitely check out other performances too: SNSD's Genie, the street performance, the mall scene, and the concert, (from the wrap-up concert, I don't think we'll every be able to see the Kim Soo Hyun dancing and singing like this ever again or should we put some hope into his new drama Producer? ^^).

Cinderella's Sister

"It has to be you" by YeSung

First off, I'd like to  plead guilty to dropping this drama soon after the childhood part. Secondly, I still loved the beautifully, dark, Moon Guen Yong. Thirdly, I loathed how awfully and excessively dark this drama was (personally, I think it got drunk on being dark). Lastly, I watched enough of this darkness, that this OST really grew on me. This being a hit despite the drama failing speaks how powerful this OST was.

Hong Gil Dong

"If" by TaeYeon

I really wanted to use the better quality fan made MV for this because it highlights the fun in Hong Gil Dong and why I fell in love with the drama in the first place but it couldn't capture the solemness in the music. Watching this MV after, well, years, I felt teary again. Me and my oh-so-sensitive lacrimal glands. 

City Hunter

"It's Alright" by Yang Hwa Jin

So hard to make a decision sometimes. I had to choose between "Suddenly" by Kim Bo Kyung, "So Goodbye" by JongHyun, and the instrumental by Oh Jun Sung that screams epic every time. So, I've decided to go with rock-ish epic. I like epic. 


"Healer" by Various Artists

Speaking of epic, who knew such a soft sounding instrumental could make me feel like I can fly on my feet with all the cool and suave moves like Healer does. It may be too soon to tout this as one of the timeless OSTs but I really did love the sound of this. This OST actually kept me at bay for the first episode otherwise I would have tuned out. But I'd like to add, I don't think I appreciated this show as much as others did. The whole show was very cool, heroic, and all but I think it cared too much about its appearance. *Ducks again* Let's just say, I really did want to get emotionally invested, but...

You're Beautiful

"Still" by Lee Hong Ki

Oh, the time when the name Jang Geun Suk meant everything good. This was another cult hit but its my personal belief that most Kdrama fans at that time loved this over Iris (the competing drama in the same time slot with a cast chock-full of A-listers). It's the first drama where I cared so much about the ratings, I'd refresh that page oh so many times just to see some random numbers go up (and not down). I put out my own revenge scheme against Iris by not watching it at all. LOL. I'm pretty sure I wasn't naive enough to believe that my lone view would affect the ratings in Korea, but hey, Iris stealing the ratings based on its A-listers rather that its content was so not cool. Despite not watching Iris, I knew it had no substantive content because clearly, I'm not biased (you see, I'm always blindfolded and carry a scale with me everywhere I go). I don't regret missing out on Iris though because, honestly, I did try the first episode and it just wasn't my taste (no seriously, this time I'm not biased, I think). I believe I'm innately configured to avert things that are too cool (tbh, City Hunter and Healer fell into that category too hence why I don't love love them and their absence from my recommended list). (N.B. there's also "Without a Word" but I prefer the instrumental over other versions)

So I lied a little about there being no particular order: I saved the best ones for last.

Winter Sonata

"From the Very Beginning" by Ryu

And the time when Bae Yong Jun was Yon-god – I mean Yon-sama. Even as a kid, I recognized his godly powers. However, it's really hard to get people to appreciate past hits because they just can't. It's too old for them, which I get. Even I can't re-watch this mega-hit  there was too much, well let's just say, saga. But at the very least, I get the privilege (hah!) to appreciate this OST for the roller coaster ride I both willingly and unwillingly engaged into. See, there's one good thing being old (but I'm not that old, I swear). I'm not exaggerating it when I say I literally feel my ear pulsing when the song hits its various maxes. Please feel free to indulge yourselves with more of the awesome sound track Winter Sonata has to offer: "Violet" by Ryu, "Inside the Memories", "Memories", "The Beginning" (Forgive me for omitting most of the artists/composers, I'm actually not too sure who to give credit to for these beautiful instrumentals) 

Boys Over Flowers

"Almost Paradise" by T-Max

How can I possibly forget you? You're like the prima donna of all OSTs existing in all of dramaland. This OST is on godly levels in terms of instigating the full-blown emotions whether it be hate or love you have for this show. Overused? Yep. But it will never fail, never I say, fail in signalling the entrance of beautiful beings with the XY chromosome. (This drama was basically showered with hit songs: JiHoo's theme song, "Because I'm Stupid" and "Something Happened to My Heart" both by Kim Hyun Joong himself, "Stand By Me" by SHINee, "Yearning Heart" by A'ST1 (I honestly don't remember this song playing in the background but it sounds nice) and my personal favourite (as a song, rather than OST), "Fight the Bad Feeling" by T-Max")
I also have this nagging question pertaining to this show, I watched this while it was on air and I really thought everyone loved the show (no, seriously), so where'd all the hate come from? Lol. Was I too innocent back then that I loved all things kdrama related and developed a blindspot to the hate? I hope not. 
Btw, I didn't choose a SoEul couple centered MV for nothing; they were the first ships I boarded on (quite intensely) and the ride never quite satiated myself that I had to YouTube (endlessly) for fan made MVs. Anyone remember the mini drama a fan made? Ingenious. As for Goo Joon Pyo and Geum Jan Di... I honestly don't remember them too much now. Whoops. 

Sailor Moon

English Opening Theme

Totally off-topic but totally relevant. Otherwise, please convince me how this is not reminiscent. *Covers ears* This song is legendary. Beyond godly powers, it's the Sailor Moon; you can't trump that. ♫ Fighting evil by moonlight ♪ Winning love by daylight ♪ Never running from a real life ♪ She is the one named Sailor Moon! ♫
There's an original Japanese version but I think, for once, I can proudly declare the superiority of the English version. 

Some OSTs that might not have been as reminiscent but still deserves a bow to: 

Autumn Concerto: "I Love Him" by Ring Ding Della
  • Beautiful and sad especially at the 50 second mark and 2:50 minute mark but it didn't pack as much of an emotional punch than I had remembered ): otherwise it'd definitely belong up there. 
Coffee Prince: "It's Love" by The Melody
  • The songs aren't as nostalgic as I thought (i.e. the emotions aren't coming back to me) but they do sound nice. ♪ La La La La La ♪  
  • Also check out "Paradise" by The Melody, "Noreul Saranghae" by Han Dong Joon
Dear Sister: "Happiness" by Che'nelle 
  • LOVE
  • Great show btw. Ishihara Satomi was stellar; I'm never underestimating her again. 
I Hear Your Voice: "Every Single Day" by Echo 
  • This aired when I was in a drama slump so I didn't watch while it was on air which may explain my personal lack of hype for this drama. The song was nice but got a tad bit annoying. *Ducks again*  I'll be getting thigh muscles at this rate.
Just You: I can't choose one! 
  • This drama was candy. Who needs nutrition anyways? 
  • OSTs (in the best order I can put them in): "I'm Your Cat" by Alien Huang, "Unstoppable Sun" by Aaron Yan, "Point One Percent" by Alien Huang, and "The Biggest Bliss" also by Alien Huang. "Point One Percent" was more reminiscent but I like "I'm Your Cat" more. 
My Fair Lady: "Hot Stuff" by Davichi
  • Far from the best drama but the two airport scenes accompanied with this powerful OST has a lasting impression on me. If you're going to re-watch this drama, watch the first episode and the last episode. And you're done with the drama. 
Prosecutor's Princess: "Fly High" by SHINee
  • Again, not the best but I remember Viki watchers singing to this: FLY HIGH~~~~! 
  • NineMuses' "Give Me" was also quite powerful. Great entrance music.
Pasta: "Fate" (Instrumental)
  • This instrumental makes me want to watch this show (yes I haven't watched this one either). I wished I had loved Gong Hyo Jin earlier. 
Rich Man Poor Woman: "Miwa" by Hikari E 
  • Didn't get to finish this but the OST is attractive. Rom-com Jdramas have a knack for producing a beautiful catchy song that melds right into my playlist. 
Soratobu Kouhoushitsu: "Contrail" by Namie Amuro
  • One of the best 'feel-good' music. Great music to walk with on a clear day. I've tried it, lol. 
  • The drama? Watch it if you love Aragaki Yui and Ayano Go or if you're into a slow, (slow) but sweet romance. 

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